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Once in a while my children will say or do something that blesses my spirit beyond words. When those moments happen it feels as if God is saying, “See? They ARE learning! And you are doing a good job!”. One of those moments came a few weeks ago with my seven year old daughter.

First, let me give you a little back story. My husband has been an atheist for almost 11 years. Of course as children get older they notice that daddy does not pray or come to church and they start asking questions. That is around the time my husband will have a talk with them about what he believes. This was something I REALLY struggled with at first. I had to pray many times about how I was supposed to handle it! I felt that God told me it was important for Hubby to feel heard and respected. So I simply cover my children in prayer and put on their armor, I pray for their ears and hearts to be protected during the conversation, and I give it all to God.

The time came for this talk with our daughter a few weeks ago when she randomly asked Hubby why he does not believe in God. He asked me to leave them alone so they could talk about it so I stepped out (you all can just imagine how hard that was!!). I felt as though I was holding my breath the entire time. I whispered prayers over their conversation and tried to keep myself busy until it was over. They came out of the room calm and in good spirits. I did not press for any details and our evening went on as usual.

When it came time for bed my daughter said something to me that really was wise beyond her years. She said, “I think daddy doesn’t believe because he forgot his miracles. Hasn’t he seen miracles? YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER THE MIRACLES!”. She continued on about miracles we have seen and how important they are to remember. My heart was so full of joy that night!

The practice of remembering miracles is something I have been trying to teach my kids for a few years now. Whenever we pray for someone, or for something to happen, I tell them to watch for it and remember to thank God when it comes to pass. It does not matter if it’s big or small, we try our best to remember and give thanks. I think this is something we all need to put into practice, and teach our children! It gets them excited and involved in prayer, as well as strengthen their faith.

During those times when our faith may be wearing thin, or when we are in the thick of battle, we MUST remember our miracles! Holding on to what God has done for us in the past can help sustain us when we feel like we cannot go on! Remembering our miracles can feel like sunlight bursting out of darkness, or water when we are in the driest desert. Remember becoming a parent? Remember the time you (or a loved one) were sick and then healed? Remember getting married? Being freed from depression or anxiety? Finally finding the right doctor or the right medication? Making a new friend? Just getting up in the morning?! These are our miracles! Hold on to them! Thank God for them! If we focused on our miracles daily we would find ourselves living with an attitude of gratitude every day! We would be filled with peace and joy, and our faith would be strengthened. So, lets do it!

What are some miracles you would like to share? Leave them in the comments, I would love to read them!

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