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Marriage Thoughts

Ya, so, I've struggled for a couple of hours tying to decide what to write about.....  (BIG sigh)

My writer is broken today. So, below is the video from Ask Me Anything from Wednesday's Facebook Live. The Questions: 

  • How do you handle husband's objection to church
  • Maintaining Hope
  • What seeps from the Television 

Put in your earphones and listen while cleaning or cooking dinner. :)  


My friends, when I was a young wife and mother, Dr. Dobson's daily radio programs were life-blood to my sanity and hope. I love Dr. Dobson and pray for him continually. Below are some links to great articles on marriage. I love you all. 

Women Have Needs That Men Do Not Comprehend

Men and Women Have Different Needs

The Ways Men Need Their Wives

Stay tuned for details about our SUMMIT!! And if you have decided that you can't attend, don't listen to that voice from the pit of hell. Tell our Papa God about your need and let Him astonish you in His provision. 

In His Grace, Lynn

And the Adventures Continue!

Hello SUM Nation!

We’ve had a blast this month walking down memory lane, doing a LIVE Webcast, announcing our ordinations and celebrating YOU! Did you enjoy the stories? Lynn and I have had some crazy adventures together, and we have taken you with us in our hearts every time.

WHWW&NotAloneWe’ve written two books together—Winning Him Without Words and Not Alone—Bible studies you, the SUMites, asked us for. Which then led to invitations to speak at conferences, to be on Focus on the Family, FamilyLife Today, Dr. Dobson and INSIGHT on The Miracle Channel. Lynn even did an interview on the 700 Club! She’s the big adventurer in this duo, that’s for sure. 

Lynn and I have talked a lot about our adventures this month and laughed—a lot! She has said I was the one who gave her the gift of saying “yes,” when she said “let’s go!” Honestly, I believe I’m the one who was blessed more. She keeps me from getting too comfortable, you know? We all need someone like that in our lives.

And the adventures continue, SUMites! We are a family. A church without walls. The SUM Nation. God has brought us all together these last ten years for a reason, for such a time as this, and that time continues. His plans are still unfolding for us, my friends.

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, and Lynn and I have decided to take next week off. We have some planning and catching up to do. My hubby is off Monday so I’m looking forward to some beach time with him! But be sure to catch Ian’s post on Wednesday. And Lynn and I will be back June 6th.

With a surprise…

What kind of surprise, you ask? Well, we’ve been up to something—been planning the next adventure. And this one includes you, SUMites. A surprise that we think you’re going to love being part of. So be sure to stop in June 6th for all the details.

Until then, have an amazing Memorial Day weekend with your family. Enjoy next week with friends and family in whatever adventures you happen to be on. 

We love you, SUM family, with all our hearts. We love being a part of your lives as we continue to walk this great adventure with God together.

BIG hugs!
Dineen & Lynn

P.S. I (Dineen) will have a small post up this Saturday with a little announcement that I hope you’ll enjoy. XOXO


A Testimony of Kindness

My friends, you are going to love this story. Our very own Lynette Duquette shares her recent encounter and divine appointment to help someone. Read and be inspired! God is so good and loves it when we partner with Him to do things like this!

Me1My Story of Generosity
by Lynette Duquette

I wasn't alone for this, but it had a profound impact on me. Last night I was at my CR step study. We had just finished up and I was sharing that I was still struggling with what happened at my last church. I am having a hard time trusting any spiritual male authority in my life right now. As we were finsihing up, we heard pounding on the door, and being in a bad past of town, we all were a bit scared. We all answered the door together. There stood Jane. She was wearing only pants, a sweater, and a hat. She had sores all over her face and hands. She asked if we had any canned goods, she was hungry, cold and tired as she had been walking for hours. She had to walk about 3 miles to get back to wear she could stay with a friend, but she said her feet were hurting. She looked for a bed in the shelter, but none were available. She was weeping and it broke my heart. We took her downstairs and gave her food, a coat, a scarf and another hat. She couldn't stop saying how grateful she was and how kind we were, we didn't have to do so much. She was saying that people usually didn't show her care and concern the way we did, that she didn't deserve it. I looked her in the eye and said, "Jane, this is how much Jesus loves you."

