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Shift our Focus - Part 4: Don't Walk Alone

Photo courtesy of Abel Tan Jun Yang at Pexels.com

Hello dear friends. Ian, from a chilly Sydney here. First day of winter and the southern part of Australia has got caught in a cold snap that’s come up from Antarctica. Brrr …

This is the final part in my little series on shifting our focus away from ourselves and setting it on Jesus.

We’ve often talked about the challenges in our situations of being active participants in a Christian community. For many years, in fact too many, I chose to minimise my engagement in Christian community. As a result, I didn’t develop any meaningful relationships with other believers. I was doing life with Jesus alone.

And it was hard work.

God’s a Community

God is communal in His very nature- three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And we are formed in His image. We were made to be communal. Irrespective of whether we’re introverts and find greater enjoyment being by ourselves, the there is a deep yearning with us to become all we were made to be. This can only be realised with others. We limit ourselves, our relationship with God, and our families and friends, if we choose to walk alone.

In addition, the enemy loves those who are separated from the pack. We see it in the animal world.  We become easier pickings if we are always walking alone. There’s no natural defensive barrier that being part of a group (even a small one) provides.

Receiving Love

For a whole variety of reasons, many of us have been starved of love in our lives. As a result, we’ve never learnt how to receive it well. This often will reveal itself in us not really opening ourselves up to others because we’re unsure how we’ll be received. “What if they find out what I’m really like?” I discovered this in my own life. I had inadvertently ‘closed’ myself of from others. I wasn’t allowing others to love me.

For men this is often a challenge. The lone-wolf is so common amongst men. Yes, we connect with others on the surface about our jobs, sports and other things we do. But when it comes to sharing real ‘heart’ stuff we will often avoid it. To such extent that I know men who can’t really describe what’s going on inside. If we’ve never really shared emotionally or vulnerably before, it kinda gets harder and harder the older we get. Simply because we don’t know how.

One of the joys of a communal life is fostering a deep mutual connection. This can only be realised when both parties are willing to receive.  A willingness to open up and allow others to love us, to teach us, be willing to sit at their feet and learn. This can involve moments of tremendous vulnerability. And learning to trust.


Sunday marks the ‘Day of Pentecost’ when the Holy Spirit descended on the early church as promised by Jesus before He ascended to heaven. After the incredible happened as the Holy Spirit arrived as described in Acts 2, we get a picture of the beauty of true community:

“And they devoted themselves to the Apostles teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and prayers. And awe came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were being done through the apostles.” (Acts 2:42-43)

The first church chose to do life together. Nothing has changed. The invitation is there for us too: to do life together. Yes, we have an added complication, don't we? The SUM life is challenging isn't it?

For a variety of reasons, I’ve found myself having stepped out of community. As church has physically returned, I’ve chosen to continue to attend online. And it’s really struck me that I’m kinda treading water. And it’s in being with others that I can move forward.

We’re invited into a God-breathed kind of life and to experience it with others.

Perhaps in the comments we can share our own experiences of joining with others, whether a handful or many, and how it compares to walking by oneself. And also, what particular challenges do each of us have in finding community or being able to participate in it. And what are some ways you've risen above the challenges.

Grace and peace, dear Sumites.

I Need A Prayer

Post A PrayerHi Friends, Lynn Donovan here:

I'm coming to you today in the midst of a very busy season and yet hopeful you will take five minutes to step along side of me and especially my husband, Mike. 

I would love to receive a short, one-to-two paragraph prayer, for healing. I want to pass these short prayers to Mike, one a day, throughout his treatment with begins December 13. Read About it here.

Please take a minute to login here and post in the comments, a SHORT prayer, from your heart, that Mike could pray to build his faith for healing. 

I am absolutely leaning on you and your love during this season. 

I love you. I feel surrounded by your goodness, your love and your faith. Hugging you with a full heart today, Love, Lynn

Prepping for Our Fast

Ann here! Lynn Donovan Prayer & Fasting 2021

With Christmas festivities behind us, and hopefully some happy memories made, it’s time to turn our minds to our annual SUM Community Fast.

The fast will start in a week’s time, on Monday 4th January. If you haven't already, check out my video from last week.

Personally, I’m so in need of this year’s fast. Because of what we’ve been through with the pandemic, I have an especially strong desire to get before God and reflect on where we're at. When vulnerable from fasting, you just can’t help but hit the couch and listen to Him more than usual. And though fasting is very difficult, that is the benefit I know will come next week.

Every time we fast as this SUM community, at least a few of us will hear something from the Lord and post it in the comments. In fact, I look back on the years and remember many of the conversations or moments we’ve had together from these times.

Besides hearing God, fasting does something in the spirit realm and brings shifts in our homes. What power comes when a group of people does it together! We probably can't imagine this side of Heaven. Jesus said that some things from the enemy can only be removed through prayer and fasting (Mark 9:29). These shifts aren't always noticeable straight away, but sometimes they are.

So, how do you feel about going for it this year? If you're new to it, here are some tips for preparing:

  • Ask God how he would like you to fast. You could fast each day sunrise to sunset, and then have a small dinner in the evening. This is a good challenge. Another way is to just have soup for five days -- That is harder. And, if you're a seasoned faster you could try no food for five days. This one takes some mental preparation.
  • Jot down a list of questions for God, or things you’d like to talk to him about over that week, and dig out a special notebook and pen ready for the week.
  • Make sure you have plenty of drinks in the house.
  • Pray about telling your spouse, and if you want to tell them ask for God's help. It took me a few fasts before I plucked up the courage to tell my husband -- I feared he'd find it just that little bit too weird. However, when I finally did tell him he was fine. Puzzled, but fine. Last year he even took me out for a smoothie to help me keep going!
  • If you are on holiday or have guests over, plan ahead which meals you'll fast from: Setting fasting goals ahead of time seems a good strategy.
  • Don’t plan too much exercise or activity during that week. That might send you over the edge!
  • Get yourself some super comfy clothes at the ready (e.g., track-pants) so that you can hunker on the floor or on the couch for that nice time with God. Somehow, I find comfy clothes help me get through!

As for over here, I will be home quietly with my boys who are on school holidays. I plan to tell them and Bryce so that they understand my inertia that week, and I hope to do no food at all for the five days. Having attempted this a few times it's perhaps not as intimidating as it used to be. I know its power so I’m game. I’ll still have coffee and tea, juice, protein shakes, and yoghurt drinks. Some here even go further than that, doing water only. I have to say I'm building up to that still.

So, team SUM, are we up for it? Post in the comments and share what you think you’re going to do. It’s fun doing this together and we always love seeing each other’s adventures on this week.

Lynn will be posting next on Friday, and then I'll be back on Monday to kick us off with the fast.


We Raise a Hallelujah!

There has been much to celebrate in SUMite land in recent weeks. The SUMite Gathering at the beginning of April and our dear Lynn’s Mike coming to know Jesus as his Lord and Saviour being two BIG highlights.

My family received some wonderful news this morning. John, my brother, some of you may recall, has been going through treatment for lymphoma since November. Today, he received news that he is in FULL REMISSION! Hallelujah. Praise the Lord! We’re naturally excited but I’m especially pleased for my mom and dad who found the whole experience very stressful.

Like Lynn’s Mike who has stepped into a completely different ‘life’, John has also. Prior to his diagnosis he had lived a ‘quiet’ life as a Christian, so quiet that his wife and children weren’t really aware of his faith. However, in this ‘dark valley’ he discovered not just the ‘rod and staff’ of his shepherd but the Lord who led him beside still waters and to lie down in long grass. John happily told everyone who came in contact with him, whether it be the nurse administering his chemo, to the stranger who wished him well, that he simply trusted in the goodness of God.

John’s transformation has really been quite remarkable. And then my dad who I’ve never known to pray before was nightly praying with mom for healing for his eldest son.

I don’t have any real message today other than to express my heartfelt praise to our God. Who is always good, even when the news might not be. And to encourage you all to keep praying not so much for answers but to know Him better. Because when we know Him better we come to experience the Lord as our shepherd of whom we ‘shall not want’.

And to all of you who prayed for John and my family. A heartfelt thanks from us all. I wish I could hug you all. 

