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To keep SUM ministries running, it takes about $6,000 annually. And we had some large donners drop off last year. So, please, PLEASE, pray and give with a generous heart if you have found any help or encouragement through our ministry. Ann & Lynn

Four levels of giving:

One: Any one-time donation of $30

  • Advanced copy of Spiritual Enforcer: Spiritual Warfare for the Unequally Yoked. Ephesians Six. This is prior to the release to the general public.

Three dots dash braceletTwo: Any one-time donation of $50 or more you receive:

  • Advanced copy of Spiritual Enforcer
  • Also, I'll mail a beautiful bracelet, Three Dots and a dash. It plays prominently in the book. You will want one. It's adjustable and light weight. Custom made for us!

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  • Advance copy of Spiritual Enforcer
  • Three Dots and dash bracelet
  • Video Training in early 2024 with me, Lynn Donovan. Enforcer Academy Training. This teaching is based upon the concepts in the book and will instruct how to protect your mind, your body, your house and family from evil attacks. How to cast of evil from your jurisdiction. How to release the Kingdom of God into any situation. 
  • Training on how we walk into the abundant life regardless of our spouse, our circumstances or background.
  • Training includes the most common areas that keep Christians bound up and how to get free and experience VICTORY!
  • Training includes specifics and Q & A. 
  • THIS MAY BE ONE TO FOUR VIDEO SERIES. I haven't sorted that out yet.

FOUR: Any ***RECURRING*** (BEST OFFER) donation of $20 or more. This is a monthly commitment of $20 or more monthly for 12 months.

  • Advance copy of Spiritual Enforcer. You will receive the book before anyone else.
  • Three Dots and dash bracelet
  • Video Training in early 2024 from me.
  • Personal one-on-one prayer session or training with Lynn in 2024. This can be used to ask questions to further understanding and practice the concepts from Enforcer. Also, for healing or deliverance, to pray in the Courts of Heaven for our spouse's freedom, etc.

I was so tired of the devil pushing me around. What I share in the book is what it took to bring about the salvation of my husband. I had to fight, and I did. 


The value here is the training and the personalize coaching/prayer session. I'll share in greater details through the live video train more than I'm able in the book. YOU WILL BE DIFFERENT. Better! Because God is just that good. He trained me and now it's your turn.

Please be generous and give to our SUM Community. The ministry falls under the umbrella of Three Keys Ministries a 501 (c)3 non-profit Corporation. Donations are tax deductible.

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Excerpt from Spiritual Enforcer: Spiritual Warfare for the Unequally Yoked by Lynn Donovan

Spiritual Enforcer
Potential Cover Spiritual Enforcer

Lynn Donovan here. Hope Thanksgiving was wonderful. Caitie and her fiancé are here for the long weekend. Yep, the girl you grew up reading about is engaged and we love her guy. God is good.

But, I'm so psyched to introduce some cool stuff in front of our once a year giving campaign happening on November 28th, Giving Tuesday.

I'm almost finished with a powerful Spiritual warfare book for all of us. There isn't another book like it on the market. And it's filled with what I've learned to have victory in life, marriage and stand in power and authority over the enemy. An excerpt follows.  And I'm going to offer this book along with some other cool stuff as part of our Giving Tuesday campaign.

Excerpt; Simple prayer to cast anger out of your home:

Is anger a constant in your home? Try taking authority over it every day, out loud, with gusto, during your prayer time and cast it out. Then always follow your command with a blessing. Bless your home with peace, unity, love, gentleness and self-control.

Pray: In the name of Jesus, I stand in the authority, Christ. I bind (Matthew 16:19) every lying spirit, and all spirits of deception and the spirit of Anger and Rage. RIGHT NOW. I command you to leave my home, myself, my spouse (by name) and children (each by name). I repent on behalf of myself, my husband and children for any way we have partnered with anger. Now, I break all legal rights with the demonic realm. I command you to get out now and never return. And as you go, take sarcasm, pride and ignorance with you. There can be no retaliation or replacement spirits. In Jesus name. AMEN

If you want an entire book filled with real prayers that empower you over evil, you can get an advanced copy along with some others cool stuff. Stop by tomorrow and learn more.

Blessings and hugs, Lynn Donovan

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Lynn Donovan

Book release early 2024: Back cover

Spiritual Enforcer: Spiritual Warfare for the Unequally Yoked

Are you weary from the daily spiritual battles in your home? Are you a Christian spouse fighting alone against evil forces that are hell-bent on destroying your marriage and family? Are you desperate to discover spiritual tools and strategies to help you fight back and finally experience some victories? Do you desire peace, some happiness and hope as you contend for the salvation of your family?

This book is for the serious believer who is ready to engage in a higher level of spiritual warfare. This book is NOT for anyone who is less than desperate to pray with real power and authority in Christ Jesus.

Ephesians, Chapter 6 is our training guide for the unequally yoked in marriage. This study delivers the truth about demonic oppression, the tactics used by the powers of darkness and legal rights of evil.

Discover proven and tested warfare tools, such as the name of Jesus, commanding prayers, prayers of engagement, aligning with the Word, partnering with the Holy Spirit and releasing the angelic. Understand how to stand in unwavering faith and belief to protect your house. Pick up your effective weaponry with power and authority in Christ, then overcome evil with love and blessing.

Time is short. Join the Academy of the Kingdom of God. Become a Spiritual Enforcer.

