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Believe in Miracles For Our Meet-Up

Hi everyone!

Many of us are thinking now about the SUM Meet-Up on Tuesday 27 September, and are keen to attend. Exciting!

If that's you, watch this testimony of one of our SUMites, Gillian Russell Meisner, who miraculously got her trip from Canada provided for a past SUM meet-up.  This video is five years old now, but it remains one of my absolute favorites in our archives. 

It's such a cool story, it is totally fun and totally God. Enjoy!

King Solomon and Science: Consider the Ant

By Ann Hutchison Ant

I love love love the Bible!

There are so many passages where I sit back and go 'WOW! How did the writer know that?'

It's truly an amazing book. Not only does it have scientific info in there, but quite often the Bible will 'show off' God's creation, inviting us to look deeper at certain animals or facets of nature so that we can fully appreciate just how amazing creation is. An example of this is the time King Solomon talked about ants.

Ants: Who knew they could be so fascinating?

Here are Solomon's words:

Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise, which having no captain, overseer or ruler, provides her supplies in the summer, and gathers her food in the harvest.

(Proverbs 6:6-9, NKJV)

King Solomon had a special gift: he was given knowledge about nature and science by God and people would come from far and wide to hear him speak on things like this. But was he right?

He was. 

First of all, the use of the Hebrew in the ancient text refers to ants as female, a fact that scientists in Solomon's time could never have ascertained; and subsequent translations of the Bible continued to translate that verse in the female. So, are ants female?

Yes, scientists these days have confirmed that ants consist of large communities of sterile females, with a few fertile males and one or more queens. The males die as soon as they've mated, leaving the community primarily female.

So the Bible was right there: Ants can be described using 'she' and 'her.' 

Second, ants don't have a leader, as Solomon said. They have no captain, overseer or ruler. The queens are breeders but are not responsible for directing the ants. Instead, the ants process information as a group, and work as a group. And this is where it gets fascinating. Because it's not just that they have no leader, it's that they carry out such a startling degree of work with no leader. How do they do it? That's what the Bible is pointing out here: It's pointing out that this is amazing.

Here's why I say that:

I have a little newspaper clipping tucked away in my Bible by a journalist called Jamie Merrill (2014) who wrote an article called 'Ants more efficient than Google, say scientists'. Merrill wrote:

Research shows that ants flourish not only because they work hard and will slavishly sacrifice themselves for the collective. Their success is also due to their group ability to process information 'far more efficiently than Google' in the daily search for food, according to scientists.

A major behavioural mathematics study ... used complex computer modelling to reveal how ants bring order to chaos by creating "highly complex networks" to govern their actions. 

It found that not only are ants 'surprisingly efficient', but they are also able to deploy ingenious navigation strategies to divide themselves between 'scout' and 'gathering' ants during 'complex feed-search movements'.

According Merrill, the author of the above study concluded that "The learning strategy involved (by ants) is more accurate and complex than a Google search in processing information about their surroundings."

Isn't that amazing!

It's not only amazing that God created the ants to have this capability, but it's also amazing that Solomon identified that: That they work without a leader, and that if we consider her ways we would become wise.

There's more. In his article, Merrill also said: 

The study comes a week after a team from Georgia Institute of Technology revealed that ants' skills at building stable tunnels in loose sand could aid in the design of a new generation of search-and-rescue robots. The team used high-speed cameras to observe how fire ants can use their antennae as extra limbs to catch themselves when they fall, in a development that can be reproduced in the development of fledgling rescue technologies.

God's creation is genius. So genius, in fact, that us humans can study it and become wise ourselves. Just like Solomon said.

Love it!

Have you got a favorite thing about the Bible that shows off to you God's majesty? 


Know Your Worth to Your Families

Happy Friday everyone! Bible and coffee

I had something happen on Wednesday that felt like God's way of saying to us: 'Know your worth to your families, SUMites.'

Know your worth to your families.

It was nice to get this, it felt like a real encouragement from God for our community. So here's what happened:

I've been recently choosing to sit and read the Bible in the morning at my dining table in the middle of the family clatter, while they're all getting ready for work and school.

The morning routine looks something like this: Bryce potters in the kitchen, Miles - age 17 -- sits at a breakfast bench on his phone while his Dad makes his breakfast, and I sit at the dining table reading my Bible.