We ended up giving her a ride to the next city over. My friend drove and I followed, just to be safe as this other city has some bad area too, and that is where Jane was headed. My friend got to talk to the Lord about her, and she is a believer, but circumstances in her life had caused her to question God and His love for her. We dropped her off and both headed home.

I have been unsure of many things lately. Not my faith or God, but not trusting myself to hear Him correctly. As we were driving Jane home, I heard God say "Trust Me, you are right where you need to be." I'm thinking today...God needs me to be here, in this area, at this time." Honestly, I am more in awe by what happened last night than Jane is.

Is that not amazing! Wow, we just never know when opportunities like this will knock on our door and find us out and about in our day. 

6a00d83451ee9f69e201910481a300970c-200wiAnd one final note. If you haven't had a chance to listen to our interviews on Dr. Dobson's Family Talk, the broadcasts are being re-aired and can be accessed and listened to here HERE. Part two is broadcasting today.

Have an amazing weekend, my friends. Come back tomorrow for another story. I'm so looking forward to sharing what Abba did in this divine appointment!

Merry Christmas!

SUM News!

IStock_000016649243XSmallMy friends, I know I said last week that we’d be discussing Luke chapters one and two today, but we have a lot going on at the moment in the radio-sphere, the blogosphere, the web-sphere and a few other places that we want to make sure you get to take part in. So today’s post is kind of a coral ‘em up and keep you “posted” day. We will go back to our journey with Mary and Joseph either Saturday or next Wednesday. And I’m working on a little gift for you too—something you’ll be able to download and enjoy. Stay tuned for that!

So here’s what’s happening, SUMites!

  1. Lynn will be on 700 Club Interactive tomorrow morning from 11:00 to 11:30 am Eastern time. I’m SO excited to catch this LIVE interview. Let’s keep her in our prayers and pray for those who Abba brings our way as a result of this wonderful opportunity to share His love. Click HERE to watch.

  2. The interview we did in August with Dr. Dobson made their “Best of the Best in 2013” list. Yay! God is GOOD! They will be re-airing the show Thursday and Friday. Click HERE to listen each day. And again, please pray for those hearts that God touches with renewed hope and leads them here so we can encourage, love and pray for them. This is our SUMite Nation at its best! Woohoo!!!

  3. How’s your community project/random act of kindess going? So exciting! Can’t wait to hear your stories too. I have one I’m looking forward to sharing with you about a trip to the grocery store—shocked me and the woman I had the chance to share God’s love and blessings with. Abba is so awesome!

  4. Here’s another story I’d love to share with you about my daughter Leslie, and her generous heart. Read “Shocking the World with Generosity,” HERE. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

  5. Our very own Martha Bush has a post up by Lynn at her site, Martha’s Blog. “The Home with the Open Door.” Go and check out this inspiring article about powerful parenting HERE.

That about sums up what’s happening at SUM! (Yes, goofy pun intended.) Have an amazing week, my friends. Now let’s close with a prayer for all those moms and dads out there (inlcuding us!) who worry about raising their children to know Jesus.

King Jesus, You are our Best Friend, our Comforter, our Strength and the Author and Perfecter of our faith. Lord, I ask that You renew, strengthen and restore every mom and dad who is reading this right now. Pour out Your Spirit over each one and over their homes and children. Fill each one with new hope that they CAN raise their little ones to know You, because You are right there helping us do it—every day, every hour and with every single prayer. Leave no doubts in their hearts and minds that You are pouring out Your love and blessings over them. Abba, let this be the day that we take a step of faith and say, “Yes, we can raise our children to know Jesus, because we are not alone. The Creator of the universe has invested His Son in our children and HE WILL NOT FAIL! In Your Holy and Powerful Name, Jesus, amen!