Fight back and WIN!
For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.
1 JOHN 5:4



Bread and Water


Hello again brothers and sisters, Amanda here! It has been a while, and I am so excited to get back to sharing with you all! I had been rolling around several ideas in my head for what to write this week, but the Lord took me in a completely different direction this morning (He seems to like changing things at the last minute with me ;) haha) so I will walk in His will and share what He put on my heart.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner for those of us in the United States, so I suppose it is no surprise that todays post focuses largely on food! But what kind of food? Read on to find out!

I started a new devotional this morning. Normally I pick one from the vast selection on my bible app, but this one is a physical book. I cozied up on my couch this morning and read the first devotion, which was about Jesus being the bread of life (John 6:35). As I read, I started thinking about the importance of bread and water.

Without bread (food) we become weak. Have you ever gone too long without eating? I am not talking about spirit-lead fasting, but rather those times when we may be so busy we forget to eat. Or if you have ever been so unfortunate (as I have) to not have food available. In those times of extreme hunger we can become very different people! I myself become short tempered, easily confused, physically weak and very emotional. Similar to how it feels when I don't feed my soul with His word.

What about water? Have you ever suffered from dehydration? It can get very serious very quick. I have seen men three times my size collapse from going too long without water. It is an absolute necessity for survival! Shouldn't we see our time with Jesus, the living water, as vital to our survival as actual water?

If our bodies are deprived of both food and water for a significant amount of time, we pass away.

After mulling this over, a few more questions popped into my head and I jotted them down. I feel lead to share these questions with of you now. 

Is He your bread and water?

Is He your source of LIFE?

Is He the fuel that starts your day and keeps you going?

Do you look forward to starting your day with Him MORE than you look forward to that cup of coffee in the morning?


Have you been filling your belly with the rancid food of this world?

Have you fallen into the trap of tasting distraction, complacency, lust, or self righteousness?

Are you feeding thoughts of resentment, self pity, or an obsession over what is "fair"? (This one gets me sometimes!)

Think on these questions. Do not be afraid! If you find that the world snuck in and is trying to take His place at your table remember God's grace and mercy abound in us! There is NO condemnation in Christ Jesus! (Romans 8:1). Rebuke those temptations and appetites, spit that food out! Instead, let our precious and loving Father fill you with His goodness!

The food of this world will NEVER satisfy! You will constantly find yourself hungry for more, craving something different. Thinking the next thing will do the trick, the next temptation will be what fills you up. But the more worldly food you ingest, the emptier you feel! Your health (physical and spiritual), focus, and strength start to wither away on this diet. You become a shadow of what you were made to be when you fall away like this. 

It is only when we have Him, the bread of life and living water, that our bellies are full! Our strength is renewed, and our hope flourishes!

That is all for now, I hope you have a blessed week! I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 


If Your Spouse Has Left the Faith, Ctd ...

Happy Friday SUM family!

On Monday I asked the question of whether there is hope when a spouse loses the faith. Can you have hope that they will return? The answer, I said, was 'Yes'.

I shared a testimony by Georgian Banov, whose wife left her faith, but then returned. Well, today I wanted to share the testimony of his wife.

Again, it is a long video, but she starts to talk about the loss of her faith at about minute 16 ... And then, how she came to find faith again.



You're Making Your Family Ready

Happy Friday SUMites! Ready
It's Friday afternoon here in New Zealand, and as I sit here winding down from my week, I wanted to share something short and sweet:
A couple of weeks ago I sensed the Lord tell me that 'families are being made ready'. I believe that through each of you, God is making your families 'ready' in all the ways they need to be ready: Ready for HIM.
SUMites, you play such a big role in that.
We should always be 'ready' for Him. Not sleeping, not apathetic, not lukewarm, but on the ready. Scripture says we should always be ready in case Jesus came back tomorrow. Wouldn't that be amazing if he did.
But it's not just us who are being made ready. We are making our families ready too.
There is so much growth that goes on spiritually in our families that we do not see. It is like roots that plunge deep. So much of it happens underground, out of sight, in the heavenlies and in the depths of our family members' hearts. And this I know: Our spouses cannot stay asleep spiritually when they're next to us. It's not possible. They are constantly being presented with the issue of faith, day in, day out, as they watch us live our lives during the day, and even as they share our beds at night.
Know this: You're doing huge things in the Kingdom to contribute to your family's 'readiness'.
Well, I hope that spurs you on. And have a lovely weekend!

The Lost Will Want Help

Hello my friends Lucie and Ann

This is the last post in my series of stories from our meet-up, what a blast it's been writing these. Well, this last story features my fellow SUMite Lucie, from Canada, who was the last one I was left with before flying home.

It had been such a wild few days together, that Lucie and I had much to reflect on. We spoke to each other about how there had been 'God moments at every turn.'

And it was against that backdrop that this final little thing happened. When I tell you about it, it might sound to you like it's not even a God thing ... But to me, it felt meaningful because it came as a kind of finale to a string of 'moments' that week. It was our final thing.

Ok, here's what happened:

Lucie and I were being looked after that final day by Jim Edwards, who has a house in Redding. Jim generously had offered to be our 'taxi driver' while were there, and looked after us beautifully --

(Thank you, Jim).

We had an errand to run: We needed to go and visit a particular lady's house. And so we parked up in a suburban neighborhood, Jim left Lucie and I in the car, and off he went to go and knock on that lady's door.

Lucie and I sat in the car; and I opened the door for some fresh air.

"Do you have pets?" Lucie suddenly asked, out of the blue.

(Funny, as I've just typed that my very own pet, Gizmo the cat, has made a beeline for me and given me a wet-nosed nudge on my leg to say hello)

"I DO!" I said, and pulled out a photo of Gizmo.

