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Laced With Grace

Spring paid a visit today. Here in Southern California, the early blossoms are peaking out on the fruit trees, and there are hints of daffodils and poppies among the greenery on the surrounding hills.

In early spring, those of us who are keen enough to be watching will witness a spectacular yet subtle event.....

Find out at Laced With Grace. Join me for The Next Generation. Have a fantastic week. Priasing the Lord today, Lynn

Laced With Grace Giveaway

Designer Credit: Michelle Pieters

As 2008 approaches, the Laced with Grace blog team wanted to thank their readers with a little giveaway.

The package will include a Women of Faith study Bible (NIV/Hardcover); Lisa Whelchel’s Bible study tool for busy moms; a coffee mug from “Mugs of Truth“; the DVD “The Nativity Story“; the book “Love and Respect“; and a music CD by Becky Knight, who just released her first CD.

Head on over and sign up for the giveaway. Click on the image:

If you could post a link on your blog to get the word out, we would appreciate it!

Have a blessed and beautiful Christmas. Love and hugs, Lynn

A Dead-End and the Majesty of God

Are you seeing double? Triple?

Join me as I share The Dead-End Street at the Internet Café. You are on HOLY Ground.

Also, if you want to feel God’s astronomic, colossal, considerable, enormous, epic, gigantic, ginormous, humongous, jumbo, mammoth, massive, mega, monumental, prodigious, sizeable, tremendous, ….”ness”, Join me for The Mysterious Human Body at Laced With Grace.

Thank you my friends, I love you. Be blessed, Lynn

Worship at Laced With Grace

....Filled with awe I will fall to my face in worship. Fall on my face, nose in the dirt, kind of worship. Hopefully during my morning quit time and not out in front of Old Faithful.......

Find me today at Laced With Grace and a devotion from the mountains of Yellowstone National Park.

I will return on Monday. Looking forward to catching up with everyone. Be blessed, Lynn