Love you, my precious friends! Take that step of faith and BELIEVE James 5:16. As believers we bear the righteousness of Jesus and our prayers are powerful and effective! Amen!

A Letter From God To Every Mother

I want to encourage all of our new friends who found our community here yesterday. And I want to love and encourage those who find us today. 

Mostly I want to encourage our entire family who meets here every day to share life, love and our Savior. I adore you. Thank you for loving each other and our Jesus. 

Today, the Family Talk broadcast will talk about raising children in a spiritually mismatched home. I’m absolutely passionate about this issue. Truly, when I was a young mom, I feared that my husband’s unbelief would influence my daughter, perhaps even affecting her eternity. But....

Our faithful God loves to answer prayers of mother’s who bring their children before Him each morning by name.   <-- (Click to Tweet)

Our newest book that releases October 7, 2013 is all about this topic. And I promise you, God showed up while Dineen and I wrote it. Today, I want to offer you an excerpt from that book. 

While I was writing the last chapter, I discovered a profound passage in scripture that applies to all of us. And to find out what that is, you need to buy the book. (yep, sorry a teaser). But as I finished the last chapter, I remember being out on my walk n pray and feeling frustrated. It was as if the story wasn’t yet finished. So finally out of frustration I asked God, “Lord, what do YOU want to say to all mothers.” 

My friends, God was waiting for me to ask. And immediately He began to download to my mind…… 

A Letter. 

It’s a letter that God has written to all moms. And today, I share His love letter with you. 

It’s currently uploaded on our Ministry site. So click over there. Read it. Weep. I kid you not, I cry each time I read it. I really do. And I wrote it. Sheesh! Well I only put it to paper (so to speak). Anyhoo, click over when you have an uninterrupted minute and receive this word from our God who loves you.

 Beloved Mother 

Print a copy and let me know how you felt when you read this letter. 

I love you and a BIG welcome to all of you who found us yesterday and today through Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk. 

Love & Hugs, Lynn

To hear the braodcast, click below. And there are also articles on the Family Talk website that Dineen and I wrote about marriage and parening.

Welcome... And Who Are You?


Blue shirt profile 4
Lynn Donovan
Who am I?  

I’m ordinary. I’m a mom, a wife, a weekend gardener and a follower of Jesus. I’m a believer who is sold out for my Papa, Daddy and I refuse to live lifeless Christianity any longer. I believe the Bible. Every Word. 

I love people and like flowers. I see God’s face in nature. Every…. single….. day…. I hear His voice and I live on the edge because God likes surprises and He still training me. I refuse to live a comfortable faith because that JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH anymore. I am in His army and I’ve been bloodied but I’ve also watch God move in the supernatural that leaves me undone. ON THE FLOOR…. undone. 

Children are God’s best gift in life. And I believe in marriage and as a follower of Jesus I can THRIVE in my marriage, parenting and live a life of joy and abundance--God’s abundance. 

I am a woman who prays with real belief and passion asking for more love to love my God and His people and to especially love the un-lovely in my sphere influence. 

I’m a bit zany, ask Dineen! And I have blonde moments. But, I KNOW my Lord and He knows me. I love fall leaves and Fantasy Football, and also my whacky dog, Peanut. I can’t wait to get up in the morning to see what adventures my Daddy has instore for me. 

Life is full. It’s sometimes pain. It’s often puzzling and yet absolutely astonishing because I spend it with Jesus. 

I’ve seen feathers falling from the sky where they shouldn’t, I find doves everywhere (My every day miracles), I’ve had gold dust appear on my hands and I’ve been overwhelmed to the point of shaking under the love and power of my God. I believe in the gifts of the Spirit and that His Holy Presence is walking with me and sits upon my right shoulder. I’ve prayed for healing for me and others and to my complete amazement, God answers my prayers. 

I’m an ordinary woman who will settle for nothing less than being a sold out Jesus follower for the rest of my life. 