I’ve discovered this song recently that I keep playing and it has such a strong message about our God, who loves us so much that He simply can’t be stopped!

I hope it may uplift your spirit. Jesus tells us we are His friends and so He takes us behind the scenes of what is going on (John 15:15-17) - this is what prayer is about - praying the Father's business be done! 

Be blessed dear SUMite friends.




Deliverance After YEARS Of Torment! Hallelujah!

Hello SUM Family, Tiffany Here!

The last couple of months I have been sharing a bit about what I have learned from reading a book called From Dream to Destiny by Robert Morris. I was assigned to read this book in class and I am so glad that I read it! This book has been truly amazing. To read the previous two posts I've written in this "mini-series" click on the links below.

This Is Just The Pits!

Do You Want Evidence Or The Truth?

In September I began to take steps to transition into a new church. As you read this, I have now been at this new church for 3 weeks. Each and every week has been so powerful and effective. Today I want to share with you a recent experience unlike anything I've ever had. It happened a little over a week ago on October 14, 2018. The following is what I posted the next day on Facebook (sharing here as well since a lot of you may not have Facebook or seen it because we aren't "friends"):

 Worship at Hub is amazing. God is there. Holy Spirit presence is thick and tangible. We were singing a song I had never heard before. The lyrics were powerful and the words that floored me at the time were talking about laying my whole life down before Jesus our Savior. I was already worshipping on my knees but I couldn't help but crouch face down before God. I felt so heavy and overloaded. I was just crying and crying before God. My words spoken in tears and sobs. All of a sudden it was like God said, "get up." Not in an angry way but an empowering way...if that makes sense. I sat up and it was like I saw myself in the place of the woman caught in adultry that was brought before Jesus. The crowd, stones in hand set to stone her. Jesus calmly and matter of factly said, "He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone." Slowly, one by one the people left. Once everyone was gone, I pictured Jesus Freedom foreverlift up my chin so I would look him in the eyes. Crouched on the ground seeing His eyes intent on mine. Looking into my soul. Just like He did with the woman that day, He said, "who condemns you?" Looking around I reply, "No one Sir." In that instant...I felt all the weight of condemnation lifted. It was like I had an hour long deep tissue massage. Every fiber of my  being, relaxed and stress free. I realized later after worship and after the service...reflecting on what happened in that moment. Those people standing and surrounding me so quick to condemn and judge...were different versions of ME. How often I have shot myself down, I have stoned myself for a mis-spoken word, a harsh tone, a forgotten task, a wrong thought...I have been stoning myself for years and as God clearly told me to get up - it was giving me my life back. It was His GRACE UPON GRACE. His mercy. His true love. He doesn't keep record of wrongs...and neither should I. NO LONGER DO I. This morning, as life went on as usual...I reacted in ways I am tyring to change (short with my daughter when she cries about everything she wears - meltown after meltdown this morning and my shortness with her, attitude from tired children, etc) but the major difference was this. No one condemns me...not even myself. I made a mistake, asked for forgivenenss and moved on. The first instance my flesh tried to condemn me I heard the words "no one Sir." Loud and clear and it reminded me of the freedom that I was given. Once and for all. I will never go back. Once that transaction was finished Jesus said, "Go and sin no more." Can you image the freedom, the joy, the apreciation she felt with that moment? I can...because I do.

 You may have to click on the picture to better see but I found the moment in worship where this exchange happened. Today I stand free from years of mental torment. As I think about this moment it still brings tears to my eyes because every moment since then has been a blessing. Please know that it doesn't mean that I am perfect or care free. I still have some struggles that God is working on in me. Holy Spirit is still pruning and I've got a lot of work to do. However, I am no longer hopeless.

I've gone a little long this time so let me wrap up with this:

I have been blessed to be a blessing. So today, I bless you with joy unspeakable; freedom from weight (even YEARS worth) of torment - mental, emotional, spiritual, physical; victory beyond belief; confidence in your Daddy; hope to weather the storm; faith, life, salvation for your spouse and loved ones; light in the darkness; advancement in the Kingdom where you feel backslidden; fire shut up in your bones; fight and fierceness; and love beyond compare.

Below is the song that brought me to the feet of Jesus and ushered me into freedom.

See you in the comments. I would love to pray over you for your own deliverance.

By Our Love

World Wide Prayer Day LogoSUMite Nation,

I just declared that TODAY IS: World-Wide Prayer Day for the SUMites!

I’m asking each of you that abide here in our humble, Church Without Walls, please leave a prayer of blessing for our community, spouses, and the Team. 

Pray against all attacks of the devil, to divide our house. Pray and bind the serpent of offense, lies, hopelessness, fear and every other bondage that the Holy Spirit brings to mind.

Release blessings upon one another and share a prayer request in the comments. Release the love of God over the House of SUM and all those who dwell within. (Pray for me today as well for wisdom and for prayer strategies for our community.)


I adore you. Please know that I will be praying all day over you and over the comments and prayer requests. Hugs, Lynn

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. — John 13:34-35

When I Was In Prison.... SUMite, You Visited Me.

Woman prison SUMThe last few questions of the Survey were about attending some of our events. Such as a conference, a virtual classroom or one of our charity events. As one of the leaders of our SUM community, I’m personally overwhelmed each and every time we offer or host one of these kind of events. These events are where names on a screen become people in front of me. I SEE JESUS IN YOUR EYES. I have so much love for you that I could burst with hope and joy.

My favorite event of all time was the Wal-Mart prayer event. Still, to this day, I’m deeply impacted by two things from that day. One, the utter generosity of our community who gave to provide gift cards and flowers to the patrons that day and also prayed. Two, those who stopped to receive prayer outside of Walmart on a warm Thursday morning a few years ago. You can read about it here if you have time.

We haven’t offered an event like this since because I truly wait to hear from the Holy Spirit. And you know what?

IT’S TIME. It’s time again to be a community who reaches people with the hope we have discovered through Jesus.

A few weeks ago, I asked friends of mine who has a ministry to our local women's prison if  they would be interested in a donation of our some books, Winning Them With Prayer, for the women? Both her and her husband were THRILLED and replied with thankful surprise and resounding, YES! They went on to tell how desperately they needed a prayer book.

A couple of years ago I actually met a woman from this prison. She was a woman who had been recently saved then released and was staying with the couple I mentioned, until she found a job. I listened as she gave her testimony. I bawled through most of it. You see, she was my age. She wasn’t born into the life that I was blessed with. She was born into abuse. In and out of jail for drug abuse, violence, theft and few other things. She looked haggard with skin and teeth suffering the years of drugs and her voice was graveled from chain smoking. But I looked at her and wept….. THIS COULD HAVE BEEN ME.

Many women such as this one, come to faith right there while doing time because of the prison ministry. They study and read the Bible. They pray and then they worry and cry. Many of them fear their release as they must return into very difficult situations and to family members who are far away from Christ. Friends, they make our unequally yoked marriages look easy.

The ministry works diligently to equip them as fast as they can so they don’t lose their faith when they leave prison. It’s a monumental task. So when I offered the prayer book, the ministry leader was thrilled. (I wish you could have seen her face.)

Now what is also interesting is that within a few weeks following my offer to the prison, a SUMite made a large donation to our ministry to cover the cost of the first shipment of books. God is so cool. And thank you to that SUMite because your donation will have eternal ramifications on families who are in desperate need.

So SUMites, we have an opportunity to give another set of books to another prison ministry. Will you think about giving $5, $10 or $20 toward these women?

Or would you consider giving a recurring donation monthly of $5, $10 or $20 to our SUM ministry to be used to pay for the postage of books, the internet expenses and the furthering of the SUMite ministry to other countries. We need to get our books translated and published in Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin and few other languages. These expenses are simply way outside of what Dineen and I can afford.

God is telling me that it’s time that the "church" embrace us, the spiritually mismatched. It’s time for us to step up and be a missionary for others besides our family. And we can do it.

Pray and ask the Lord, Can I make a small donation monthly?