There's the radio on, it's noisy, and I get interrupted.... But I've decided to do this as it must be a STRONG thing for a mum to sit reading her Bible in the middle of her family. She soaks in God's words, absorbs those words, and surely light emanates out from that. What's more, I want Miles to see it.

Now that he's a teenager it's one of the remaining things I can do.

Well ...

There I was, reading the book of Proverbs. And I had just read this verse here:

Houses and riches are an inheritance from fathers,

But a prudent wife is from the Lord.

(Proverbs 19:14)

I stopped at that, and reflected as I have done before with that passage. "A prudent spouse is worth rubies," I thought. And JUST as I thought that Bryce came out of the kitchen and over to me where I was sitting, stood over me, and smiled nicely:

"You're really dedicated to that aren't you?" gesturing at my Bible. Ann B Miles 2

Then --

"Why do you do it?" 

"I love it!" I said, beaming quite naturally. Not self-conscious this time. "It's like health to me. I love looking at all the linkages between things in the Bible."

"Even in the Old Testament?" he said, scanning the page and seeing it was Proverbs.


"Oh look, you've got markings on it too... You write things on it?"

At this point he was bending down and peering over my shoulder at my Bible.

"Yeah... I do!"

Then he went back to the kitchen.

And I was left thinking 'How cool was that, just as I was reflecting on the fact a prudent spouse is from the Lord, my husband comes over and notices.'

Be encouraged SUMites. I just felt that was a little God moment to show that we are a gift from the Lord, an inheritance to our families, and what we're doing is worth more all the riches the world could give, really; it's worth more than rubies.

Love to you all,


Witchcraft and Kids' Games

Hi everyone Media

Family and media part one

Family and media part two

I've enjoyed hearing your perspectives about media. It sounds like so many of us think about this area a lot. 

I said on Monday that I would share one final thought on kids' games, so here's that thought as we wrap up this series:

A lot of kids' games have references to witchcraft in them. For example, there might be characters that are wizards, warlocks, witches, druids, and then there are spells, enchantments, temples, shrines, necromancy, crystals, potions, and so on.

There are other things in games too like killing, but the witchcraft side of those games has stood out to me as a feature to especially notice, I suppose.

We have to seek the Holy Spirit for ourselves on what we're going to allow in our homes, and as I said before there are degrees of 'good' and 'not good' in media. But one thing of concern I would say is this: If the kids play those games that have witchcraft symbols in them and then start using those ideas to role play amongst themselves ... they might end up speaking words over themselves or others like: 

"I'm a warlock!"


"I'm casting a spell"


"I curse you!"

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit. (Proverbs 18:21, NKJV)

I do know that witchcraft is real, and the above things are real. What's more, I know that what we speak matters: We can bless people with our tongue, or we can do damage with our tongue. The Bible says that the tongue can actually curse. This means that there are certain things in the spirit realm that, if we speak, the demonic can attach itself to and then gain a right to have greater access than if we had guarded ourselves. So, thinking about the above, we don't want our littlies to start speaking out witchcrafty things over themselves or others, even if they're doing it in play, and even if it's all lighthearted. 

Again, we have to keep our ear out to God and ask for his wisdom and his help in all this -- It is not an easy issue to navigate in our homes. But the above thought was just one final piece I wanted to share in thinking about media, our family, and trying to keep our kids healthy.

There is one final thing to say, though, as I do want to end on a positive note:

If you're like me and you've allowed your kids to be exposed to things in the past that you wish you hadn't then we can always turn to the power of prayer and pray healing of their young minds, while committing to walking this path anew. It is never too late to pray for such things. That's what I'm going to be doing as I reflect on this series.

And what a big encouragement that is! Thank God for Jesus.

Lord God, we ask for your wisdom, we ask for your voice, we ask for discernment, and we ask for strength in navigating media in our homes. Help us to be rightly balanced, and to walk out this issue in the way that YOU would want us to do. Gently convict us, while also helping us have grace for ourselves. Give us your eyes on it. Thank you God! In your name we pray, Jesus. Amen.

Love you all,


Media and Our Families, Part Two

Thanks, everyone, for your comments on Friday about this tricky topic. Isn't it a hard one! Media

If you missed part one of this conversation, you can find it here.

The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. (Matthew 6:22-23, KJV)

This verse has always told me that what I choose to look at, read, watch, and listen to will affect my spiritual health. I also believe it's the same for my family: What they look at will go into their hearts.

