'Water off The Otter', by Barb Twigg
Sunday, Five Days Before the Crucifixion ...

It's All About You, Jesus

Ann here! Jesus painting by Lynn
We often say here at SUM that the very best thing we can ever do to help ourselves in our spiritually mismatched marriages is to spend our time looking at JESUS.
Beholding him!
Well, this coming week is Holy Week. It's a week when the church the world over does just that: It commemorates the events that led up to the crucifixion, and glorious resurrection.
And so we're going to do the same:
Starting on Sunday, which is known as Palm Sunday, we are going to follow the footsteps of Jesus in the last week of His life.
We're going to have a blog post each day looking at what happened day-by-day in that final week. I have a couple of worship songs to include, and together I hope we can just marinate in that story.
For today, I'm going to start off by sharing my favorite rendition of the song 'Heart of Worship', which speaks of having a single-minded focus on Jesus ... I hope you enjoy that below.
And, I'll see you on Sunday with our first post of Holy Week.

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