AND a GIANT THANK YOU to all of you who already give. We are utterly thankful and use every penny for further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Let your heart guide you. And if you can’t give, pray for the women in the prisons that these books transform their faith life and families as ours is transformed. In Jesus name. AMEN

There are two buttons below to choose from and consider:

This button is for a donation of any amount to our 501c3, tax-deductible Non-profit Ministry, Three Keys Ministries. To give to the book ministry, use the button beneath it.


 The button below is to make a donation to the same ministry but specifically to give to the prison book ministry. THANK YOU.  Lynn & Dineen

Prison Book Ministry

THANK YOU.... THANK YOU.... THANK YOU... And may the Lord bless you and keep you and may His face shine down upon you. Hugs, Lynn & Dineen

SUM Nation Survey


Would you please take just a few minutes to help us make our community better and stronger

The link below is a quick survey about how you found SUM. We are also asking about what you want to read in the future and what other events we might offer. Please, PLEASE take a minute to complete this confidential survey. We won't share your information nor will you receive an email from us.

Thank you SUM family. Together we are a strong family who loves one another as we march toward victory in our faith and marriage. Hugs, Lynn

SUM Nation Survey: March 6, 2017

And get ready because I'm about to burst as we learn how to receive a Revelation of Love. We will start this fantastic journey with the Lord on March 20th. 

Look up Zephaniah 3:17. I know this and Zachariah 12 will become powerful in our faith and lives. I'm fasting this week and praying for you to receive this revelation of love..... It changes everything. I love you, Lynn


Summer Study - An Ordinary People Who Have Been With Jesus

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comGang, 

As we work out way through the books of Peter, I would be remiss if I didn’t stop to share some thoughts about my last post on Friday. So, let me expand a bit on what I shared. One thing has nagged me about the post. 

I shared an example of a fictitious husband who is lost in a world of self-hatred which expresses in his life through alcohol addiction and rage. It grieves me to say that many SUMites walk in this place with an angry, drunken spouse. Because I know this, I want you to hear me now. I understand that it’s not easy or simple to forgive and love someone that behaves in destructive and hurtful patterns. 

Let me state the following: If you are living in an abusive marriage, seek help. Today, this hour. For yourself and your children. 

Pray to break off the spirit of alcohol, rage, self-hatred, etc. etc. Cast those ugly minions into the pit, never to return. In Jesus name. I will pray with you!

Learning to love people and “see” them through the eyes of Christ, however, empowers us to see past the superficial. We can ignore the annoying, the stubborn, the impossible, the arrogant and the godless people whom we live with, work with and come into contact with. The love of Christ, seats us in heavenly realms (Ephesians 2) and we can love an impossible mother-in-law, a boss who is a jerk, the neighbor who has loud parties, even the coach of the T-ball team who is ignoring our kid. 

This week I want to challenge you to do something amazing. I want you to ask God to help you “see” those who are unlovely through the lens of love. Now this is really important, pray and ask God for wisdom and revelation (Ephesians 1:17) that you can perceive what is really going on in a person’s life who annoys you and then begin to pray for them. 

Let me share a Kingdom secret with you: When you pray in earnest for someone it becomes impossible to hate them. Try me on this! No try Jesus on this! 

Also, this week I want you to take a risk for the Kingdom. I want you to listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. When you feel the urging of the Spirit to say something to a friend, a stranger about your faith or Jesus or pray to for them, I want you to follow through. God, has told me that He has encounters for us and this week especially, people will be open to receive a word of love from Christ, through you. Are you up for this risk? God won’t let you down if you follow through. And as one who has obeyed when God told me to speak to someone, I can tell you this. When you finish with the encounter it will be one of the most amazing things you will ever do. (Here is one of my encounter stories.)

SUMite Nation, Peter was an ordinary man and unschooled fisherman. Peter became a risk taker. He jumped out of the boat and walk on water. He was the first to speak to the new church on Pentecost. He was the one who went into the tomb to look for Jesus. Peter risked his life to preach the living Word, Jesus, to a lost and hopeless people. 

Let’s be like him this week. Let’s bring Jesus to someone who needs to be unchained from satan. 

The members of the council were amazed when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, for they could see that they were ordinary men with no special training in the Scriptures. They also recognized them as men who had been with Jesus. 14 But since they could see the man who had been healed standing right there among them, there was nothing the council could say. —Acts 4:13 

My friends, we are ordinary people with no special training but WE HAVE BEEN WITH JESUS. This week, let's let our lives reflect this astonishing truth. 

I wanna hear your stories. I may head off to Walmart to pray again this week.

O Jesus, give all of us boldness. In Your powerful name, Jesus. AMEN

On Friday, we are going to examine suffering. You are gong to be surprised by what I have to say. But it's in the book. Get ready for some freedom!!!!

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.com

Good Friday

Jesus said: So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. ---John 13:34


Today, on Good Friday, we the SUMite Nation loved... Here are a few photos of the Easter Prayer Tree for Heidi. Read that story here. Heidi is doing well with all considering. She's going to be a few weeks in recovery and therapy before they dismiss her for home. The family promised to get a few photos of her reaction to the surprise. However, she may not want photos shared after her surgery, so we will wait and see. 

THANK YOU SUMITES. I was overwhelmed, yet once more, by your love for a stranger, and yet, a sister in the Kingdom. Have a blessed Easter. I'm praying each of you experience the Resurrection power this Sunday. In Jesus name. Amen. Hugs, Lynn

He is Risen!!! 




Myself and my daughter, Caitie who always helps when God puts me on task!
Heidi's amazing children who helped!


Easter Community Miracle - SUMite Nation

My SUMite Friends, 

Might I ask you today to join me in another Community Miracle? 

In October, 2012 Dineen and I attended a conference together that radically changed our faith life and our ministry. It was an amazing conference. However, what you like don’t know is that one other woman traveled with us that year. She happened to phone me and I mentioned the conference. The next day she called me and said, “I want to go with you.” So, she did!!! Her name is Heidi and I have known her for years. Several years ago her family moved into the house directly behind mine. And her husband is my dentist. 

It truly is a small world at times. 

Anyhoo, Heidi is an amazing woman of faith and has traveled some difficult journeys. She is on one of those unexpected journeys right now. A month ago, doctors detected a brain tumor, not cancerous, but aggressive that is growing behind her right ear. She is scheduled for surgery on March 31. They will remove the tumor but they must do so at the expense of her hearing in her right ear. 

Heidi called me about six weeks ago and I have been praying for her. And since that time, God has placed a project firmly on my mind. I can’t ignore any longer the Lord’s request. So, here is where this amazing community of brothers and sister, Sons and Daughters, of the King come into the picture. 

Spring Tree

I recently purchased a fun tree. It’s a lit spring, blossom tree. It’s really cool. (see photo) 

God wants me to give Heidi a tree also but to have little notes of prayers and well wishes hanging from it from dainty ribbons along with a few beautifully decorated Easter eggs. The Lord is leading me to have the tree set up, loaded with notes, cards, prayers and eggs to surprise her when she returns home from the hospital. 

So, today my friends, would you write a prayer, a note of hope, anything that I can print off and attach to the tree for Heidi. Dineen and I would be so thankful that you would help us to overwhelm Heidi with this kind of surprise. 

I will take photos and share them with you sometime in early April. If you want to email me a note for Heidi, Please click here for my: email me. If you want to mail a card, please do so. But if you only have a minute, please leave a prayer or your thoughts or a scripture verse, your name and city, state, nation where you live. 

I know she will be deeply touched. I know I will be too. I love all of you so much. You are amazing people of God. Thank you for giving selflessly to the Kingdom of God. I declare, Great is Your Reward. Love and hugs, Lynn 

PS. To read more about our Kingdom Miracle Events, click the tab in the navigation bar.


Dineen, Heidi, Lynn

Let's Get Ready!

My friends, your comments this week have been so powerful and encouraging! I'm in awe of how God is moving in this community to bring such unity. We ARE the church of Christ, right here and online, of all things. Who would have thought that possible? ALL things are possible with God, AMEN!

I want to share Angie's comment from my Wednesday post. Such a testimony to the miracles that our Abba Father is releasing into our lives to honor our faithfulness. And I agree with Lynn—we will see amazing things happen during this fast and through the rest of the year as a result of our fasting. I BELIEVE! And my friends, after what I have walked though spiritually this year, it feels so good to be able to say that. God didn't let me go and I didn't let go of Him. 

