These Challenging Times: How Do We Respond?
And a Little Child Shall Lead Them

Could God Be Leading Us Into A New Classroom?

Hey SUM family, Tiffany here!

275981332_10100530464777906_8053192761535430691_nI am sitting in a quiet living room. Everyone else is in bed or on their way. I can't help but smile because of the events that have transpired today (Sunday).

I am blessed to have done a couple of things that I really love. 1. Organizing and hosting an event. 2. Educating people with truth.

We The Parents FundraiserI had no idea that many things being stirred in my heart over the last 6 months would all come together tonight. Event planning, researching the public education system, networking with like-minded people stepping into a political calling, serving others. God is ordaining my steps!

My husband has been one of "don't ask, don't tell" in this endeavor. However, yesterday, I shared with my mother-in-law some quotes from books in my school district. After she read the materials I handed her, she expressed her disgust. I then said, "Do you want to look at it Jason?" He took the materials and read through them. This moment was another confirmation for why we are in this transition season. I honestly believe that if his mom wasn't in the room, he wouldn't have even taken them from me.

That night before bed I had the chance to ask him his thoughts on the materials. Listen family - we had a really good dialogue! We didn't fully agree on things - BUT WE HAD A DISCUSSION! I left that conversation in awe. Two years ago when God began stirring in my heart to get was a constant battle. We would argue and fight. Every. Time. It is ultimately what led me to back off and quit pressing in.

And now, with tenacity and resolve to never go back, I am seeing breakthroughs happen. It is no coincidence that it is happening while under someone else's roof.

This is not to say that it is always easy. I have been going to a lot of meetings lately. My kids, my daughter especially, are really missing me. The last couple of times that I have had to go - she verbally expressed her sadness. "You are always going to meetings now." I got down on her level and had to explain, "Mommy is trying to fight for you kids. Not just you but all kids."

I have had a lot of tough conversations with my kids (almost 8 and almost 9) lately. I never thought that I would be discussing things such as critical race theory, gender identity, and always telling mommy if there is something that seems a little weird or uncomfortable that happens in school. Our children are NOT growing up in the same world that we did.

Now more than ever, we MUST have conversations with our children about what God's word says. Even if things are uncomfortable for us, we must seek Holy Spirit's guidance on HOW to have these conversations with our children BEFORE they learn it from the world. It has been awkward, but I cling to the promise of Jesus - the Helper, the Spirit of truth will give us the words to say (John 15:26, Matthew 10:19-20).

With that being said, I pose this question to you. Are you interested in having discussion on how to talk to your children (or grandchildren) about hard cultural topics? I am still working through all of this - I am no expert by any means. Our children are under attack from all sides. I believe that as parents, we need to be equipped to stand in the gap. That begins with willingness to have a conversation. If you agree, I would like to use the time that I have with you to dig into the word and create dialogue that we can (and should) be having with our children.

In the comments, please let me know some topics that you would like to be able to talk to your children about. With the Holy Spirit's leading, we can gain tools in our belt to train our children up in the way they should go.

Blessings, peace, courage and joy to you in Jesus' name.

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