Instantly, I felt a wet-nosed nudge on my leg. And, before I could figure out what was going on, a ginormous German Shepherd dog was climbing into the car, on top of me! He was whining, panting, and drooling all over me. A big dog and a small Ann.

"Oh hello" I said, and started laughing, while also trying to avoid his lashing tongue, licks, spit and dog breath, and trying to figure out if he was fully friendly.


So just to recap and pause here: Lucie asks "Do you have pets?" and at the same time a dog enters the car. Isn't that a bit wild?!


The dog is crying. He jumps out, sniffs around on the grass, then heads back into the car. Gets out. Gets back in. Every time he comes back to us he's whimpering.

"I think he needs something," says Lucie. "I think he's upset about something."

"Could be," I said, and out I jumped. "Who does he belong to?" We looked up and down the quiet street ... The doors were all shut; the street was quiet.

"I'll knock on these people's door here, and ask them," I said. And so I did. 

I looked at the tag: The dog's name was Beau, and the man whose door I knocked on grabbed his mobile while we dialed Beau's owner's number from the tag. It turned out that he was indeed lost. His owner was visiting a house a few doors down and Beau had escaped into this strange neighborhood. 

"Come on Beau!" the man said, "Let's get you back to your owner," and off they trotted down the road to reunite Beau with his mum. As I looked at him disappearing down the road he was wagging his tail. A happy ending.

"Ahhh...." Lucie and I grinned at each other. And then we stopped and reflected: "Wasn't that weird that just as you asked me about pets, a dog climbed into the car??"


"He was lost."

Mm. ...

"Is God symbolizing something about the lost?"


"Was God telling us we'll help rescue the lost?"

We mulled it over. And as we did we decided we liked the symbolism: 

The lost will want us.

The lost will come to us for help.

And we will connect the lost with their master.

And on that little quirky story, our meet-up came to an end.

My friends, it's been fun sharing the stories with you! On Monday we have a public holiday and I'm off hiking with a group of friends. So we won't have a post on the blog on Monday ... But I'll see you again later next week.

Loads of love,


You Are Not Crazy!

1 john 4 18 smallSometimes we just need to know we aren’t crazy.

Hi, Lynn Donovan here.

Today, I want to share encouragement with you. This is for all of you who are walking the unequally yoked road. Those who are following behind me, headed toward the victorious life. All of you who have pain. The many who are facing uncertainty about their marriage and doubts about your faith life.

I’m here for you. You are not alone. And you are not crazy.

I’ll be the voice that assures you that your faith is the most valuable commodity in the world. God truly loves you. And He is listening. I will tell you that every prayer you utter is important. I will affirm that each choice you make to stand down fear and live in faith is powerful.

I will be the voice to say: RISE UP. Walk in the authority of Jesus and command evil from your home. I can lead you to know the Holy Spirit is for you and merely awaiting your invitation for Him to enter your heart, home, marriage, and circumstances. He IS the very power that raised Christ from the dead and now lives in you.

I will reaffirm that the Bible is the inerrant word of God. It is powerful and can heal, redeem, restore and create. Jesus SAVES and He is returning for His Bride and WE WILL BE READY.

You are enough, even when life hurts and circumstances are frightening. You are a victor when hurtful words are slung toward your heart. You can become a man or woman of God even in the midst of unbelief that surrounds you.

Do not doubt. Do not partner with fear. Always trust and believe. Speak the Word with faith and become a demon sniper.

Every promise in the Bible is real and God wants us to step away from the lies and walk in our promises, which are all…… Yes and AMEN!


Leave your name in the comments and I will bless you. Leaving your name is a declaration to the evil realm that clearly defines….

Who you are and

Whose you are.

I adore you. Stay strong in the Lord and let’s bring His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus name. AMEN

Love and blessings, Lynn

Leave your name and the scripture verse that is important to you today. Hugs.

Beautiful Bethel

Hello my SUM friends Bethel group

I'm continuing to share stories of our Meet-Up, I hope you're enjoying them!

So, after spending that day at Lynn's house, where Jesus rang the doorbell (!!!), we drove up to Bethel church, Redding, where we were to attend the 3-day Open Heavens conference.

By now, our crowd had been reduced to eight. Clockwise in the photo here, we have: Lynn, me, Jim, Alyson, Janet, Lucie, Christine, and Laurie.

And over the next two days, together, we worshipped ...

... And we worshipped.

We are all different to each other, but the thing we had in common was this: We love God.

Now, Bethel church carries something special. I had not been before, but I can say that while there I felt the presence of God strongly. Being in a large church crowd does not replace the secret place of our intimacy with him, but it is truly glorious to stand in a room with others who hunger for him. 

Powerful and beautiful things happened in that room, but today I'd like to share two very gentle 'God stories'. These are stories that warmed my heart, and they are just two examples of the numerous things that happened while we were there together:

Story #1

Lynn was in the auditorium walking past a young lady, when suddenly that lady shouts out to Lynn, "I love you!' She then said, "I don't know why I said that."

Lynn went over to her then, closer, and asked her about her life, her family, her marriage. At the word 'marriage', the lady teared up. "My husband and I are not on the same page spiritually."

Lynn pulled out one of our ministry's books, gave her the website of our ministry, and told her to connect with us.

So this lady was a SUMite, and God made her spontaneously call out to Lynn, knowing that it would be a blessing for them to connect. How amazing is that!

God knew. He connects those who need to be connected; he provides help from the sanctuary for those who are hurting.