Over the years, God has also shown us the occasional illustration of this in this ministry. Some of these aren't my stories, but they're things I remember from years past. Times when God made us at least aware -- It's as if he gave us some food for thought. See what you think of these five stories:

Story #1

Lynn once was shown visually by God a black cloud of darkness sweeping from the TV straight to her husband, because of the kinds of shows that he was watching. 

Story #2

Lynn was also once challenged by God about something she was watching on TV and was asked: "Why are you watching bloodshed?"

Story #3

My family and I were sat down once to watch a movie on our regular Friday movie night. Our kids were pre-teens, and usually we would watch something family friendly but this time we chose a well-known movie that happened to have murder and fear in it but a great plot. As the opening scene of the movie came up on the screen, my son Miles said, "Mum I feel like I've got spiders crawling on me, have I got insects on me? I can feel spiders."

When he told me that I wondered if God was showing me that when I expose him to a film like this, I'm letting the demonic get closer to him, even touch him. Perhaps?

Story #4

God gave me a vision once of kids on phones, and showed me that if I don't guard what's coming onto their screen it's like allowing a weirdo to sit next to them whispering all kinds of 'stuff' in their ear.

Story #5 

God told me once that technology gets in the way of salvation; and has made life very difficult for those of us who want to win our loved ones to him.


Makes sense. But 'oh dear', because it's hard! Well, based on the above stories, I'd say that what we take from that is a prompt that it's a battle worth engaging in. 

We might not feel strong enough, or equipped, but we can start with two simple things. First of all (and this one's easy peasy): we can anoint all of our devices in our homes with oil and pray over them. Take some time over that, and perhaps also fast for the health of our home.

Then, second, we can ask the Holy Spirit afresh for wisdom and energy to navigate this one. Ask for our views on media to become aligned with God's views and ask him to guide us on a case-by-case basis. Ask for his help and commit to getting our home and families as healthy as possible. We are not tackling this without Jesus!

Then we can then make a call on certain things. There are degrees of this: Some things you really don't want in your home, and other things are not as bad but still not ideal.  I was interested in the comments to hear from Lynn and Ian that they both say no to having witchcraft or occult activity on media in their homes and I know Amanda has that mindset too, as do I. All four of us have a serious aversion to that so I'd say if we're all in agreement about that one, it's worth noting. 

On that note, I will write on Wednesday about witchcraft and kids' media. But for now has the above raised any further thoughts you'd like to share? Let's keep chatting!


Media and Our Families

Ann here! Media

Today's topic is one I've wanted to write about for a while, but I've procrastinated. The topic is this:

How strict should we be about media, in our families?

The reason I've procrastinated is this:

a) I've walked this one out in my own home somewhat imperfectly

b) I've taken a while to work things out on this one -- As in, work out what God's heart is here.

But today I'm going to give this topic a go, and I think I have reached clarity in my mind about it. Here we go:

In a spiritually mismatched home, media is a hard area to navigate. Why so hard? Well, for most of us, our spouse will have a different view on what is ok and enjoyable to watch on TV. Further, they'll have a different view on whether certain shows, games, or other apps on children's phones are damaging from a spiritual point of view.

That is certainly the case with Bryce and me: We have widely differing views on this one. Like a lot of husbands, Bryce watches a lot of TV in the week to relax, and I can't watch many of the things he watches. I'm too sensitive to it. He's respectful of what I want to ask the kids not to watch, but he's much more relaxed about it all.

So, any rules on this front come from me.

The thing is, having an understanding of the spirit realm there will be things we might see on those phones, and on TV, that our spouses won't recognize. I will watch a TV show, for example, and will see that there is a demonic spirit behind that show. It might be seen in anti-Christ statements, a character that's demonic in nature, witchcraft, strange languages being used, making fun of God, sexuality, or more. But bigger than that, the spirit in me does not like it. 

Then, the question, for me, becomes: 'Well, do I stop my family from watching this particular thing? How much does it matter?'

I'll see this in kids' shows even. Or a show that doesn't seem 'all that bad' to my family. A family comedy, for example. I'll watch a show, see things in it ... and will squirm, thinking 'Oh... umm .. mm .. that's.... No.'

Added to that, once our kids are teenagers they most likely will have a phone, unless we're raising them to be technology-free, which most of us aren't. As Christians we will likely have a different opinion to our spouse about what we're happy for our children to be exposed to on those devices.

