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Announcing Our New Writer!

Hello everyone Amanda and Daniel

Today we have some lovely news. Some of you will already know Amanda Pace, one of our long-time SUMites. Amanda has been with our community for about five years, and she served for quite some time as one of the leaders on our SUM Facebook group. In that role she gave lot of her time and love to our community, and we grew to know her as a woman who loves God and has a real care for those in spiritually mismatched marriages.

Anyway, Amanda has agreed to come on as one of our writers here on this blog, and you'll see her post on here once a month. The rest of us -- Lynn, Tiffany, Ian, and I -- are thrilled about this as we have a lovely new team mate. It'll be exciting to see what she writes. So, if you would, cheer her on as she steps out and starts sharing.

Amanda has been married to her husband, Daniel, for eleven years and they live with their two young children in Arkansas, USA. She says one of her passions is connecting with, interceding for and serving our SUMites, so do reach out to her if you like. She also has a love of music and worship, and has even sung once on our Facebook page -- Now that was beautiful. In fact, I couldn't resist digging it out here, it was an Easter service we did a couple of years ago.

Anyway, thank you Amanda for being willing to give us your time, and thank you to Daniel too behind the scenes for saying yes to her writing. We love you, and we cheer you on! We pray for God's blessing on your writing, on your marriage, and on your family.


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