May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble; may the name of the God of Jacob defend you; may he send you help from the sanctuary, and strengthen you out of Zion (Psalm 20:2, NKJV)

Story #2 Bethel chatting 2

One of our group, Lucie, was queuing in the coffee line. A man was behind her in the line. I paid for Lucie's coffee as I was ahead of her so she, in turn, decided to pay for the man's coffee and food behind her. It was a distinct nudge from God, and she obeyed.

After paying, and after they'd come through the line the man said to her, "You won't believe this, but I lost my job a few weeks ago. I came to this conference out of faith. I've been trusting God to provide for me."

I love, love, love that. I love the fact Lucie was obedient, and that she and I had a little chain reaction of blessing going there. Most of all, I love the fact that God cared for that man.

God knew. He is Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides.


My friends, those are just two examples of things that happened while we were at Bethel. It was a special place, and it felt to me that everywhere I turned 'God moments' like this occurred.

These moments occur anyway in our lives as Christians, but there was something about the environment in Bethel, where so many hungry people were gathered in one place, making the atmosphere one of love and power.

Conclusion: I loved the Bethel conference, and I plan to return next year. I am going to start saving my pennies now, and I'm going to register already. It's worth it.

Will you come and meet me there? 18-20 September 2024. Register here!

Well, next I'm going to share a personal story of something very, very special that happened to me at Bethel. It's something that meant the world to me. Stay tuned!

Love you all


Jesus is a-Knocking!

Hi again friends,  Ann's talk

I am on a ROLL, writing about the meet-up. I have a number of stories I want to share with you about this week that we've just gone through. Why not! So settle in, it is going to be story-time for the next week or so. Yay!

Let's turn now to the morning we spent in Lynn's living room in Rancho Murieta, on the Tuesday morning when our lovely group had gathered.

With us all gathered around, sitting on comfy chairs, I gave a talk. In that talk I shared a story. Here was the story I shared:

Last time we had a meet up was 2019. At that meet-up there was a lovely SUMite called Alyssa who joined us early. Because she arrived early, she came to hang out with us the day before the event, and we had the opportunity to pray for her.

In other words, she was in some strange way brought to our attention.

Well, while she was with us, her husband had a strange thing happen back at their home: The doorbell at their house rang, he went to the door and no one was there.

I said to Alyssa at the time, “I believe that was a little sign from God that Jesus is coming knocking for your husband!”


Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. (Revelation 3:20, KJV)

Well ….. COVID hit shortly after that, and as a result of the fear, stress, and media noise around all that, Alyssa’s hubby started to question his pre-existing beliefs. One thing led to another, and eventually he turned to Jesus!


He began reading the Bible, gave his life to Jesus, and eventually he got baptized. Alyssa shared her testimony on our blog about a year ago, and that was wonderful.

Much to celebrate!

Well, my friends, I have always felt it was significant that Alyssa joined us early at that last meet-up, hung out with the leadership team and helped us prepare. I think God did that because he knew she was going to have an encouraging testimony, later, for all of us: Her testimony encourages us that the impossible can happen.

Our spouses' salvations are only a 'suddenly' away.

So, I shared that story about Alyssa in my talk. Encouraging eh? And that was that.

But blow me down, minutes later, while we were still sittting in Lynn's living room after my talk the doorbell rings. DINGGG DONGGG! Lynn runs to it and answers it, and there’s no one there!!

I cried out at that point “It’s JESUS!” And we all laughed with joy.

But in all seriousness, I felt it was God giving us a seriously big wink. It was as if he was saying, "Yes, that story about Alyssa was true. And yes, I'm knocking on the hearts of these spouses. Like I did with Alyssa's home, I will do it again. Believe it.”

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. (Revelation 3:20, KJV)

Oh Lord. May our spouses hear your voice, welcome you in, and may you dine with them.


Well, my friends, next I'm going to tell you how the trip to Bethel conference went, so tune in again for that on Monday - I have much left to share!

It Began With A Quarter....

Hello SUMites! Ann San Fran 2

I am about to commence my journey home to New Zealand, and I hope to devote this journey to writing some blog posts about what has happened this past week as a group of us met up in Calfornia.

Are you ready?

OK, let's start!

It all began with God saying to us, when I got to Lynn's house, I AM HERE. He didn't say it audibly; he said it through a sign. But it was a great big sign. And that's what I want to write about today: That sign.

First, I'll backtrack:

I landed at San Francisco airport a week ago and had arranged to meet Jim from England and Gillian from Canada, neither of whom I had met in person before. We met, instantly hugged, and off we drove for a three-hour trip north to Lynn's house.

We began talking God, we began talking faith. And all the way up to Lynn'se house it was that way in the car: God God God God God. Faith Faith Faith Faith Faith. And not much else featured except those two things.

It was night-time by the time we arrived, and we piled into Lynn's house.

All the way through our evening snacks at Lynn's we continued: God, God, God, God, God, God, God.

Suddenly, Lynn -- now having fully warmed up and fired up with enthusiasm - runs over to her purse, grabs a quarter coin, smacks it onto the wall at full force and shouts something along the lines of 'FAITH MOVES MOUNTAINS! BY THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT I STICK THIS COIN TO THE WALL'  Coin 2

The coin sticks to the wall.

We all take a step back and stare at it wide-eyed.

Woahhhh, we exhaled, quietly. Quietly. Then Gillian and I grab our cameras. The coin stays there.


Holy awe.

My friends, for the rest of the evening the coin stayed there. It occurred to me to touch it but I dared not. I dared not! I had holy awe.

The next morning it was STILL THERE!!!! "Let's not tell the ladies," we said. "Let's just leave it there as a quiet sign." So we did. But later that evening, they saw, and Lynn spoke to them about having the kind of faith that moves mountains.

