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Happy Thanksgiving from Us to You

Hi SUM family, Happy thanksgiving 2

Well, it's that beautiful time of year again -- Thanksgiving time. Those in the USA are about to celebrate that, and we wish you fun and good memories.

Even though Thanksgiving is not the norm here in New Zealand, being amongst so many Americans here in this community has had an effect on me. Somewhere along the way I too took on the annual tradition of cooking up a delicious turkey with pumpkin pie over Thanksgiving weekend, and inviting some people over. So, that's what I'll be doing here too. I love it! It feels like a great excuse to be hospitable.

As for us here on the blog, we're going to take a few days off. One of the things we'll write about when we're back is Giving Tuesday, 1 December, an annual day where we raise a few funds for our ministry with some giveaways too. We're so grateful for your financial support and we'll write more about that on Monday.

Then, Advent season begins, and we'll be delving into some of those advent stories in the Gospels as we count down to celebrating the birth of Jesus.

So, that's all from us for a few days. Enjoy your food and family, our American friends. We love you loads, and we'll see you after Thanksgiving!

Ann, Lynn, Tiffany and Ian

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