Start 2023 in Greater Freedom and Healing
SUM Community Fast: What Does God Have in Store For Us?

Two Recommendations

Hello SUM Nation:

Lynn Donovan here. I feel a GREAT expectation for 2023. 

Almost everyone I've spoken to in the past year has shared that they have experienced tremendous challenges. One after another tell me their difficult circumstances far surpassed the warfare and hurdles of any other season. 

I'm one of them as well. 

But my dear friends, I NOW feel hope settling. There is indeed a shift happening right now in the spiritual. Our God is setting many things into place. People have been shifted, moved, relationships changed. All of this has been by His divine hand to bring you into greater alignment with His purposes, specific to your life.

SO TAKE HEART. TAKE UP HOPE. Our Father is good.

As we move into 2023, I will offer you two suggestions that will help grow your maturity in Jesus. And becoming His disciples is our high and holy calling. 

First, read the Bible. Get in the Word and pray daily. I can't express this enough.

Also, if you haven't made a donation to receive the training I'm offering regarding the power of Mark, chapter 11. Any recurring donation and you are invited. Read more here. THIS teaching I lived out in real time this year and it's straight from the Bible. It's true and it works. MOVE YOUR MOUNTAIN 

86474396_10159328771248332_6081245126414303232_nSecond, for the spiritually mismatched, pick up and read, Marching Around Jericho. This book will change you, your marriage and your faith. Truly.

OR, if you want a tremendous 90-day devotional to start the year, pick up, Kingdom Conversations. This book is like Jesus Calling and filled with affirmations of our identity and God's purposes for your life. 135037970_10160494802758332_8777818351789899330_n

Okay, we are on our way into another year. Ready or not. Let's walk this together. Because united SUMite Community scares the crap out of the devil!

Hallelujah!! AMEN

Love you all, Lynn

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