The meet-up came and went -- and I will write more about that tomorrow -- But the coin stayed on the wall throughout; and, the next day, as we prepared to leave for the Bethel conference, it was STILL there. Lynn tells me now, a week on (she's home now) the coin is still there. 

I am here, God is saying to us. Are you going to believe?

My answer: Yes, Lord. I will believe.

"Then came the disciples to Jesus and said, 'Why could not we cast him out? And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you." (Matthew 17:19-20, KJV)

Bless you all.


Hi from California!

Hello dear SUMites  Lynn Ann 2

Well, I type this sitting in a hotel room in Redding, with my fellow SUMite Lucie from Canada who is packing her bags as I type. We're room-mates tonight and have become firm friends. So, while she packs, I wanted to pop on to say hello.

I had been meaning to write the odd update during this meet-up week, but in the end I found myself unable to: It has been just too spiritually intense and my head has been too full.

So, I will write next week once I've gathered my thoughts. In the meantime, here's a little pic of Lynn and me in the glorious sunshine at Bethel conference, Redding. We have had a God-filled, supernatural week together, and I can't wait to share about it.

I have thought about all of you a LOT during this past week. And at many times during this conference, I have felt like I was carrying the SUMites in my heart and on my shoulders: Representing you all in prayer, thinking of you all during worship, and so on.

Well .. Ok, I will look forward to sharing next week. 

Back soon! Loads of love ...

Ann x

Do you Un-love Yourself? I did.

Hello my dear SUMites brothers and sisters,

Galatians 5 1 Freedom Inner Healing

Lynn Donovan, with you today. I’m feeling extra empathy and compassion for all of us who have walked this road of the unequally yoked.

In a prayer session this week, I was praying with a friend, and uncovered an area of unhealed pain that needed the love of Jesus….. and needed my love.

You see, Jesus took me back to when I was newly married, within the first three years, to the moment reality came crashing in that my husband and I were at odds about this major part of my person, Jesus. I remember that moment clearly. I experienced devastation when that understanding hit me. And frankly, the reality that my husband didn’t care, or seem to care, that I was in pain the devastation increased. Ugh!

It’s difficult to be transparent about this, as it’s a deeply personal moment. However, I’ve always chosen to be real with you because we learn together how to overcome pain?

Now here is the best part.

In my prayer time, I discovered that this was the moment where I became disappointed with myself. I realized that my fairytale wasn’t going to unfold as expected. This moment was the beginning of a lie that devil began to tell me that I was a disappointment to myself.

This is the moment when I began to unlove myself.

Ugh! I didn’t even know this pain and reality was inside. It was absolutely revelation from Jesus. Jesus then arrived to love on this young girl. And through this experience, He loved on me. I forgave myself for this disappointment. For the rebellion against God and not following His written Word. I forgave myself and acknowledged the difficulties this young woman faced and the deceit she lived in at the time.

I blessed her. And Jesus blessed me.

My love of self, found healing. And this morning when I woke, I’ve been surrounded by a simple peace. I feel whole unto myself. And I realized how much I truly love my husband, Mike.

SUMite, sit down with Jesus. (NO DISTRACTIONS). Ask Him if there was a place where disappointment and unlove entered in. Ask Him to reveal any roots to this pain and forgive yourself. Forgive others if needed. Love yourself. Bless yourself.

We are so hard on ourselves over our past mistakes. One of the great things I did in this prayer session was to forgive my young self for the choices she made. As my entire life has felt the consequences of her decisions. (And I realize it’s myself I’m speaking of, but that girl….. and the woman I am today, are very different people. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.)

This process is inner healing. It is beautiful. It is necessary and it is FREEDOM.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

If you need inner healing, make a Healing Prayer Appointment with me. I am tender and full of compassion. Jesus will meet you where you are, and He will set you free also.

With great love and compassion, I greet you this day. Love, Lynn Donovan

Healing Prayer with Lynn Donovan

Our Next Series -- The Meaning of Marriage

Hello friends! Keller

I've had a particular book sitting by my bedside for a very long time, gathering dust ... Intending to be read.

It's a book by Tim Keller called 'The Meaning of Marriage: Facing the Complexities of Marriage with the Wisdom of God.'

Well, I think it's about time to read it; and what I want to do is use it as a basis for a series for us:

The meaning of marriage, and how we face the complexities of a spiritually mismatched marriage with the wisdom of God.

The book has eight chapters with intriguing titles, and what I'm going to do is read each chapter and then write a blog post for US on that chapter's topic. In each post we'll take a SUM view on the topic.

This means we're going to talk marriage, marriage, marriage for the next few posts.  

So, roll up your sleeves and settle in. Be prepared to chat in the comments, if you feel comfortable doing so. I know not all of us do, and that's fine too -- just read along if you prefer.

I don't quite know what to expect from this book, but let's give it a go.  We will kick off with our first post on Friday.

It should be good. See you then!


I Surrender All

SURRENDER1Hello all! Amanda here, I am so excited to share a wonderful testimony with you today! This one starts out rocky, but I promise it has a happy ending :)


I loathe that word, depression, it is a thief and a liar! It can creep up on us any time. If we are not keeping our eyes on the Father, living life in worship, staying in his word, and praying through the storms. It can overtake an otherwise healthy mind like a plague of locusts on a bountiful field, leaving nothing but barren wasteland behind. I have watched this demon (for that is exactly what it is!) attempt to destroy people I love more times that I need to discuss. For this reason I have a very severe kind of righteous anger/hatred towards this particular monster.