My boys are now 17 and 18 and honestly I've struggled to know how much of a 'stick-in-the-mud' to be about the various games, shows, and apps. 

I know that God wants purity in my life, and I have a responsibility for my home. 'As for me and my household we will serve the Lord' (Joshua 24:15), and that means no compromise. It's also a matter of their spiritual health: I don't want to open doors to the demonic in my home. But it is tough when you're in the minority in your home. And you do want to think about your relationship with your family too -- They have to make choices of their own and learn to make good choices for themselves.

The hard thing about it is doing it on your own. I get laughed at, for example, by my three -- nicely, of course -- for saying 'No witchcraft on TV'. They think I'm nuts. 'Mum hates witchcraft.' And I laugh along and say 'Yes, but please just humor me ok?' 

And given all of this, my question -- for myself -- has been:

'How important is this as a battle?'

Well, I'm going to write about that on Monday. But to give you a heads up, the answer I've come to is it is a battle worth engaging in very thoughtfully. It is a matter of their spiritual health, so it's important.  And it's one of those battles we have to fight with the Holy Spirit guiding us.

So I'll continue on Monday, but shall we chat in the comments? Is this issue difficult for you, and what questions/issues have you been wrestling with?

See you next time!


Are You This Person?

Hi SUM Nation. Lynn Donovan here.

I want you to meet my friend.

Debbie DelNero

This is Debbie DelNero. I met her at my new church about a year ago. I was still fairly new to the congregation. She came up to me and introduced herself. Then she said something remarkable.

"I lead a small group of SUMites and we are currently studying your book, Winning Him Without Words."

I hugged her.

In her remarkable words was something that moved my heart deeply. You see, there aren't many of us. Those of us who are walking or have walked the unequally yoked path. The spiritually mismatched are often forgotten in a church body. No one truly understands the deep struggle of living in a marriage where you want to honor God and your marriage vows, even to an unbeliever. 

And even more unlikely will you find a woman who decides to seek out others and then gather them together to study and encourage them to grow in faith and hope for their unbelieving spouses.

Debbie, is brave. We all are brave but she did something that is even less common. She started and continues to lead a small group of SUMites. My heart fills with love for all of us walking out our faith in a spiritual mismatch. But my heart swells with the deepest of gratitude for her selfless efforts. 

She loves God. She loves people.

AND my heart and the heart of Jesus swells for every woman who has led a small group of SUMites. And for those who will in the future.

Also, My heart swells with deep gratitude for the SUMITE Team who writes online and those who contribute to social mead. You serve selflessly and for no reason other than to help someone and see the name of Jesus glorified. 

This month of May marks the 17th anniversary of this ministry. I am thankful for all of you. Those I never met. The many who served another SUMites, in some way, without acknowledgement. I'm thankful that the love of Jesus shines from your eyes.

I'm so thankful and I ask the Lord Jesus to bless each of you in a tremendous and REMARKABLE manner. 

I love you. Lynn

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

TreeHello all! Amanda here, I hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful Mothers Day! I have another "WOW God!" story to share with all of you (the picture is a little hint). So lets jump right in!

I have to start by saying the spiritual journey God is taking me on as a mother is nothing short of amazing. I have hard time finding the words to describe it sometimes (which, if you know me, is unusual haha!). I feel it is all at once joyful and solemn, fun and difficult, peaceful and chaotic! I am sure that is how most mothers view raising their children. I am so VERY aware that God chose me to steward these little warriors that sometimes it takes my breath way! And the event I am about to share with you was one of those breath-taking moments.

Almost every night since December we have read one chapter of the bible. It started with Luke as a way to celebrate the birth an life of Jesus nearing Christmas and we just kept going! We are in the book of Acts now and they love it! The three of us (my son, my daughter, and I) snuggle up on my daughters bed and start reading, stopping for questions and discussion along the way. It does tend to make for later bed times, but we love it! Our faith walks and connection to each other has grown deeper because of it.

On this particular night, after we had read our chapter, my daughter was looking particularly thoughtful. I could tell she was rolling something around in her mind. She has a very big imagination and she is very curious kid, so you never know what she might say! Anyway, she looked at me with the widest eyes and said "Mommy, do you ever think about how Jesus is like the stem (trunk) of a tree, reaching all the way to the top; how the disciples are the branches, and the rest of us are the leaves?". After I picked my jaw up off the floor in surprise at the wisdom my seven year old was spouting I said, "Wow June! That is very cool!'. Then she went on saying, "Yeah! And God is like the roots of the tree, and the ground is that 'thing' that separates us from God!". Again, jaw dropped haha!

