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I’ve become a tech-no-nerd! And not because I want to be one. But this past week I’ve coded websites, downloaded and uploaded files, set designs and created artwork. I’ve migrated mailing lists paid for new web services, transferred domain names and am preparing our multiple websites to be mobile friendly…. just to name a few of the many tasks.

I’m telling you this because some things may look a little different. Some things may not be working exactly right. So, here is what I hope happens.

All of you who are receiving email blog posts, we changed providers because our last provider was including offensive ads. So, today, you should receive blog posts via Mailchip. If you want to receive our posts via email, sign up in the sidebar --->.

I’ve redesigned and transferred our existing sites, Winning Him Without Words and Mismatched & Thriving Ministries to our main host, Typepad. I’ve made both sites mobile friendly. (The links are previews, sites go live next week.)

We’ve changed our commenting service. You can join the host, Disqus by signing up or post with them as a guest. Register in the sidebar --->.

If you have problems, email me. Email link is in the sidebar under the search feature --->.

Thanks for your patience. I will be working on the SUM mobile friendly redesign in the next two weeks, so if you pop in and things are wonky, be patient. And for those of you who want to give $5 toward our web expenses, click on the; If you love SUM button in the sidebar --->.

At the end of the day, I hope all of our sites are beautiful, functional across all devices and that you continue to be blessed by the love and support of our amazing community.

Dineen & I love you deeply. Thank you for trusting us with your hearts and your time. Hugs, a frazzled techy, nerdy, Lynn

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Unequally Yoked and the Atheist Blogs

Part II

As I ease into the second part of this series, I feel a compulsion to say something: To every unbeliever, including my spouse, I hold respect and empathy and love in my heart for you.

I have been writing here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage for almost six years. Over the years I have received many encouraging words from so many of you. Your thoughts and kindness are the jewels in my crown that I will toss at His feet one day. 

I have also received some not so nice comments. I have been confronted and there are always a few doubters and even haters out there that will try to rattle my resolve and commitment to this ministry and to my Lord. 

For example, several years ago I received some kind of notice through my Google Analytics or notices (I think) that my blog had been linked to another blog. I followed the link and low and behold, there splashed across the page on this prominent atheist blog was this: 

Moron blog of the week award: Spiritually Unequal Marriage 

I started cackling out loud. Woo Hoo. I wear that label with great honor. If our lil’ ole’ marriage site is stirring up the unbelievers, then Wahooooo! 

Moron blog of the week. It’s a badge I wear proudly. 

What you should know about this merely 5’4” tall blonde is that I’m not easily rattled. I have the first component that steels my heart and soul from the doubters, haters and nay sayers. 

I KNOW my identity. I KNOW without doubt who I am in Christ. 

LifeisshortMy friends when you understand that you are solidly in the palm of the Most High God, words intended to hurt, condemn or persecute will fire at you but they don’t penetrate. It’s like I see the words “moron blog” come at me and then simply melt into an impudent puddle on the floor. In fact, I actually find it’s humorous. 

My identity in Christ came about because I worked and pursued my personal relationship with Jesus with all of my passion and a deep commitment. Wow, my efforts have paid off. If you want to discover this kind of relationship with Christ, He eagerly waits for you. It takes discipline but that will soon turn to desire. You can read about how I went about it (here). And Dineen (here)

Knowing who I am in Christ has freed me from wavering in my faith while under attack. It has empowered me to see clearly and sift the ever changing values of our society through the lens of the Bible. Which by the way, never change. What freedom there is in that truth.

I have gained a strong sense of what is right and wrong. I am free to agree to disagree with my spouse because I am  confident in the truth of God. I am filled with compassion for those who are harmed by lies of the devil. I am brought to fervent prayer for the lost, broken and the nay sayers.

And one incidental side note: I also have dominion over the delete key.  *grin* 

Empower yourselves. Begin to believe who you are in Christ. Embrace it. Live it. Love it and watch as God builds your courage and the fiery darts of the enemy just melt in impudent puddle at your feet. 

The second part of responding to the Atheist blog reader is a conversation I had with my spouse years ago. Things changed for us after that. Tune in Friday for Part III Unequally Yoked and The Atheist Blogs. 

How has your relationship helped you to cope with the attacks of an unbelieving spouse?

Be blessed, Lynn