Because of all I had witnessed within my close circle of loved ones I had vowed to myself it would never happen to me. I was stronger than that. I could fight it off in my own strength (pride is an ugly thing isn't it?). I felt that I didn't even need to rebuke it off of me or pray protection over myself against it! Oh how wrong I was!

I sank slowly, not realizing it at first. I was oblivious to this thing that had crept up and attached itself to me. Life was so hectic and my days so full I hardly had time to cook a meal, let alone notice this thing clinging to me! It took several weeks and many dark days to realize something was definitely wrong. I won't lie, I was afraid, and that is when I started calling out to God. I also opened up about my struggles to two trustworthy people who I know love the Lord and love me. They shared with me that they were having similar experiences. We realized we were under attack! We quickly scheduled a group phone call so we could all pray together. We took turns praying over each other. I wish I could have recorded that phone call, it was amazing! God started moving that night! I felt like my ears and eyes had been opened. I could see what was happening now. But my battle was not over.

Some time passed with small victories, and losses, but it was not gone yet. I was hanging on to something but I wasn't sure what. Then, on a Sunday morning during worship God showed me something. I was trying hard to focus during the praise and worship portion of our service. As the music played, I closed my eyes and saw myself sitting on an altar, a large rectangular slab. In my arms I held my husband, my daughter, and my son. Jesus was sitting on the edge of the altar behind me and I was leaning against him. I thought this was good and right and how it should be. Is that what Jesus thought? Nope! As I leaned back against him, my brow furrowed with worry, he leaned over and said ,"Give them to me.". I moved over, he took each of them away from me and into his arms, my husband and our kids. He then reached out with his right hand and embraced me as well. He looked down at me, smiled, and said "Now... relax Amanda.". I tried! I physically lowered my shoulders, relaxed my brow, and unclenched my jaw. In my mind I saw him rub my arm, still smiling and then he said, "You're still not relaxed! SURRENDER it all to me! Surrender it all!"...and no, that wasn't the song that was playing haha! But in that moment I raised my hands and gave it all over! And I tell you that day I was healed!

I had gotten so caught up in trying to be everything and do everything for everyone, I was leaving no room for him. In my pride I was picking up burdens that were not mine to carry! I worried and toiled over things I had no control over, it was exhausting! After that Sunday morning things slowly began to change. That shadow had been cast away and the light of the world had taken it's place! I still feel myself coming alive more and more each passing week!

It is time for me to close now, I would love to hear from you in the comments! If you need prayer or want to share your own testimony, sound off!


'How Will You Compete With Horses?'

By Ann Hutchison Horses

"Why, why, WHY does it have to be this hard?"

This question we might well ask God. In fact, I imagine most of us have asked him this at one time or another.

"Why am I having to wait this long to see my spouse turn to you, Lord?"

While we wait for our spouse to join us in faith, we often feel hard pressed on every side. But there's a verse in the Bible that I really like, a verse that speaks especially well to this anguish of ours. It's a verse that was given by God to the prophet Jeremiah, when he expressed his anguish to the Lord about the hardness of the hearts around him and the loneliness he felt.

In response to Jeremiah's anguish God said this:

If you have raced with men on foot, and they have wearied you, how will you compete with horses? (Jer 12:5)

In this verse, God is saying, "See it as preparation." He is saying, "I am allowing you to be equipped in the coal face, with this hard stuff (men on foot), so that you can cope with even tougher faith fights (horses)."

So it is with us too, SUMites. Through this SUM situation, we are being equipped to 'run with horses'.

In other words, we're being equipped to be a force to be reckoned with spiritually. We're being developed by God into fast, determined, focused, ferocious faith warriors.

Do you like that scripture too? I hope it spurs you on today, pun intended.

Lord, we thank you that you're equipping us to run with horses. Make us strong, and help us see the wearying parts through your eyes. In your name, Jesus, we ask this. Amen.

Well, with that thought I'll leave it there. Have a lovely weekend, everyone.


Three Weeks to Go -- SUM Meet-Up

Hi SUMites SUM Meet-Up

Wow, I cannot wait to hug those of you who will be at the Meet-Up this month -- in person!!

(IF you're a hugger that is -- I will ask first before launching myself at you, LOL) 

It is just over three weeks until we meet for a day of connecting with each other and with God.

If you're planning to be there, but haven't yet registered, make sure you do so now by clicking here. Also, later this week I will email those of you who have registered, so look out for that email.

As for those of you who are not able to be there, you will be missed, and will still be able to take part: We hope to live-stream parts of the day so you will not miss out. We will be thinking of all of you, and we will take time together on the day to pray for our whole community.

Well, all for now - Can't wait to see you.

Love to you all



Daily Bible on AmazonHi SUMers,

Lynn Donovan here. I want to tackle a question that was submitted through our community survey we took a number of months back.

Q: I need help with fighting anger and frustration at times as I am pulled in so many directions by family and work. Alone time with God is precious but a daily struggle to find.

As I consider this question, there are actually a lot of things this writer is asking. I perceive the questions as follows:

  • I’m angry and I don’t want to be, please help.
  • I want help with the family, how do I get it?
  • I feel guilty that my alone time sufferers because I’m so exhausted.

I hope my interpretation is close.

Many of you don’t likely know that I worked in Corporate America for 25 years. I struggled greatly to balance working, family, and time with God. I did discover a simple solution for daily time with the Lord that helped me tremendously. I’ll share that in a bit.

Let’s answer the overarching question that is really being asked here. I’m mad, sad, and have so much pressure to deal with. How do I cope and/or change my situation.

Let me state clearly here, the answer the world will give you is: DIVORCE

That’s not the right answer. Here is the answer and I believe it is directly from our heavenly Father.

