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Nets for Nepal Update #2

"In solemn truth I tell you that in so far as you rendered such services to one of the humblest of these my brethren, you rendered them to myself." -Mathew 25:40

Nepal Nets Woman
Thank you so much for your prayers! The mosquito net distribution in our first village went very smoothly today. Instruction was given, the gospel was shared and lives have been (and will continue to be) transformed! 

But, our job is not finished. We have two more days of distribution, so please keep praying! Pray for safe travel to our next area, for a smooth time of distribution, and for open hearts to receive the gospel message!

Ya know, Lynn...when I first saw the pic of the disabled older woman, I was so excited for her! I wondered how many gifts she's received in her lifetime. Not many, I imagine. But, there she was, that dear woman...receiving a net because God KNEW her. He knows her every day, her every moment. He's had His eye on her since weaving her in her mother's womb...even before that time! She's precious to Him and He worked and re-worked the puzzle pieces of history together to bring her a simple gift. Oh the love of God!! May the GREATER gift be hers as well!!

Much love... Lisa 

To read the beginning of this miracle click on the "Believe In Miracles" tab in the sidebar.

Miracle Update

Below is a note from Lisa about the miracle this community helped to create across the world. You can read more about it here. Thank you SUMites your love is streatching to distant lands that are desperate for the love of our Savior. I love you, Lynn


Seven months ago, I was pleading with God to heal me of malaria...like, NOW. He heard, but didn't obey my command. His plan was to walk me through it, not take me out of it. It was a longer walk than I anticipated, but worthy of my time. Along that path, I came to know that 50% of malaria can be prevented by sleeping under a mosquito net. Say what?? 

My next prayer was, "Lord, I need money for 500 mosquito nets."

He instantly shot back, "Why ask for 500 when you know I always give you twice what you ask for?"

"Ok then...I need money for 1,000!" 

Today, this very minute, 1000 insecticide-treated mosquito nets are piled into a cramped little room in Yuwaraj Gajmer's home in eastern Nepal, getting ready for distribution!! PRAISE GOD!!! 

Lest you think they came without a CHALLENGE, think again! God had promised to supply them, but He never promised it'd be fast...or easy! But, in all honesty, the booty is sweeter having had to work so hard for it! 

NetsI have fallen flat on my face before the Lord with great sobs of thankfulness for His answered prayer. I wish I could thank each of you in the same way...the hundreds of you who so cheerfully gave, financially, so our beloved Nepali villagers could make it through this mosquito season (and many such seasons to come) without their family members dying of malaria. May the blessing you poured out onto the "least of these" be returned to you, pressed down, shaken together and running over!! 

You will hear from me again shortly (as soon as the nets have been distributed) with stories and pictures of our long-awaited day of distribution. So...stayed tuned!! 

Much love and thankfulness...

Loading of nets

A Miracle ~ One Person At A Time

Nepali childrenMy friends......


Over $800 so fare for our miracle Christmas present to the Nepali Villagers. And think about it. The most anyone could give was $15. I just want to cry. Please know that I have taken you with me to the throne of grace asking for your blessing and breakthrough and increase. 

Today I want to share with you a video of Lisa and one of her close friends, she calls her Neapli brother, Rubin. Rubin serves the new Christian church in these villages. 



I pray you are delighted. Here are the words. 

Chaina Chaina Chaina kehi chaina (nothing nothing nothing...there is nothing)
Mero munma kehi chaina (there is nothing in my heart...) 2x
Yeshu bahaek mero munma (...nothing but Jesus in my heart...)
Aru kehi chaina (there is nothing else)
Aru kehi chaina (nothing else) 

The bridge is different every time. Ruben would sing about other things in a person's life, and I would respond by saying, "Chaina"...meaning "no" each time. The song goes on like this for a few things (basically saying "no" to all things except living for the Lord) and then it goes back to the chorus.


It's a fun song to sing and an easy one to learn! 



And to Audrey, Courtney, Heather, Judy, Christy, Kathy, Julie, Morgan, Michelle, Susanne, Corinne, Carol, Janell, Rosemarie, Kindra, Tisha, Kimberly and Briana, 

I have prayed this prayer over you. I BELIEVE it for you. I ask you to watch now what God will do in you: Pray along with me. 

As we received these offerings we are believing our Father for:

Jobs and Better jobs
Benefits sales and commissions
Estates and inheritances
Gifts and surprises
Debts paid off
Blessings and increase
Raises and bonuses
Favorable settlements
Interest and income
Checks in the mail
Finding money
Expenses decrease 

Thank you Father for meeting all of my financial needs that I may have more than enough to give into the Kingdom of God and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Hallelujah! * 

Thanksgiving Day we will shut down the donate buttons for this miracle. And stop back in on that day as Lisa has a special note just for you. Hugs, Lynn



Ask God about this. Ask Him if you are to be part of this love offering. You can give $5, or $10 or $15. But no more than $15. All of us must be part of this love in motion. And if you can’t give, it is absolutely OKAY… Really, really okay. But, if God moved your heart, then get your card out and click over to our Paypall account.

This is the $5

This is the $10.

This is the $15.

We Believe In Miracles

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.com
Letters for Gina

The community of believers here astounds me. My friends, I cried reading the letters and email prayers that arrived for Gina. 

Here are only a few sentences pulled from some of your prayers:

Dear Gina, Precious child of God, I am praying for you today.  May God grant you peace beyond understanding as you walk this journey of faith..... ~Tina

To read the entire update, hear from Gina and see photos, click here. Have an amazing Monday and know that through you, a young woman's life was profoundly impacted for the cause of Christ.

I love you. I'm in humble awe of the believers who call SUM their home. Hugs, Lynn

A Miracle for Gina, CLICK HERE.



And visit Internet Cafe Devotions; Marriage Counter, if you are a new reader here for one of my past articles they are reposting today. 

We Believe In Miracles for Gina

More than a year ago God began to push me about. “Lynn, I’m waiting for you, Dineen and the entire community of SUM to do a great work for me.”


Let me tell you that I didn’t want to listen. I had an inkling of what God may have wanted after our enormous success from the Kingdom assignment several years ago. However, I felt unprepared to follow through. I felt awkward asking our community to join us. However, a few months ago God began to point out some areas in my character that needed work. And it’s been quite a journey. I have so much to talk with you about how God is revealing His perspective in my life.

Stay tuned because those stories are worth a visit. In fact, I’m going to tell my first story next Monday. It’s about a pit-bull, the devil and those various Shades of Grey (pun intended) that we grapple with in our faith walk.

But today is a very special day because I’ve waited a long time for today. It’s a new day where the community of believers join together to be part of God’s miracles.

And today’s miracle is Gina.

Gina and Caitie

This is Gina. She is a 17 year old high school Junior. And today, Tuesday, June 5th is a day where her entire life could change forever.

Why is God bringing Gina to our community today? What is her miracle? The answers to these questions are on our We Believe in Miracles page. Click here or on the sidebar and join the thousands who want to not only see a miracle but be part of the miracle. ~Lynn

We love you our friends of SUM. You are so important and we pray for you and ask God to bring you a miracle. Lynn and Dineen