So, if you are still wondering where you are in all this, grab hold of Him and don't let go! He will not fail you.

Here's Angie's amazing testimony:

This year was one of the hardest and best years of my life...my husband left us and our five children shortly after the birth of our fifth child...But God reached down into my pain...and quickly let me know I was not alone and never will be...he was so present in my pain and I had so many breakthroughs and so much needed growth with The Lord..one of the main events this year that brought growth was the Jewish New year dreaming big with God...and the day of attonment fast(my first fast). Shortly after that God sent my husband for a visit...it did not look like anything was happening but God clearly communicated to me he was working...after that visit the communication started increasing...and than it happened my husband told me he did not want to be separated forever...and the very last day of that month My prodigal returned to his family...one of my big dreams with God had already been answered by a faithful God...so many prayers have been answered. I have been a "Christian" my entire life...but I never knew this was what the God of the universe was like...that he is so personally involved. That he cares about every detail...and he loves marriages...he is a God of reconciliation...restoration...and resurrection...my dead marriage was resurrected and God reconciled us and now he is restoring us, but it is not just my marriage that is being restored...Praise God. All glory and honor to him to forever... I am so grateful to this community...

SUMites, let's get ready for next week with prayer...

Abba Father, Your goodness outshines the stars in the sky and exceeds any expectations our limited human minds can perceive. You are the God of ALL possibilities and we declare today, right here in this online community, that You are here, that You are GOOD, and that You withhold no good thing from us, for Your plans for us are good and are for a future and purpose that You have created for us, for our good and for those we love and pray for. Thank You, Abba Father, that Your heart is that none should perish. You never give up on us. Your love is relentless and unending. You ARE love.

King Jesus, as we are in You and You are in us, bring with this week of fasting an abundance of Your supernatural grace. Give us strength, wisdom and discernment each day to hear and see You. Protect each of us and our families from the enemy's attempts to unseat and undo us as we fast and pray. Release the heavenlies to move and interact with us doing this week, to protect and guide us.

Holy Spirit, draw us into a deeper relatioship and awareness of Your presence this week. Restore our health, our strength and our hearts to alignment with You. ALIGNEMENT is prevelent for 2015 as our hearts and wills will be brought into ALIGNMENT with You, LORD.

And ESTABLISHMENT of Your Kingdom here in our very homes as You have established it in the Heavenly realms. The gap will be closed for 2015!

Thank You, LORD! Thank YOU! All praise and glory and honor are Yours! We are Your SUMites! We are Your children! We are YOURS! Our hearts are Yours and Your heart is ours. You are always for us!

Dear and Precious Lord, give us everything we need this week out of Your glorious riches in Heaven to make You proud, Abba! Make our fasting smooth and strong, full of Your grace and presence. Lord Jesus, we plead Your blood over our hearts, our wills, our stomachs, our spirits, our souls, our minds, and our families and prebelievers.

Not by our might but by YOURS!!! In the HOLY and PRECIOUS name of JESUS, amen!

I think I already have my word for 2015—Sanctuary. Abba's slowly revealing His heart to me about this word that holds the promise of deeper intimacy with Him. He loves us that much, my friends. He longs for us to know Him more and more. We were created to know Him! Wow! Can't wait to see what He shares next week!

So grateful we are together, my friends, and I give our Great God thanks for each of you!

Our Breakthrough Happened! He's a Believer!

My friends, you know we have been praying for a breakthrough in our community for a long time. Recenlty Lynn and I have felt that a shift was coming, and we are over the moon to share with you that IT HAS HAPPENED!

Janet Sommer is a long time member of this community. Lynn and I have had the pleasure of getting to know her better over the years, and I myself am blessed to have the treasure of her friendship, encouragement and prayer. She has remained faithful to God even in challenging times and continued to pray for her husband and sow the seeds of faith. And the plow came.

A few weeks back when I shared in a video blog post that God told me things look like they're going backward, but He was about to turn them around. You could say that about Janet's situation, and God did exactly what He said He would—turned things around.


God moved and brought down walls and lies to expose a soul to the light of His saving love. Now this man has accepted faith, chosen to believe in Jesus and his transformation is tangible and visible. Read Janet's breathtaking letter as Lynn and I did, amazingly at the very same time in different parts of California. And have tissues ready because we both bawled and wound up on the phone rejoicing and praising Jesus.

My friends, this is just the beginning. We firmly believe this is the first domino that will lead to more disbelief toppling into submission to righteous faith in Jesus Christ. This is the power of testimonies, as the Bible says. Power is released and faith is increased! Amen! Thank You, Jesus!

Here's Janet's astonishing and beautiful letter...

HeadshotThe SUMites are so precious and dear to me, especially you two sisters. It was here I was convicted not to leave my pre-believer for an "easier marriage" to a *believer*. It was here I was first encouraged to try a fast thanks to Rosheeda along with the shared precious knowledge and encouragement here. It was here I learned and was challenged to pursue God despite my husband's lack of interest or pursuit. Slowly, and courageously, as I stepped out to the call of bible study, serving in various ministries and even singing in the church band I found my husband to be supportive and there, right beside me. Although divided, we were still intact.

It was here I felt an unspoken bond of the life as a spouse to a pre-believer, and the genuine love and community for those I didn't know. The list of how I grew, how I stood in my faith, how I went from discouraged to encouraged and courageous is endless. But most importantly, it was here, as you both poured out your hearts, that I learned how to hand mine to Jesus first, instead of my husband.

I am writing to you, from the sanctity of my bed, after a couple days of reflection. And I feel so conflicted. I recently sat on the bed one afternoon and was confused to watch a very sheer veil lift off my eyes, rising from the bottom to the top. My vision was crisper, sunlight was brighter and more pure. I had been texting my husband and simply commented that I felt a fog lift. He quickly texted back that he felt the exact same way.

Later it was revealed to me that was the moment he accepted what happened to him at our marriage counselor's office and yielded to faith. You see, at our marriage counselor's office, he suddenly grabbed my hand, said some hurtful things and walked out unwilling to listen to anything I said. He later shared that during that time he felt tremendous heat, felt forced & compelled to say those things to me, and then experienced wind. He says he let something behind. Then he described that something as "evil". He physically looks different; he emotionally is different. He talks about God and praying and how grateful he is that God removed evil and blinders from him. He's so kind, gentle and intentional now. He says he can't believe he had no idea of the true wife I was, but that a God has revealed that, among many other things, to him. Neither of us can believe the difference!

And as I lay here, experiencing what we all long for, I can't help but notice how it didn't happen as I thought it would. In my mind the Holy Spirit would wreck him at a church service or at a time he was standing by me supporting my involvement-- not at marriage counseling. I never even imagined we would one day sit on that cliche couch as a counselor walked us through talking about our struggles-- after a mere 22 years together. Nothing is what I imagined.... not the timing, not it actually happening, not the genuine, radical results... nothing. And I can't help but to be conflicted.... joyous for me, yet longing for you and everyone in this online family.

I am here solidly... rooted in grace, equipped with knowledge & authority... with a believing husband, because of your bravery, your boldness and your obedience to this ministry and community. It's awkward but peaceful, scary but hope-filled, cautious navigating yet easy to move forward. The life I knew and was comfortable with, after soooo many years in a UY marriage, is changing. It's beautiful... and scary. Words will never explain the treasure SUMites are to me, nor the gems you two most certainly are in my crown. A crown I'm not worthy of but have been ransomed for and deemed worthy to wear. And I can't wait for the day when my believing husband learns exactly how much it was a lot of Jesus, a lot of God, plenty of the Holy Spirit and just as much this SUMite nation that kept me waiting, with sanity, in hope for him and this new marriage we have.

On a hysterical note, he recently asked how I knew Dineen. I said through a blog. He asked which, and I reluctantly stated. He then asked if he was a case study!!! lol

I promise you every moment, every discouragement and hurt, every argument trying to obey God and find balance in respecting our spouse, every tear shed and prayer said to God is so worth seeing and living this moment. Our spouses and marriages are worth fighting for! And they say it's about "the journey", right? As I transition into this new life as a chord of three I can't help but to storm heavens gates even more for each of you, so truly it was my honor to donate to this ministry.