Take the pressure off yourself. God never asked you to do all of these things. Nor do you have to do them to perfection. This is comparison to others and fear of man. The Father loves you exactly where you are. In your failures, your messiness, your flaws and when you sit around in your gym shorts.

God had to say these things to me one day when I was struggling. He said, “Lynn, I never asked you to do all these things. The pressure you feel, you place upon yourself. I know it’s hard down there, I just want you to do the best you can. That is more than enough.”

What a relief.

But back to the question at hand. I have some practical solutions. Afterall, I started this blog so we can share practical steps to thrive.

Well, start by excusing yourself from perfection. And if you have a demanding, perfectionist mate, it’s time for a sit down to establish new expectations. This sit down might also apply to the sharing of tasks with a spouse. Do your homework and offer sound information how the sharing of tasks is healthy and makes for a great marriage. Jointly establish clear expectations for you both as parents and also the children. Then follow through. This is key. If you say you are going to do something. Do it. That is called integrity and it garners respect in the future.

If your spouse won’t help and if you can manage it, hire help. Help with the housework. Order boxed meals for the family. Hire help for the kids and laundry. Pick and choose what you need the most and ask God for the resources. Then cut, cut, cut.

It used to be every six months God would show up and tell me to prune stuff from my life. I would overcommit and then never have the wherewithal to do everything I promised. I felt like an idiot and I felt really bad when I had to break commitments to people that I’d only recently made. But because I love a good cause, I would volunteer myself to help. Ugh!

I stopped doing that and am very selective about how I resource my time. I have balance most of the time, and only participate in things that give me joy.

Process your anger. Get help with counseling. Have a prayer session. Pray, pray and pray. Command that beast out of your life and home. Then, daily bless yourself with peace. In Jesus name. OUT LOUD!

Finally, commit to arise 30 minutes earlier than the kids. Open a daily Bible and read the portions for today's date. Then journal your prayers. Listen and write down the responses you sense from the Holy Spirit. This process begins as drudgery, but it will quickly become your desire and the best part of your day. And THAT’S A PROMISE.

Okay, that’s a wrap. I hope a few of these tips make your life and marriage a bit more blessed. I love you, Lynn

Standing in the Gap

Here at SUM we love, love, love prophetic words from the Lord; that is, words spoken by the Holy Spirit to one of us in our community for the edification of the rest of us.

Well, recently one of our SUMites, Libby from the UK, sent me something she had received from the Lord back in 2018 about our community. It was a set of words, and she was also inspired to draw a picture to accompany those words (the picture is included below). I hope it blesses you today and thank you to Libby for sharing.

The word was this:

Our unbelieving loved ones are here on earth and there is a huge abys between the earth and heaven (God). The dark chasm of sin separates humanity from God. The cross, representing Jesus' crucifixion, is a bridge that allows access across the divide. Without it, we could never bridge that gap, no human deeds could. Libby's drawing Nov 18

Us SUMites are 'standing in the gap' by standing on the cross. We form a human chain as we unite in prayer and intercession for the lost and unsaved. We provide a channel and are conduits for God to flow through. His love flows through us and onto the lost. This is our job and our position, to stand in the gap, and what a privileged position it is! Don't look down at the magnitude of the chasm; don't look across at the huge distance between the two sides; keep your focus on the cross of Calvary seeped in the precious blood of the lamb, shed for all the world. Remember, the cross is now empty! Our Lord is risen! The resurrection power of the cross forms the bridge, nobody on earth can get to the father, except through it (John 14:6).

Keep standing strong SUMites on the bridge, interceding for the lost until they join us and take up their rightful position. 


Thanks again, Libby!

Meet Up Registration LINK

Hi Everyone. 

It looks like the form to register isn't a dynamic document and it's difficult to navigate on a phone. So, below is a direct link. 

And for everyone who registered so far, thank you. It's looking like it's going to be a Holy Spirit powerhouse, meet up. I bet the devils are shakin' in their boots as they watch the SUMite Nation descend upon the capital of California.

HALLELUJAH!!  To God be great glory and all honor to our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Link to register.

Ephesians Chapter 6 Part ONE

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comHello SUM Nation. Lynn Donovan here.

Wow, July is coming to an end, and we have reached the last chapter of Ephesians. Let’s jump in. Get out your paper Bible and read these verses. Numerous researchers have proof that retention is much greater when reading from a paper book verses a screen. True that!!!! I agree!

In Paul’s letter to the Ephesian church, he provides very practical advice for marriage and relationships in and through chapter five. Chapter 6 continues on in this course with several short and specific instructions.

  • Children obey your parents
  • Honor your father and mother
  • Dads, don’t provoke your children
  • Bondservants be obedient
  • Masters, show difference to those who serve you.

This portion reads like the book of Proverbs, with practical information. But did you catch the undertone? This is all about family.

Family is everything to God. We fit into family through our identity, strengths, roles, our genders, our responsibilities as well as our positions of authority or service. Even the slaves are included here. This unwritten but very clear message is a reflection of God’s heart toward family. His family.

Honor, respect, protection, kindness, difference to one another. Afterall, this is exactly how it will be for all eternity within our eternal family.

The difficulty in these instructions is the dysfunction in families today. And that my friend, is a topic to which I could write book upon book. Through my prayer ministry, I have worked with believers who have lived out or were raised in every kind of dysfunction. Alcoholism, drugs, perversion, abuse of every kind and things to horrendous to write. However, I have watch Jesus bring healing to the trauma of many hearts.