Possibly the COOLEST thing about this whole conversation was the moment we all turned and looked at the tree I had painted on her bedroom wall EIGHT years ago, when I was pregnant with her, and counted the main branches coming off the trunk. Want to take a guess how want there are? Twelve...TWELVE! With a 13th that reaches the ceiling! When I painted this tree I was not attempting for it to symbolize anything! I was just planning on making a forest-themed nursery but stopped after one tree! haha! How interesting is it that it has suddenly become a symbol of something so powerful?! The three of us sat in silence for a few moments staring at the tree in awe. My son fell back on the bed giggling and saying his mind was blown, haha!

For me, this felt like a reminder, like the kindest wink and smile from Him, that He truly is in everything we do. We may not even be aware of the true significance of something we are doing at this moment, but years down the road we may see it for what it truly is! We could be lighting fires and fanning flames with no clue to what we are doing! I was simply painting my baby girls nursery, big and pregnant and so excited to meet her. I had no idea that in my joy, I was planting something so important! Now we look at that tree differently. My daughter sees our Father in her room now, and every time she looks at it she feels safer. 

God never stops amazing!

I have to wrap this up but, but I want to end by suggesting you go read John 15:1-8...Really the whole chapter, I feel, is relevant to this! I pray that our story blesses you all as it has us! God is in every detail of our lives, and He sees you beloved one!

Make Mine a House of Prayer

by Ann Hutchison Prayer meeting

This year, God has done something newly joyful in my life.

It's not exactly related to spiritually mismatched marriage, but my time in a spiritually mismatched marriage has definitely equipped me for it. We get equipped through our SUMs for all sorts of things. Anyway, here's what's happened:

I lead the prayer team at church, and this year we decided as a team that we would try holding a weekly prayer meeting on a Wednesday lunchtime at my house.

We only have a little church of about 70 people, so this felt a cozy thing to do. An announcement was duly made -- "All are welcome at Ann's house on a Wednesday lunchtime to come and pray." Then we waited to see if anyone would turn up ....

Would anyone turn up? We hoped so, but we committed that at least the prayer team would be there. 

Well, blow me down, since that time in February I've been getting a different bunch of people turning up each week at my house, and they're all young people in their late teens and early twenties! Some are not even in our church. Somehow they seem to be arriving through word of mouth.

What a blast! 

What's more, these young ones who are turning up at my house are on fire for God. They come to my house, and by the time they leave I feel a thousand times stronger for having prayed beside them. I'm supposed to be the older one here but I feel stronger because of them. Wednesday prayer 2

Where did you find them God?

It's been a curious adventure. It's got to the point where on a given Wednesday, I do not know what the prayer meeting is going to look like. "What mix of people will be there?" I find myself wondering. I've learned I have to prepare for it spiritually: Pray for the conversation, pray the right mix of people will be there, and pray those who need it get ministered to.

I also bake in preparation (being poor students they like the baking!), play worship music in the space before people arrive, and bless the space with my words so that we're all ready for it spiritually.

Then who arrives?

One week I had a lovely boy with Down Syndrome turn up (a boy I didn't know). He sat amongst us and prayed prayers from the depths of his heart, Spirit-led prayers. He said to me afterwards, "I'm a prayer warrior". "I can see that," I replied.

Another week I had all boys turn up. A room full of boys. I had seven fired-up young men, age 20-21, sitting in my living room. I said to them, "Today I am surrounded by seven mighty men of valor." And I meant it. After we'd finished praying, these boys started talking about Freemasonry, so I rolled up my sleeves and joined in with that one.

Where did you find these kids God?

We pray for an hour together, and then I tell them afterwards "Stay as long as you like". When they stay we talk about things of the Kingdom. 

Honestly, what a surprise. I am a SUMite, yet this has come into my home. Prayer 3

Perhaps the thing about these kids that I most treasure is they're bold for the Lord. They actively tell people at university about the Gospel, they lead people to the Lord and are bringing unbelieving friends to our church, who then become Christians! Being a withered old SUMite who's had minimal success bringing anyone to the Lord so far, I look at that incredulously. "What's your secret?" I think. "Why can't I do that?" God seems to have given them a secret sauce of some sort ((laughing)).

