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Sumite Prayer Partners

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Hi prayer family, Christy Edney here!

As I think about our community, one phrase continues to bounce around in my head. That phrase is authentic friendships. Many of you have accepted the invitation to form prayer partnerships and you have shared how God is working through those bonds. It's not too late to receive a prayer partner! If you would like a partner then please send me an email by clicking this link: Sumite Prayer Partners

Today I want to share a quick story from Sumites Melissa and Anne. They are prayer partners that can actually meet in person because Melissa used the Community Map to look up her hometown and noticed another Sumite in her area.  I want to encourage you to do the same thing! Click on the Community Map, add a dot to your location and email Lynn or Dineen if you see another dot in your area. This is a fabulous way to build authentic friendships and maybe even community within your own city! 

Father, I am so encouraged by this community's courage and obedience to Your call. It takes courage to reach out to a stranger and trust them with our hearts. It takes faith to believe your promise that the Holy Spirit will be with us whenever we gather in your name. I hold up these men and women and ask you to bless them with friendships that would bring glory to your name. Lord, we look to our leaders and ask you to cover them with your holy protection, give them feet to run from temptation and a heart filled with love for our savior, Jesus Christ. May your supernatural peace flood our lives like a crisp fall breeze. I ask all of these things in the mighty name of our king, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

BIG Astonishing HOPE


Click on Join Us and The Community Map

We are all community. We believe in an extravagant and all-powerful God. We are His hands and feet. He’s placed us all around the world to be light, to serve, to love, to reflect Jesus. It’s this amazing community that God has intricately and purposely placed together, we will do GREAT things for the Kingdom. 


Every day is a new adventure when you are living the believer’s life and we expect our Lord to show up and show off and leave us breathless. And the most amazing part of it all, God wants us to be part of it. To experience His love, provision, grace, mercy, direction and everyday delights. 

So today, we welcome you to a few new adventures here at SUM. Over the past few months God has been revealing much to me. I have some fantastic stories, some hilarious, some scary but they all point to Jesus. I’m compelled to the very core of my spirit that our Great God is calling this community to BIG things.  


God is going to move in you, in us and we will experience Him in ways we’ve yet to know. My dear sisters, brothers, moms, dads, friends. Let’s get started and astonish this unkind world with the beautiful. 

The beauty that only emanates from our Great King. 

For today, take a look at the new stuff happening. On the left, top of the side bar, click on Join Us. Then Visit the Community Map and be part of it. 

And on Tuesday, stop back for the best part…. The MIRACLES.. 

So much is happening. So many marriages are waiting for the power of redemption in Christ. Our families will be rendered speechless and the best part…… One a day not far from now our Lord, Jesus will look into our eyes, touch our face, and speak these words, 

“Well done good and faithful servant.” 

Oh my friends, we are family, sisters, brothers and we are on this planet to live life out of the box. Monumental, God-sized living. Don’t miss out on all God has for you. Join US… The SUM community is going to ROCK this world, turn Satan on his a** and we are going to make our Abba, Father proud. 

So hop over to the sidebar. I will see you there and then back here again tomorrow for more. 

With all of my heart and from the depth of my soul, I pray this very hour you are filled with His hope, blessed by His presence and inspired to live in victory. BIG hugs with astonishing hope, Lynn


PS. Did you notice we lightened up the place around here. Tweeked the colors and the fonts a bit. Changed the background. I didn't even know the couple on top were looking out over water until we made these changes. Enjoy my friends and give thanks that God provides! Hugs, Lynn