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Helping a Loved One Who Has an Addiction

SUM family! Katy Chris

Thanks for your comments about the 'Navigating Church' series. I can't wait to start that next week.

In the meantime, I have something to share today that's a little bit different.  Addiction - whether it's alchohol, drugs, pornography, gambling, gaming, or something else -- is something that many families deal with in some form or other.

In our recent survey of our community some of you said you would like to see us address that topic, and quite a few shared that either your spouse or someone else in your family is in the grip of an addiction.

So, with that in mind I invited one of the elders in my church, Chris Gaskell, and his lovely daughter Katy, to come and share their family's testimony on video and talk about how on earth to help a loved one with addiction.

We streamed the video yesterday on Facebook and YouTube, and Chris and his daughter Katy were gracious guests who shared openly. So, without further ado, here we are, talking about how to help a loved one who has an addiction:

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