Much indebted and eternally grateful for this ministry.... Janet

Janet, we love you so much. We are rejoicing with you and continuing to pray for this time of transition, adjustment and wonder. The angels are cheering you on and so is this community. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your story with your SUMite family. Love you so much! —Dineen & Lynn

Abba, thank You for bringing this man to Your Son, Jesus. Thank You, King Jesus, for lifting the darkness and filling him with Your saving love and light. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for filling our new brother in Christ with Your Holy Presence. Lord, protect and guide this believing couple into new realms of faith and discovery of Who You are and who they are in You. We praise You, Lord, with loud voices and joy-filled hearts for this miracle. And we humbly ask...DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN until every one of our pre-believers walks in faith! Let this community bring You great glory, King Jesus. We adore You! Amen!

Prayer Day in Canada

Thank you for your prayers, God has answered wonderfully and beautifully. 

We were able to share the Gospel with so many kids today at the Oakville's children festival. We were making beaded bracelets on our blankets, and sharing the Gospel at the same time. After the kids finished the bracelet, each one got their copy of Jesus Christ story and sometimes also the Gospel of John and an adult tract for their parents and a ring pop candy:-) We were in the park from 1:30-4:30 and at the end estimated that we made about 90 bracelets, gave out the same number of Jesus story books and Gospel of Johns and some New Testaments. We prayed with maybe 15-20 of the kids to accept Jesus into their hearts as their Savior. 

There was no major opposition, only three parents returned the booklets and the materials to the blanket but the kids kept their faith bracelets on! "Some parents were staring from the distance as if kept by some force from entering and interrupting, although they did not look happy about what their kids were doing:-)" God put a hedge of protection around our craft area:-) 

God used our kids as they were bringing other kids to the blankets and asking them "Would you like to make a faith bracelet?" :-) Little fishers:-) 

In one of the pictures the bright light was shining in the middle as Kerri took a picture when kids were accepting the Gospels and listening to the story of Christ. 

The pictures are worth a thousand words to me...Also, the Lord held off the rain and the thunderstorm until after the event. There was a massive downpour, lightning and thunder all through the night, but there was a huge party in heaven! 

I also read this passage last night after the event, and I believe the Lord fulfilled it in the park yesterday so beautifully, as we were sitting down under this huge oak tree next to the lake and kids were tying faith bracelets on their wrists: 

Is 44 

For I will pour out water to quench your thirst

    and to irrigate your parched fields.

And I will pour out my Spirit on your descendants,

    and my blessing on your children.

4 They will thrive like watered grass,

    like willows on a riverbank.

5 Some will proudly claim, ‘I belong to the LORD.’

    Others will say, ‘I am a descendant of Jacob.’

Some will write the LORD’s name on their hands

    and will take the name of Israel as their own.”


and Kerri also shared this Scripture with me which was fulfilled before our eyes:


Deuteronomy 6

6 “And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart. 7 You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up. 8 You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. 

God bless you and thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers!

Olga light

Olga 2

Olga 3

Olga 4

Olga 8

Olga 9

Olga 6

Angel on The Roadway

Heidi and Lynn
Lynn & Heidi

Heidi Holmes has been a regular reader of SUM for about two and a half years. She made the five hour drive from Las Vegas, NV to Temecula last week to participate in our Walmart Prayer Day. Heidi told me that a year ago she was so riddled with fear and anxiety, she could have never made a trip like this alone. (I have her permission to share) 

God has brought so much healing into her life. 

Heidi left on Friday the day following the event and an astonishing thing occurred. Here is her story: By Heidi Holmes 

Ok here goes... Driving back to Nevada the following day still drunk on Gods presence and glory that showed up in Temecula, I could do nothing but smile and praise His name, singing with each song of praise on the radio with tear-filled eyes. I was so full of gratefulness and utterly in complete love with this King who does not disappoint! The song "I Can Only Imagine" came on, only the symphony version, (I had not heard this version before). I can't begin to tell you how divinely heavenly, the sound was! My body completely overwhelmed in love and the spirits chills. I wanted that feeling to last forever. 

As the song played I focused on a semi I truck in front of me, straining to see what was on the back. As I got close enough to see, I saw that it was a pair if angel wings, with the words "Angel Transportation”. I thought “Hmmm, must be the angel armies I prayed for on this trip escorting me home ;-) " . 

Angel wings SUM NationI passed the truck smiling a little thank you, not really knowing if it meant anything at the moment. I continued down the road in my drunken state of love for my Father smiling ear to ear and still tearful eyes, trying to wrap my mind around the past couple days. Three miles down the road from the truck, I see a sports car in the far left lane (3 lane freeway) hit the brakes, swerve to left side of road then over correct to right to get back on the road heading horizontally to the travel lanes. 

I think to myself, “Oh no! THIS isn't good he's going WRECK!!!” But he has two lanes of traffic to pass through. I’m probably safe." However, I still fear for the driver. 

Suddenly everything stopped, then started in slow motion. The car kept swerving ALL over horizontally making it between all the cars. I could even see their panicked faces. Even the all American phrase for panic "Ohhhh sh.....t" was readable from where I was. I have to admit that very phrase almost escaped my lips as the approached my lane far right of the freeway. 

As they spun around in front of me 360 degrees twice, I KNEW my fate was sure, there was NO way I'd be able to avoid them at the distance and speed of 80 miles per hour I was traveling. But time slowed even more, panic vanished, calmness took over, and my truck slowed as I maneuvered in a calm matter, SO unlike me. My truck avoided their car all together!! 

I had avoided the car and ended up stopped both vehicles side by side pointed down the freeway in the RIGHT direction!!!! 

Are you kidding me?!! 

I'm alive, they are alive, and not a scratch on either!!! I paused, made eye contact and waived a "are you ok?" wave. And then drove on because of all of the traffic behind us. I looked in my review mirror and saw the car with the two men in it had pulled of the road and parked. No doubt to give a prayer of thanks! I of course, was bawling and sobbing my thanks the rest of the way home. 

Indeed!! There was "Angel Transportation" !!!! :-) 

The symphony version of "I Can Only Imagine" listen loudly with eyes closed and be blessed :-) I Can Only Imagine ~ MercyMe w/ London Symphony Orchestra ...

The Miracles of Walmart Prayer Day

Hello SUM Nation: 

I hope you watched the video from our Walmart Prayer Day, if not click here and get ready to smile. 

My friends, the Lord surely showed up and heaven opened over that store. Let me share some of the details that touched my heart. 

Imported Photos 00155There were 10 Team members including the Teen-Brigade, as they have become known, who were the sign holders and photographer. Thank you: Heidi Holmes, my sweet sister Sumite, who drove from Nevada to participate. And Jodie, Bob, Sue, Lindsay, Lynn, Felicia and grandbaby Elise. Gina, Caitie Erich and Karamia. 

Ten people from different churches and streams of faith. NOW THAT is unity in the Body of Christ. 

John 17:20-23

“My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one— I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me. 

I watched scripture come to life!!! 

But you know what is even cooler than that?? 

The gifts came from all of you. Believers from all ages, societies, different faith streams and nationalities….. This event was the most beautiful examples of the unified Body of Christ in action THAT I HAVE EVER WITNESSED! 

Our Papa, Lord is so well pleased with the people of the SUM Nation. 

I prayed for at least 10 people myself. Four people asked for prayer for back pain. Several for healing from cancer. 

One man in particular emerged from the store. I held out my hand with a gift card for him. I said, “I have a gift card for you. And could you use prayer?” 

He looked me in the face with eyes very serious and said, “I don’t want your card. I want prayer.” I still tear up just thinking about this man so desperate for prayer. His name was Marsh. I prayed for his back pain and surgery. My friends, today please pray that Marsh is so touched by God that surgery isn’t necessary. Let’s pray for his miracle. 

Heidi told me that a woman came back to her and told her how she spent the gift card. The woman said to Heidi, “I bought pajamas for my sister. Her husband just left her and the kids.” 

