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Dineen&Lynn Lynn and I are together today at the Berean Christian Book Store in San Jose, California at 12:00 PT signing books and making new friends. Join us over at our Facebook Page to see pictures and get updates. We'll be sending messages all day long! Come join us!

Praying and believing!

(Special thanks to Joey Garcia, store manager, and his entire team for opening the doors to us to share our book and our message!)

Facebook Ruins Marriage

Facebook ruins marriage.

I’m sure you saw in the news a few weeks ago a Pastor in New Jersey gained national attention when he told his staff to close their Facbook accounts.

The gist of this requirement was his experience that in his marital counseling efforts, many marriages ended because of Facebook. A married spouse would find an old flame online, they began to chat and then ultimately began an affair.

Well this incident with the pastor opened up some fascinating and interesting conversation around our house, with my teen-daughter, my husband and a few of my friends.

So my question; Is Facebook a danger to marriages? Should we close down our account? Now don’t be shy, add your voice because I can tell you, this is a very real issue. We received many Google search hits on an article I wrote about this very issue a year ago.

So, what say you?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Hugs, Lynn

Original Article: An affair? Facbook?

Thanksgiving Week

Today I am on my way to Colorado to spend the week with my mom and sister's family. Look for my travel updates, the fun stories I uncover along the way and the grace of God I see in lives of others on Twitter and Facebook. And because Dineen's mother is visiting this week, we think we would like to shake things up a bit and depart from our regular posting schedule.

We may post here three or four times a day about giving thanks or sharing thanks or perhaps, we will remain quiet.

However we both agree that we truly have heart's and lives that are abundant and filled with the gifts of God. We are thankful and give the Lord, Almighty all honor and glory for the great things He has done and provided in the last 12 months.

We also know that so many of you also feel the same way. So we are asking you to honor the Lord with us and share what you are thankful for. It can be for things like your home, or a fuzzy blanket, the baptism of one of your children. Perhaps you glimpsed God or came to understand Him in a new and powerful way. 

You give God glory when you praise Him. Praise Him this season and watch Him show up. We will be checking in and adding to this conversation of praise this week. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. 

If you are unequally yoked, take heart. Make Thanksgiving a joy and a day where your faith is present. Take the hands of those around your table and you say grace this Thursday.

Be blessed, Lynn and Dineen.


A Bible Verses 2010 Calendar for You?

Imported Photos 00002 Wow!

Do you see this beautiful Calendar? Iris of Grace Alone, has an amazing photography gift. She made these calendars for 2010 and I have one to give away.

I want to give one away to our SUM friends on Facebook. To enter just join us over on our Facebook page and leave a comment to enter. I will pick a winner on Wednesday.

Also on Wednesday, we will launch our plans for the new year. You will want to participate in this. Last year changed my life and my husband's. I am convinced it was partly due to how I started the year.

Also, I have much more to add tomorrow about our weight discussion. I have a challenge and I have some helpful ideas. Are you in?

Pop over to Facebook. Leave a comment. Come back tomorrow for an update on the "Fat Cat" series. I love you. I pray for you, your husband and your kids. Hugs, Lynn

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