Join me and let’s do this journey together. Dineen and I share our hearts, our homes and our love for our Papa here. It’s a safe place where you can find refuge from the world. A place where judgment dies and people are free. This place is where Jesus shows up on the web and changes us. He really changes us and He is good. We are a family here and our passion is to love God with all of our heart and to love people. 

It’s one of the best places in the world, the heart of God. And if you are new here, you are in for the ride of your life. Today may be the day you too will join us and become a follower of Jesus and leave life-less Christianity behind… Because we want the miracles. And God does not disappoint. 

We love you so very much. 

Lynn Donovan
& Dineen Miller 

Okay, in the comments, TELL ME, WHO ARE YOU?

Visit, Mismatched & Thriving for more information and resources for the Spiritually Mismatched. And a GREAT BIG WELCOME to all who found us through Dr. Jame's Dobson's Family Talk. 

SUMite Nation! A Lot Is Happening!

Good Monday Everyone, 

There are a lot of things happening in our SUMite Nation over the next couple of weeks. 

On Wednesday, we will be ready to launch our new Ministry website. And we will be asking you to partner with us to welcome in the newbies. We, the mismatched, who have been walking this road for some time, can wrap our love and cyber arms around those who find our home in the next few days. We can pray and encourage and let God’s people know that we have hope. We have hope for the supernatural. We have hope for the salvation of our spouse. We have hope knowing our children will be centered in the will of God. And we KNOW that living in the Presence…. Changes EVERYTHING! 

Watch for that announcement here on Wednesday. 

On Thursday please tune in and find a radio station that carries Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk broadcasts. On Thursday AND Friday Dineen and I will be guests with Dr. Dobson and his son, Ryan Dobson. We had an absolutely divine and anointed time with these two men. And our broadcast discussions are filled with some of our zany and God-sized personal stories about God’s faithfulness, love, and how we live and thrive in our marriages. And what turned out to be just fantastic is that Dr. Dobson was so excited about our new book, we spent an hour talking about that. So, you will hear some stories we share in the book. And I also remember Dineen discussing a sticky subject of a controlling spouse. 

We are humbled that God opened this door and especially for me personally. I will share more about my story and Dr. Dobson on Thursday. It’s gooooood!!! I promise. 

Also start thinking about making a commitment to our week of prayer and fasting that will begin the Tuesday following Labor Day. Tamara, one of our long time SUM family members suggested we spend a week on focused prayer for ourselves. This will be a time to dwell in God’s Presence and to search His Word and pray for our personal relationship and strength for our marriage and parenting. Dineen and I thought, What a good idea! 

So, watch for posts to this purpose the first week of September. And by the way, Rosh Hashanah is Thursday of that week. Plan to fast on that day. I will be sharing some insight to how this Jewish High Holy Day is something for us as modern day believers to consider. It’s cool!!!   

If you could, would you share our button below on your Facebook wall or on Pinterest. No pressure but you might very well help a struggling wife or husband who is thinking they are all alone in this unequally yoked journey. We want them to find hope, community, and love. 

Have an amazing week walking in the Powerful Presence. I love you, Lynn

Our Day with FamilyTalk and Dr. Dobson

My friends, I'm so pumped that I get to share some pictures and the cool stuff God did while we were in Colorado Springs doing our taped interview with Dr. Dobson and his son, Ryan Dobson, two incredible men of God!

When we flew into Denver Wednesday, we went pick up our rental car. Before you leave the lot you have to be check by the security guard. This man was so friendly from the get go and asked the usual questions like what brings you to Colorado. We told him why we were there and next thing we knew this dear man, James, was down on his knees next to our car praying for us! (We sensed he might be a believer.) He said it was an honor to do so because he'd rather think of other people instead of his own stuff. LOL! What a blessing! Angel is disguise? I don't know but I know God sent this man to pray for us and bless us. And that he did. 

Here's James getting ready to pray for us!