I'll finish here with a cute photo of two of them climbing up the ladder in my living room. See they're still a wee bit childlike. Grown-ups don't scale up ladders and have a little climb. But look at these two: They're both wearing T-shirts that say 'Jesus Saves', and I think the metaphor of a ladder is a good one. May these young ones scale new heights.

As for us SUMites --

Lord, make our homes houses of prayer!


My Trip To Israel, by Barb Twigg

Recently we shared Barb Twigg's testimony about her looking forward to the trip of a lifetime -- to Israel. Now that she has been on that trip, here's the second part of her story. Over to Barb -- Barb Twigg Israel 1

I saw my dream in person! Except it wasn’t the empty tomb opening. It was the place of the skull referenced in Luke. 

“When they came to the place called The Skull, there they crucified Him and the criminals, one on the right and the other on the left." (Luke‬ ‭23‬:‭33‬ ‭NASB1995‬‬)

When we entered the Garden Tomb site we were ushered into a sit-down outdoor seating area. When I walked up to get my seat I was shocked! As I looked over the railing I saw the exact cave-like dwelling that was in my dream!

I told my sister “this is exactly what I saw in my dream”. I kinda don’t remember all what the tour guide was saying because I just couldn’t get over what I was seeing.

But I had to see the empty tomb. On we go to the tomb where Jesus was buried. It is the actual place for sure. Our pastor was adamant that if a site was 'tradition or religious' we would know it. But if it was actually verified documented and for sure Jesus was there we knew it!

In the Roman tradition they secured the tomb with a stone that had a spike hammered into it.  When the spike was pulled out they had a trough that they then could roll the stone along, with a stop at the end of the trough. BUT! The stone that was rolled away when Jesus was raised from the dead broke off the spike and the spike is still there!!  We entered the tomb and saw where He, our Savior, was laid. This was powerful. As I exited I knew for sure I didn’t see the empty tomb in my dream. I asked the pastor if we were going back to the upper level where we started, to which he said no and I cried. I never got a picture of my own. My sister said “I did! I took a picture”. What?!?! I was so excited and this is the picture that you are seeing! 

I had the trip of a lifetime. I’m not a world traveler-extravagant spender but I am so grateful to have had this opportunity. It was also good for my husband to see my joy! He truly was interested to hear about my experience. We laughed because this was clearly not the kind of trip he would enjoy! I really think he liked seeing me enjoying something so much. 

Oh and get this! We were asked at the end of the trip what was a favorite, to which I answered "Jericho and the Jordan River and of course my dream in reality!" On the way home I told Jesus I was going to read the battle of Joshua and Jericho again. Well don’t you know my daily reading plan of the old and new testaments took me straight to Luke 23 and Joshua and the battle of Jericho….I’m not kidding! Barb Twigg

I bless you as you read this to know our God delights in you and wants to give you your heart's desire! Hang on and believe because it’s coming!

Shalom! Shalom! 

Barb Twigg is wife to Rick of 33 years. They live in sunny south Florida and are enjoying retirement. She was born to teach and encourage. The Lord led her to the book 'Winning Him Without Words' and she found her beloved SUMites! She loves to encourage in the Lord and operates in the gift of faith. If you have doubt, she’ll lead you to belief! She’s always willing to learn from the Holy Spirit and God's Word then teach it to others. She is active in her church and community to reach the lost and walk out her God given assignments.

Let's Hear From You

Hi SUMites! Let's hear your view

Just a little update from us:

Our usual Wednesday live videos on Facebook/YouTube are going to pause over the summer months.

While we pause, Lynn and I happen to each be sensing a call from God to write a book each, so that's fun ... and intriguing. The two books that we're writing are quite different to each other. For my part, I'm going to be spending those Wednesdays in a cafe, with a laptop, and lots of coffee .... writing, writing, writing. I'll share more about that another day.

We will restart the videos again in early September. And while we take a pause, you might like to catch up on the past ones, they're all on our YouTube channel.  

Finally, we'd love to hear from YOU about what topics you'd like to see us talk about on video after the summer. Pop any ideas in the comments.

Ok, that's all for today. On Wednesday, we have a guest post from Barb Twigg, telling us how her Israel trip went. I can't wait for that!

Love you all,