A Chat About Our Upcoming Worship Day
A Quick Hello on Our Day of Worship

Do you know what happens in the Spiritual realm when we worship?

Lion Dress ITomorrow is our “Church-without-Walls” community worship event. My friends, determining to worship together brings the Kingdom of God near.

1am Pacific, Thursday 18 November to 1am Pacific, Friday 19th

I’m convinced that worship thins the veil. Worship is an invitation into encounter, an encounter with love. An encounter with our Savior who affirms; we are worthy, we are more than enough, we are accepted…..



As we worship over a 24 hour period, pray, sing, dance, paint, create……. let's Love.

Consider this: Someone in New Zealand worships the King. Then they pass the baton to me, who currently lives in California. My worship builds upon the last hour. I pass the baton to New York. The next to England, then back to Florida, then to Canada, back to Washington. Imagine in your mind this beautiful weaving of his love, covering the globe.

We belong to this amazing mismatched family. We understand standing in faith. Because we do it…. every…. single…. day.

We don’t have to merely fit in. We belong. We belong to Christ. We belong to our Father. We belong to one another. It is a love, born of acceptance, that truly is eternal.

So worship this next 24 hours whether you signed up for a time or not. Join your heart to our community. Because as we worship, the heavens open. The veil thins and we will have an encounter with the Lord of the Universe.

And Worship is so beautiful. I plan to worship with praise music blaring as I paint. I’m going to paint an eagle on a black canvas. I can’t wait. (One of the four faces of God).

I feel so very loved and close to the King when I worship in the middle of creativity. Ask the Lord today, “How do you want me to worship you tomorrow? I wouldn’t be surprised if you put on the worship music blaring and you create some tasty dish in your kitchen. Or perhaps knit a beanie for someone at church or a grandchild. Blessing each stitch with love and a desire for that child to know Jesus.

Please pop in tomorrow and share pictures of your worship. Share what music you are listening to. Mostly share how your worship thinned the veil and you encountered Jesus.

Below is a link to the album I’ll be listening to… (But I may also listen to Christmas music. I just can’t help myself 😊)

I love you deeply. I'm praying you encounter the King as you thin the veil over your head.

For those following my moving adventures, I’ll post an update this Friday at lynndonovan.com/blog.

"and he said, “Behold, I see the heavens opened up and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God." Acts 7:56


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