Then on we went to our hotel and settled in for the night. The next day we rose bright and early and had breakfast, then off we went for a walk and some worship time before heading to FamilyTalk.

Dineen and Lynn at FamilyTalk. Woohoo!

Here is a picture of us with Naomi, our producer for the show. She is a stunning woman of beauty and a heart for God. She shared with us how her family grew up listening to Dr. Dobson but never dreamed one of them would wind up working in his ministry. We had a chance to pray with her at the end too. We also met Laura Lynn who is an associate producer and handled the show as well. Somehow we didn't get a picture of her but the entire staff at FamilyTalk was wonderful! So full of joy! Each one blessed us with their precious smiles.

Dineen, Naomi and Lynn

Before the taping, we sat in Dr. Dobson's office and talked with him and his son, Ryan, about our book, Winning Him Without Words, our amazing community here (yes, we carried you with us, SUMites!), and our heart to share what God has so graciously done in our lives and this community. Lynn asked for prayers last week to give Dr. Dobson the message God wanted her to share with him specifically and she was able to do that beautifully! God provided just the right moment. Thank you for those prayers, precious friends!

Our time in the studio went so fast. We wound up taping two shows. The first one will be about Winning Him, and the second will focus on our book coming out in October, Not Alone. We didn't expect that to happen at all! Again, God just blessed us over and over again through the entire trip.

Ryan Dobson, Dineen, Lynn and Dr. James Dobson

When we find out the airdates we will let you know. Please pray for blessings and continuing growth and prosperity over the FamilyTalk ministry. 

Thank you again, SUMites, for all your prayers. We are so grateful for your support and we love you all so much. Words just can't express how much we adore you and carry you with us in our hearts and prayers.


On Our Way - Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson

Hi SUMites! 

Wow, reading the testimonies from Monday’s post just stirs my faith. Thank you for taking time to share your faith walk with God’s people. When we share the faithfulness  of God and testimonies in our lives with others, two things happen. 

One, God receives glory. Two, it bolsters our faith. And the testimony of one can become the reality for another believer. Not sure how God does that but it’s how His Kingdom rolls!!! 

Anyhoo, today Dineen and I are on our way to Colorado Springs, Colorado. We are meeting up at the Denver airport and then spending the next two days together. I can’t wait. We are going to have an amazing time and we plan to spend some time praying for all of you. We truly love you, Sumites, and pray for your lives. Family talk

On Thursday we are headed to the studios of Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson. We have been invited to share the hope we have for our marriages. We will be recording and working on some other resources with this ministry. It is our passion to help others on this crazy mismatched journey to find hope and encouragement to thrive in marriage. So, please pray for us on Thursday afternoon as I always am nervous… Pray that the anointing of the Holy Spirit is so thick and tangible that people are filled through our voices over the airwaves when the broadcast airs. 

Something interesting about this trip is that last week God woke me at 2 am to talk to me about Dr. Dobson. God said to me that Dr. Dobson is a General…. He is a General in God’s Kingdom and he was the forerunner for this Great Harvest/ Great Awakening that is starting in the “church.” WOW! 

God equated Dr. Dobson as this forerunner in the same way that John the Baptist was a forerunner. Dr. Dobson has been a voice in the church for decades that pulled all of us, Evangelicals, together when there was little activity happening in the spiritual realm. Okay, I’m not even sure I’m explaining what I clearly sensed. Just that Dr. Dobson was a great voice that fed and shepherd the church preparing us for this next great revival that is ahead….. (and I'm supposed to relay this message to Dr. Dobson, so pray the opportunity arises) 

All I can say about that is…. WOW, and thank you Dr. Dobson for your years of service to the Kingdom of God. Thank you for you love and passion to help believers step into the light, truth, and into our destiny. Your leadership rises in the heavens and God takes great pleasure in you. 

Watch for travel updates on our Facebook Page. We love you SUMites. Walk in the Royalty and Privilege that is yours as a Child of the Most High God. Hugs, Lynn