I was astounded by the number of men in their 30’s and 40’s who wanted prayer and who were prayed for. It became clear to me that men often want prayer but they don’t ask for it. I’m grieved in my heart for the men of this world who carry great burdens and don’t have people in their lives to pray with them. (Our unbelieving spouses also come to mind). 

We had a few hilarious moments. I prayed for a woman’s hands. She crochets often. Her name was Rosie Posey.. She was a fire cracker and a hoot. Sue and Lindsey contended with a cantankerous lil’ ole’ lady but in the end, this woman who didn’t want a hug embraced Sue. LOVE WINS!!! 

One story came to me hours after the event. I received a message through FB from a friend of mine. She wrote: Were you outside Walmart giving hugs and gift cards? I saw a post on a Temecula group of someone who received one. She loved the gift card, but the comment that got my attention was when she said she hadn't had a hug in 7 months

As we were leaving that morning, a man who was leaving the store said, “Thank you so much. Thank you so very much. It was a really great thing that you did today.” And right after that a man in the parking lot shouts over to me, “I will pay this forward.” I smiled and nodded. He said louder and with conviction, “I will pay this forward.” 

I smiled broader and said, “Thank you.” (He wanted to make sure I knew he meant it (smile)). 

Oh my friends, our world needs love. Our world needs Jesus. Last Thursday many people experienced that love. I’m still astounded at how many people wanted prayer. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I KNOW ALL OF YOU stood in love, with prayers and in agreement with us on Thursday. Your prayers were powerful. That is why the morning went so smoothly. 

I know there will be more that comes from this day and I will surely keep you up to date as we continue to receive feedback. 

I love you my dear and eternal sisters and brothers here at SUM. I gave your love away to strangers and they were touched. 

Here are some more photos. Have a great week. 

If you want more information on how to organize a Walmart Prayer Day in your home town, leave me a note in the comments.

Lynn and man praying

Imported Photos 00139


Rosie Posie
Imported Photos 00056
Lindsay E.
Jodie T.


I literally do not know how I came to have this photo. BUT I'm so glad I do.
Sue L.


#SUM Nation Walmart Day

Hi Sumites, 

Things are coming together for this Thursday, our Walmart Prayer Day. I also call this adventure one of our Random Acts of Kindness days. 

When I started this adventure all I had was a Word. A Word from God. I saw a picture in my mind of shoppers at Walmart in line to check out and shoppers in line for prayer. I didn’t know if this was a good idea, if you would support it, or if anyone would show up with me to pray.

Well of course, we won’t know the full scope of this escapade until it’s finished. But let me tell you what has happened already. You, the SUMite Nation have donated in small amounts at a time and some large amounts (a few of you) so much money that we have a ton of gift cards. I have money to purchase the flowers for the kids and enough to cover the signs and other small expenses. 


Donations came from all over the world. Who knew? 

God did!!! 

On Thursday the crowd who is joining me continues to grow. When I started this adventure I wasn’t sure if one other person would be brave enough to stand outside of Walmart and ask people if they want prayer. But it seems that most of the people I’ve asked said yes. And as more people find out, they want to join in. I believe SUMites are coming from out-of-state. What I love is that all the volunteers are from different churches. What a beautiful way to represent the united Body of Christ to the world. I can’t wait to hug your necks and share photos. 

I’m overwhelmed by God’s people. Overwhelmed that people are willing to give their money. Give their time. Teenagers willing to walk around with signs and hug people and give them a smile. 

Our world is a tough place. In the last week alone my head spins when I consider all the shootings across America, Canada and elsewhere. BUT, there are good people in the world. And the SUMite Nation… We are the good people. We are people filled with love, the Holy Spirit and with a relentless hope. We are the people who can make a change for good and reflect love and kindness. 

I believe Thursday will reflect everything that this community is about. 

For this week will you pray for Thursday. I expect push-back from the dark realms but I know with our prayers there will be people on Thursday whose very life may be altered forever, who will be saved, or healed, because we gave, we prayed, we loved. 

Monday: Pray that the Walmart store comes under an open heaven. That the store is free from any and all dark dominion, curses or lies of the enemy. Pray for the management of the store in this way as well. 

Tuesday: Pray that God keeps our prayer team healthy and that no one is kept from attending. 

Wednesday: Pray for the people who will be shopping. Pray that God gives us boldness and courage and that the shoppers are receptive and feel safe to receive prayer.

Thursday: Pray all that morning for divine encounters, healings, angelic visitations, and for powerful miracles. Pray that people have an encounter with God. 

Friday: I will post photos and share stories. We will be posting on Thursday some photos and thoughts on our Sum Facebook page

I love you SUMites. I KNOW we hold a special place in the Kingdom. Our trials and difficulties in our mismatched marriages lead us from glory to glory. This is one of the glories!!! 

Hugging you tight. Lynn

1 Corinthians 13

Walmart Update... Make Us Brave!!

Hello SUMite Nation: 

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comWell… This 5’4” blonde girl is determined! It’s been five phone calls to two different Walmart store managers combined with three visits to the Customer Service department to gain approval and what I think is a firm date for our Walmart Prayer and Random Acts of Kindness Day. 

Woo Hoo!!!! 

June 12, 2014. 10:100 am till noon. That’s a Thursday. I’ve learned a lot about the Walmart Community Calendar in the last several days. But, I’m unwavering in our cause because I believe that God will do BIG things with this community, through us, that bring His love to others and honor to His name. 

I Believe. 

I’ve had a few more thoughts. In addition to the Walmart gift cards, I want to hand out Gerbera Daisies to small children that morning. I also want to bless the cashiers and managers of the store in some way as well. And I’ve been recruiting teens, my daughter’s friends. They are going to walk around out front and in the store with large cardboard signs that say:

Free Hugs

It’s going to me a blast.

It’s going to be amazing.
People WILL ask for prayer.
Healing will take place.
People will be loved.
They will be surprised. We will be surprised!
It is a day that will not be forgotten.

I pray this one morning becomes a movement that spreads across the nation. 

If you want to give, you still can. Thank you SUMite Nation. Donations have come from all over the world. I can’t wait to place your name and city, state, country into the hand of someone who will be loved by you and loved by Jesus. 

Finally, start to pray for God’s favor on this event. Pray that the enemy is removed from disruption because he has tried very hard to stop this day from happening. Pray for the blessing of the Temecula Walmart. Pray that everything we do brings honor to Christ and builds the unity, love and faith of our SUMite Nation. 

I love you. Lynn

Kingdom Miracle - Make Us Brave!

SUMite Nation: 

It’s time for another community miracle. Before I tell you this next miracle endeavor, let’s just take a minute to give honor and thanks to Jesus. Our community miracles in the past have been amazing and I am absolutely convinced God moved in our miracles and He was glorified. To read about them click on the Kingdom Miracles button in the navigation bar. 

Over the past couple of years God has been moving me out of my comfort zone. He has pressed me to pray for people in unique and often in unexpected times and places. (Remember when God told me to pray for the old woman walking down the street? That was one of those times.) 

So over the past two months this strong impression from the Lord keeps nagging me about praying for people in all places……. Wal-Mart… 


I believe it’s God’s heart that one day there will be lines of shoppers checking out at Walmart and there will also be a line of people waiting for prayer. So, that’s what we are going to do. 

Pray for people at Walmart. 

So how do we do that as a community? 

There are a couple of ways. 

First, I’ve contacted my local Walmart store and am in the process of confirming a date when we have the store manager’s permission to be at the front of the store. I will have that information in a day or so. I will let you know. Sometime in June. 

God showed me a picture of a table with a small sign on it that reads:

Need prayer

So, I’m committed to spending at least an hour or two out in front of the store. I’m hoping anyone, some of you, will be brave and join me in Temecula. I’m inviting you to be touched by the Holy Spirit and be part of what I think God is going to do when we begin to love on strangers at Walmart. 

The Second part is our Community is going to love on these people by giving them a $5 gift card. No questions asked. No requirements. Just unconditional love and a gift for no reason whatsoever. 

