Ephesians Chapter Six Part: TWO
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The Ephesians Study: It's a Wrap

Well, we have reached the end of the Ephesians study. Ephesians 3

I hope you enjoyed it like we have. I say this every now and again on here, but it is just such a good exercise to focus our minds periodically on something other than our spiritually mismatched marriages.

As we wrap up the study, perhaps over the weekend you can take some time to ask God 'What do you most want me to remember from this study?'

There were some great prayers in there that we can use in the future.

There were some great truths.

And, there were some great perspective-shifting comments. Not only in the blog posts themselves but also in the comments.

Well, here's to us walking now with an even greater understanding of the heavenly bank account that is available to us.

And next week we will back with some other things. Stay tuned, and have a great weekend, all of you.


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