None of us were raised in a perfect family. And we are likely lacking in these areas in our own family. Yet, it’s the effort that touches God’s heart.

Is it possible to honor a parent that abused you. Yes, through forgiveness and asking Jesus for understanding. Often, he reveals how your parent was raised in horrible trauma themselves and it helps to process your pain. It doesn’t make it right. Nor is restoration of that relationship necessary. But through the great love and healing of our Savior, all things are possible and healing will come. You must want it and allow it, and work through the pain.

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. Ephesians 6:10-11

Finally, we arrive at the back half of chapter 6. The Armor of God. Currently I’m writing a book about spiritual warfare and I use this passage in the teaching. I have dedicated nearly half the book to verse eleven, alone, because it’s so powerful.

Grasping our stance is everything when we battle evil. And I hope to have the book pounded out soon. It’s deep and will change the way you view warfare. In the meantime, Paul isn’t kidding about these weapons.

Here me now: these are real and they work.

Believe you are equipped with the whole armor of God. Then stand and swing your sword. Here is an excerpt from the manuscript with an example of how I swing my sword.

I’m sorry. I just realized………. This post is too long. Tune in Wednesday for a prayer that kicks butt and takes names. Hugs, Lynn

God's Provision: A Story

SUMites, Suitcases

Those of you who've been with us a while will remember we had our last conference in April 2019, the Hear the Roar Summit in California. Well, that was impossible for me to get to. Honestly impossible. Yet I got there.

I decided to dig out the story that I wrote on the blog at the time. For those of you who feel that God is stirring you to get our next meet-up in September, I hope this story encourages you:


Ann's story, from 2019:

"When Lynn first started talking about the summit, a little thought bubbled up for me that hadn’t happened the previous time there was a conference. This thought was that I was to go, and that God would provide. With a big dose of optimism, then, I went onto our Facebook group and said:

“For the summit let's believe in miracles!” 

It would take a miracle indeed. I live in New Zealand, a 12-hour flight away, and can only leave my children for a few days. That wasn’t the most difficult aspect though: How on earth would I explain to my husband that I want to fly twelve hours for this?!  In his eyes it could be weird, and given the content, even slightly offensive.

A couple of hours after writing on the Facebook page, I found myself needing to do a bank transaction. This is something I do often, but that day I noticed something I’d previously ignored. At the very bottom of the screen there was a $$$ figure with the label “True Rewards”.  My husband and I had been collecting these reward points ever since we got married almost 20 years ago but ignoring them. My jaw dropped as I realized that we had over a thousand dollars in points, I could spend them at a travel agent and I had a way to California!


This still left a hard part, though. I had to talk to my husband about it. I looked up tickets to L.A., and my heart sank. At US$1,300 the points would cover it but it was so much money for a 2-day trip. Shouldn’t I spend it on something we could enjoy together instead?

Time passed and Lynn announced the date. At this point, out of the blue my husband started mentioning these points for the first time in years, suggesting we buy a kettle with them!  Wanting to shout “No!” at him, “Don’t spend those points!!!” I figured God was dropping me a hint to pluck up the courage and ask.

It took a few days, but I finally did it. My husband has a kind heart, but our faith difference is not an easy situation for us. Nevertheless, he looked straight back at me with an affectionate smile and said, “Sure.”  Just like that.

Later, he surprised me again, “Come on then, let’s book it now,” he said. “Okay,” I squeaked, still feeling self-conscious. This was where one more surprise awaited: We went online to see that ticket prices had halved since I last checked, now being only $600. This meant that there would be points left over for transport and accommodation for me, and – better still -- enough points for my husband to get something nice for himself. SUM Meet-Up

I know I’m to thank God for this. Today I have my thanksgiving going and am believing in more."


Let's keep believing!  Share in the comments what you're hoping for, and let's pray for this meet-up.

26 September 2023 -- Ranch Murieta

27-29 September 2023 -- Bethel Church, Redding

For further details, click here.

Love you, SUMites!


Keep on Believing for the Miracles!

Hi my friends! Suitcases

It's a public holiday here in New Zealand, so this is the teeniest little hello. But I wanted to share something that happened in church yesterday.

Yesterday in church, a girl (well, woman) I'm friendly with stood up and gave a testimony. The testimony was this:

A few years ago she felt strongly she was to go to Africa and volunteer on a particular missions programme with Iris Ministries. However, she was broke. Completely broke! She said "There's broke, and then there's how I was: Completely broke."

We all laughed at that.

The three-month trip would cost thousands and in her penniless state it was 100% impossible. Nevertheless, she strongly felt Jesus wanted her to be there, and what's more she believed he had told her the funds would come.

So she made her plans. She told her family she was going, and everyone was cheering her on. Yet as the time drew near for the trip, she still had no money in the bank and started to think, "This is going to be embarrassing, everyone thinks I'm going, and now I'm going to have to tell them I'm not".

Well, the provision came suddenly. In an instant!

Suddenly, a person she knew told her "I've been led to pay for your upcoming trip. Give me your account details and I'll pay it in."

It was NZ$11,000! About USD6,500.

So all of a sudden, she went from having no way of getting there to having the full funds in her account, and off she went to Africa. 

Years on, it's a testimony she will always remember. It's a testimony of provision that she was able to tell us all about at church. And a testimony of provision that reminded me all over again that these things happen and if God wants you to be somewhere he'll make a way. There are so many other testimonies like this out there in the Christian world.

Conclusion for us SUMites: It is no big thing for God to do the same for our SUM Meet-Up this September. So keep praying: Ask him afresh if you're meant to be there, and if so ask God to make a way.

Let's keep praying!

Love you,