This is how I see it playing in my head. We arrive and are humble. We set up our table. We greet people gently as they enter or leave the store. Pass them a gift card and say, “Have a blessed day.” “You are loved.” If they need prayer, we will pray with them for whatever they need prayer. Let’s shock the world with unexpected love and provision… 

I know….. WILD, Hunh? 

The Second part of this is our community. I’m praying that all of you will be moved in your heart to be part of this crazy experiment. Will you consider donating a few gift cards? 

When you do we will write your name on the gift card. As we hand it to a shopper, we will say, (example) “This is from Teresa T. in Ohio.” We are going to blow the minds of these cynical and fruity Californians with love from all over the country, dare I say the world. (I will only write your first name and last initial and the state or country you reside.) 

Now I know not all of you can hop on a plane to California but if you are anywhere in the area on that day, join the SUMite Nation and let’s watch God move as we pray. Now, to take this further, if you want to do this at your local Walmart on the same day, contact me through the contact page. 

Two final things: We will have cameras there to capture God’s Community at work loving people. Still photos, videos, and I’m praying like crazy we will have some shoppers who encounter Christ, find healing, and give us a video testimony. (I pray BIG prayers) We will share with you the photos and the love that you are showering upon people with your donations. 

Please pray that God opens doors of generosity for those who can support this God encounter financially. You can give anywhere from $5 up to $20. And if you can't give, that is absolutely okay, cover us in prayer.

Start to pray now that you can come with us. Ask God for great provision that you can support with a donation. But mostly pray that the SUMite Nation represents our Jesus with love as we love on people and that they find…. HOPE. 

I love you my family. Please donate if you can. And now, tell me what you think in the comments. 

Jesus, this is a crazy thing to do but there are people that need you. They need to know they are loved. They need to see crazy faith and love lived out in ordinary people, even my neighbors. Lord, MAKE US BRAVE… Let this turn into a major encounter and a practice that is so well received by our city and it spreads across the nation. Let your name be glorified. I can’t wait to see what you do on this day in June. We love you so much. Your servants, the SUMite Nation. 





Kingdom Miracle - Fantastic Update

Grace with Cross

On this late Easter Sunday afternoon I find it absolutely the perfect time to update you about one of our community miracles. 

Many of you who are new to our community have yet to participate in one of our miracle adventures. But you can read about our past miracles on our Kingdom Miracle page. (Link is in the navigation bar at the top) 

But for many of you who have been family here for a few years you will remember our Kingdom miracle for Gina. 

You can read Gina's story by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post. 

So many, many of you prayed for this girl who was 17 years old and facing life-threatening melanoma cancer. You mailed letters, cards and sent emails by the hundreds. Makes me all teary-eyed again to just think how our community went to the Father in prayers of healing for Gina. 

Gina was and still is my teenage daughter, Caitie's best friend. The girls finished out their senior year as Gina went through several treatments for the ocular cancer cells. The cancer did not go away. There were many dark days when she faced this disease alone. 

Gina told me about a year ago that when she was feeling low, sad and despondent about her prognosis and the fact that she could be facing her death in five years she would pull out the letters we sent to her and read them over and again. She said, "They always made me cry but they also brought me comfort." 

My friends, MY FRIENDS, I spoke with our Gina on Thursday. 

Our miracle happened! Praise Jesus. She is in full remission with zero detectable cancer cells in her body. 

Can I get a WOO HOO!!  Hallelujah and thank you Jesus. 

We serve a God who loves. Who heals and who answers prayer. 

Thank you my family for surrounding this young girl. You demonstrative love helped to get her through the dark months. I love you so much. I love Jesus. 

And on this day where we celebrate the risen King, I fall to my knees and weep with joy. 

Isaiah 53:5 But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed. 


Amen. Please thank our Lord for this miracle. And I wait for God to reveal the next Kingdom miracle that He has for us. Love you so much, Lynn

Gina's request now is to pray that she remain cancer free for the rest of her life. 

I posted a few of the prayers that were sent in down in the comments.. They will fill your heart.

2014 Community Fast

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.com

Good Friday morning to you, SUMites! 

I sure do enjoy Christmas. It’s a gentle time of year, filled with hope, peace and family. And as I write this post today, I’ve just said goodbye to my husband’s family and they are headed home. December is a neat month where people seem to be just a little less hard and a little more kind. Our random act of kindness -miracle project in this month was amazing. I have received stories from you that I will share here or on Facebook in the future. There are some amazing believers that are part of this community. I’m undone by your love for God and for people and the generosity that flows from your heart. 

But just as much as I like Christmas, I love the New Year. I’m actually feeling pumped up about all that this body, this community of SUMites, can accomplish as we pray together in the New Year. 

If you are new to our community this year, we welcome you to join us as we fast pray the first week of January, We fast and pray the first full week of every January. This year we will be fasting from January 6-10. This is a Monday through Friday fast. And I encourage you, if at all possible to commit to some kind of a food fast where you refrain from eating food in some way such as from one meal a day, or fast the entire day or fast through the whole week. (I’m committed to fasting completely, only liquids the entire week. I am EXPECTING  a giant breakthrough.) 

God’s Word is filled with instructions regarding fasting. And I haven’t quite figured it out yet but fasting profoundly affects our prayer life and it draws us closer to God. So today, I want you to ask God about how you should participate in this fast. More than anything I truly want every SUMite to experience a breakthrough in their life in 2014. I also want every one of us to grow into a deeper, more intimate, relationship with Jesus. 

Beginning Monday, I will share some information about how to fast and how to do it successfully. For today, just leave me a note in the comments that you are “in.” Also, add in the comments what breakthrough you need because Dineen and I will pray and contend with you for your breakthrough along with our own. 

I’m truly expecting the God of the universe to show up and do amazing things in our lives. Astonishing, life-altering, miracles in our lives personally and those of our family. Let’s truly put this fasting thing before God, and watch him honor his word as it relates to fasting and prayer. 

Are you IN? 

I love you. Get ready for a week of change that will redirect your future. And following the week of fasting, I’m burning to start writing about spiritual warfare. I already have a few articles written about how to help our children fight in the unseen realm. It’s going to be soooo good. I can’t wait to see how ordinary, humble men and women, kick the devils butt out of our lives, away from our children, and how our prayers help to set our spouses free. SO GOOD!!! 

Get ready because I’m convinced 2014 is going to be OUR Year of the Lord! Woo Hoo. I love you. I love Jesus. Let’s bring His Kingdom to earth this next year. WOO HOOOOOOO! Love and hugs, Lynn


Matthew 6:25 “I tell you, do not worry. Don’t worry about your life and what you will eat or drink. And don’t worry about your body and what you will wear. Isn’t there more to life than eating?

More Than A Random Act of Kindness

Greetings SUMites. I hope you’re having a beautiful Christmas season filled with love and holiness. Today I have a special treat for you. What you’re about to read below was sent to me by a fellow SUMites, Cindy. This email arrived in my inbox on Saturday. However, I didn’t get to read it until late Sunday evening. I was utterly moved by this story, and by Cindy, and by watching her share the love of God. 

I pray you are moved to outrageous and generous acts of loving kindness for other people. Hugs, Lynn


Connecting with Someone Who Just Needed a Little Help.
By: Cindy Martina (Fellow SUMite) 

ManhomeWhile volunteering to feed the homeless a meal in Santa Ana, CA recently, the Lord moved me to help a man. I was serving punch when he came through the line. I noticed he was limping. When he came back for seconds, I asked him if he was okay. Tears started to fall and he said he had been hit by a car. 

I said, “Oh my goodness,” and I offered to pray for him. 

He said, “Thanks.” 

The next 20 minutes or were so very busy, finishing serving and then cleaning up that I was not thinking about him at all. However, when I went to my car to leave I saw him sitting on the curb. Seeing him there, I felt the “nudge” from God. I stopped my car, walked over to him and asked how I could help him. 

He began to cry. 

I was so moved (Holy Spirit ~ NO doubt) by this man. I offered my phone, but he had no one to call. Forgoing my plans to visit a friend, I sat down next to him and we tried to find him a place to spend the night. He had come to California with a carnival which had shut down. He stayed in a motel till his money ran out. He had been on the streets for three nights. All he owned had been stolen. I asked him if he drank. He said no. I asked him if he did drugs. He said no, he was Muslim. 

