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The Super Bowl and the Best Gift Ever

Cheese-head-dog The Super Bowl is now history. So is my Fantasy Football Team, The Pink Princesses, at least until next year.

I hope your team won. We spent the afternoon with REAL Packers fans. Our next door neighbors are from Wisconsin. 

Cheese heads.... Need I say more.

Valentine's Day is a week away. Today I promised to share with you the BEST gift you can give your husband. 

Last week I was reading some statistics provided by Sharon Jaynes, who writes devotions for Girlfriends In God. She states:

According to an analysis of the National Survey of Families and Households, 86 percent of unhappily married people who stick it out find that, five years later, their marriages are happier. In fact, nearly 60 percent of those who rated their marriage as unhappy in the late 1980's, and who stayed married, rated their same marriage "very happy" or "quite happy" when re-interviewed five years later ( Linda J. Waite and Maggie Gallagher, The Case for Marriage (New York: Doubleday, 2000) 148).

There are times in every marriage that one or both spouses feel unhappy. But God's call to us as believers is to press into Him and wait for the reward.

So pray.

The ABSOLUTE best gift you can give to your spouse, believing or unbelieving, is to bring him or her before God. Have you ever noticed that if you earnestly pray for someone over many months, you can't stay mad with them?? It's a phenomenon I don't clearly understand but it proves to be true every time in my life.

Pray for their:

  • Salvation, Romans 10.10. Not just to be saved but radically overcome by the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray over his/her employment or work. Ask God to bless him/her and make them a man or woman of character, who is respected by others, strong ethics, an example for your children.
  • Parenting. Ask God to make your spouse sensitive to your children. Respectful of their faith discovery. To be firm, fair, a great listener, to spend time and laughter with them.
  • Ask God to show you your spouse's love language and to act on that knowledge. Love him/her with a full heart.
  • Pray for their health.
  • Ask for specifics that are of importance on that particular day.
  • Pray they are faced with God in a continual way through out their day.
  • Pray down protection from evil people and evil spirits.
  • Pray to love your spouse as Christ loves the church. (see the video)

I'm often astounded to find many of us believing spouses know we have the power of God available to stand for us, our spouse and our children, but we don't use it.


Pray every day.

THAT is the best gift you can give. It lasts an eternity.

Now for some practical and fun gifts for Valentine's Day, stop back on Friday.

Dineen and I are compiling some prayers for husbands. Please write one and let us share it with others. Pray now in the comments a pray for your spouse. BIG hugs, Lynn

My Married Boyfriend

On Monday I told you about my new boyfriend. How my chance orneriness created a fun exchange between my husband and me. So, let me continue the story.

Hand holding After the impetuous hand-holding in the car, (yes, I can drive with one hand especially if my boyfriend wants to hold the other) I was delightfully surprised when two days later I had another errand to run and my husband says, “Hey, do you want your boyfriend to come with you and hold your hand?”

Say what?

I’m sure I looked like a deer in headlights.

Now remember, this man never goes on non-essential errands.

“Well, yes,” I stammered.

The man jumped up from his desk, sat in the passenger seat and we held hands.


That is when it hit me…. This man likes to be my boyfriend. He’s finding the sweet endearment a fun thing. So, I really bought into the whole idea. I started calling him my boyfriend on a regular basis.

“Hey, my boyfriend, you are really cute and I like you a lot.”


Last week in Wal-Mart, we stood together in the checkout lane. Another errand (yeah baby). He bends toward me and spontaneously kisses me right there like we were high school kids in love. We are not bashful about sharing a kiss from time-to-time in public but my man is shy. I don’t ever remember him kissing me while we stood in a line of people, in a store.

I look at him with a smile, he says, “A kiss from your boyfriend.”


Of course all this recent boyfriend talk at home has my teen daughter in a constant state of embarrassment as her old parents carry on this romance. Which of course, just makes me giggle all the more and add to the boyfriend frenzy.

My husband is loving it and so am I.

Here are a few boyfriend hints for you to try.

  • Look over at him from across the room and say, “You know, I have a really cute boyfriend.” Smile largely. 
  • Sunday is the Super Bowl. I will tell you now, my husband LOVES it when I just sit with him, hold his hand, watch the game together, and enjoy it. 
  • Make some really great tasting “game” food also. 
  • Slowly deliberately unbutton his shirt. One little button at a time. (preferably out of sight of the teenager *grin) 
  • Text him at work: I miss you, my boyfriend.

Okay, on Monday I have more to share about the BEST gift we can give to our spouse this February, the month of love. Stop back then.

What are your plans for the Super Bowl? I always anticipate the commercials. How much is a 30 second spot this year????

And have you asked your husband to be your boyfriend? Looking forward to chatting with you today. Be blessed, Lynn