I hope and believe that I reacted like Jesus would have. I loved him. I drove him to the Salvation Army shelter, about four miles away. I prayed for him, in Jesus’ name, and praise God, when 3:30p.m. rolled around, he was able to get a bed. 

Two days later the Lord led me to offer to buy him a bus ticket home. When I offered this to him on the phone, he was overcome with gratitude. The next day I picked him up from the shelter, drove him to Greyhound and bought his one way ticket to Ft. Worth. I gave him plenty of reading material… Biblical articles comparing Christianity to Islam. A New Testament and some other little Christian booklets. I was able to tell him, in all sincerity, that God loves him, is pursuing him, and that God has a plan for his life. Then I sent him on his way with a prayer, a couple of hugs, and tears from both of us. 

Mostly Hawaii Jan 2013 Cindy M032I cannot put into words the blessing this whole experience was for me. I am just eternally grateful that God gave me this opportunity to be Jesus’ Hands and Feet. For one person. One person that I pray for daily and that I can’t wait to see again someday. And I expect to hear about all the marvelous works that God will do through his life.

Cindy <><

"...For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord..." ~Luke 2:11 (NKJV)

SUM News!

IStock_000016649243XSmallMy friends, I know I said last week that we’d be discussing Luke chapters one and two today, but we have a lot going on at the moment in the radio-sphere, the blogosphere, the web-sphere and a few other places that we want to make sure you get to take part in. So today’s post is kind of a coral ‘em up and keep you “posted” day. We will go back to our journey with Mary and Joseph either Saturday or next Wednesday. And I’m working on a little gift for you too—something you’ll be able to download and enjoy. Stay tuned for that!

So here’s what’s happening, SUMites!

  1. Lynn will be on 700 Club Interactive tomorrow morning from 11:00 to 11:30 am Eastern time. I’m SO excited to catch this LIVE interview. Let’s keep her in our prayers and pray for those who Abba brings our way as a result of this wonderful opportunity to share His love. Click HERE to watch.

  2. The interview we did in August with Dr. Dobson made their “Best of the Best in 2013” list. Yay! God is GOOD! They will be re-airing the show Thursday and Friday. Click HERE to listen each day. And again, please pray for those hearts that God touches with renewed hope and leads them here so we can encourage, love and pray for them. This is our SUMite Nation at its best! Woohoo!!!

  3. How’s your community project/random act of kindess going? So exciting! Can’t wait to hear your stories too. I have one I’m looking forward to sharing with you about a trip to the grocery store—shocked me and the woman I had the chance to share God’s love and blessings with. Abba is so awesome!

  4. Here’s another story I’d love to share with you about my daughter Leslie, and her generous heart. Read “Shocking the World with Generosity,” HERE. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

  5. Our very own Martha Bush has a post up by Lynn at her site, Martha’s Blog. “The Home with the Open Door.” Go and check out this inspiring article about powerful parenting HERE.

That about sums up what’s happening at SUM! (Yes, goofy pun intended.) Have an amazing week, my friends. Now let’s close with a prayer for all those moms and dads out there (inlcuding us!) who worry about raising their children to know Jesus.

King Jesus, You are our Best Friend, our Comforter, our Strength and the Author and Perfecter of our faith. Lord, I ask that You renew, strengthen and restore every mom and dad who is reading this right now. Pour out Your Spirit over each one and over their homes and children. Fill each one with new hope that they CAN raise their little ones to know You, because You are right there helping us do it—every day, every hour and with every single prayer. Leave no doubts in their hearts and minds that You are pouring out Your love and blessings over them. Abba, let this be the day that we take a step of faith and say, “Yes, we can raise our children to know Jesus, because we are not alone. The Creator of the universe has invested His Son in our children and HE WILL NOT FAIL! In Your Holy and Powerful Name, Jesus, amen!

Love you, my precious friends! Take that step of faith and BELIEVE James 5:16. As believers we bear the righteousness of Jesus and our prayers are powerful and effective! Amen!

It's Community Miracle Time

Good Monday Morning Sumites,  (This is a Community Miracle of the #SUMite Nation)

I have been praying to have the heart of God for a few months now. And as we move into the month of December, I feel God asking this community to LIVE THE GOSPEL. 

How do we do that? How do we impact people around us with the Gospel? 

The answer: WE LOVE

How do we love? 


The video below is Todd White sharing his love with strangers. If you have ever watched the movie, Father of Lights, Todd appears in the last scene and it's a Holy Mind Blow.

This video is roughly 15 minutes long but it will inspire you to lavish love and give it generously. Take the time to listen and be inspired. 


You may say to yourself, I'm unable to be generous like Todd. How can I give like that? Well, my friends, give what you can. Be outrageously generous with what you have.

I have an experiment to offer you this December. See this photo?

Random Act of Kindness

Well, how about if each of us put a $1 or $5 or even $10 in a plastic ziplock bag. Include a blank sticky note and put at least 3-5 of these prepared bags in your purse or wallet. And then ask God to bring about an opportunity to share. Then leave a note taped somewhere, hand someone the ziplock with the money, or buy someone a coffee, pay for their groceries.

I did this once. I saw a women who I knew from church. Her and her husband were both unemployed. She was in the checkout lane at Walmart with her mother. They were counting change and looking for more money in their purses. I walked up, swiped my card in front of their astonished faces. They cried, I cried, the Walmart employee stood speechless as she watched.

or just ...... Allow God to direct you. I will make a bold promise. God will reward you and this Christmas will be the Best Christmas you have ever had.

I'm headed to Virginia on Wednesday. I'm loading my purse with prepared ziplocks and I plan to be generous. Sometimes anonymously but I'm hoping to love on someone in person to share "the Gospel" of love and generosity with strangers. 

God is a generous God. He lavishes his love and provision upon His children. The more we give the more He will give us..... And the more we give. The more He gives. What a fun and cool plan. I LOVE God's ways!!

Let's meet up here again in few weeks and share photos, experiences. But let's share how we loved God' and His people by our generosity. Email me your stories and photos of where you left bags. 

Please email me.

Are you up for this? Because those who dare to participate in this love experience will be the ones God blesses generously.

Here is my sticky note. I hope people will visit our #SUMiteNation on Facebook and Twitter to find out what it's all about. 


I love you. God is generous and wants you to experience the joy and miracles that happen when we love others with His generous and outrageous love. And people are so open to the love of God during this time of year. Hugs, Lynn

Open Heavens


It's Lynn & Dineen. We are currently at the Open Heaven's Conference at Bethel in Redding, California today. It was one year ago that we attended this conference for the first time. It was at this conference on Friday that lil ol' Lynn Donovan had an encounter with the God of the Universe that totally changed everything in my life. (read that story here)

It was also the same time that Dineen experienced life-transforming healing and received a prophetic calling on her life.

Over the past year I have shared stories of how God has imparted His healing power through prayers and how I feel His fire of healing flow through my hands. Dineen has taught all of us how to find healing for our brokenness and marriages through her great wisdom and vision.

So, pray with us as we are expecting God to show up and bring even more to us. And you know what happens then? We bring it all home with us and give it away to all of you. So expect some new things when we get back.

I will remind you of a few things that we brought home last year. Do you remember the bracelets and the Re-sign campaign? Do you remember my stories of healing prayers for Willie? Do you recall how the two little verses, Luke 9:1-2 change the way I pray forever?

God has so much for us, The SUMites, as we are the harvesters (Read Dineen's post about that here). We have a Kingdom Legacy and a destiny ahead of us. We are determined this next season to pull the gold out of each of us. To encourage everyone to step fully into your Kingdom calling and to enjoy ALL that God is desperate to give His children. Abundance, release from shame, worry, guilt. Release of new areas of finances. Gifts. Laughter, delight and adventure.

So hold on.... The journey is just getting started and we are all on the adventure of a lifetime. 

We love you so much our family. We have taken each of you with us to Bethel (The House of God). So get ready to receive signs, wonders, and miracles. Hugs Lynn & Dineen.

Powerful Thing Love