Do you know what happens in the Spiritual realm when we worship?
A Carter Update And Prayer Request

A Quick Hello on Our Day of Worship

Ann here! Libby worship art

As I write, it's late night here in New Zealand, and somewhere over the Pacific ocean, three from our community are kicking us off. What a lovely thought!

Now, don't worry if you didn't sign up -- Just jump in and worship any time during this day. You can look at the list below to see who else from our community is worshipping along with you and know that you are joined by at least one other. 

The picture accompanying this blog post was sent to me today by one of our UK SUMites, Libby Finan. She told me she had received this picture of worship from the Lord last year and had then drawn it. She had just remembered it while thinking about today. She said:

I saw how our worship ascends to heaven like rainbow colored vapors.

His word says that rivers of living water will flow from our inner being. I saw the light and heat of the Holy Spirit causing a reaction within us, and as we worship it evaporates and rises to heaven like vapors. It was as though our worship became visible to me as it is seen in the spiritual realm, and it was stunning! The worship was rainbow colored -- Each person brought a unique shade of color and they merged to form a beautiful rainbow symphony of worship to our King.

Then she gave this scripture, which perfectly captured what we're doing:

"Let my prayer be as the evening sacrifice that burns like fragrant incense, rising as my offering to you as I lift up my hands in surrendered worship!" Psalms 142:2 (TPT)

Dear friends, I hope that gives you encouragement as you worship. As Lynn said in her last post, hop into the comments and share anything from your worship. Photos, anything. And thank you, Libby, for this beautiful picture and words.

Happy worshipping!


Our worship day, Thursday 18 November, 1am Pacific to Friday 19 November, 1am Pacific.

1am Pacific (9am UK, 10pm New Zealand)  - Gladys, Robin, Teri

2am Pacific (10am UK, 11pm New Zealand) - Lucie

3am Pacific (11am UK, 12pm New Zealand) – Bonnie, Vicki

4am Pacific (12pm UK, 1am New Zealand just turned Friday) – Martha, Pam

5am Pacific (1pm UK, 2am New Zealand) -- Jeanne

6am Pacific (2pm UK, 3am New Zealand) – Libby, Gillian

7am Pacific (3pm UK, 4am New Zealand) – Angela, Christina

8am Pacific (4pm UK, 5am New Zealand) -- Mirta

9am Pacific (5pm UK, 6am New Zealand) -- Kim

10am Pacific (6pm UK, 7am New Zealand) – Jenny, Julianne

11am Pacific (7pm UK, 8am New Zealand) -- Maureen

12pm Pacific (8pm UK, 9am New Zealand) – LuAnn, Laura

1pm Pacific (9pm UK, 10am New Zealand) -- Joanne

2pm Pacific (10pm UK, 11am New Zealand) – Paula, Diana

3pm Pacific (11pm UK, 12pm New Zealand) - Shelley

4pm Pacific (12am UK, 1pm New Zealand) - Barb

5pm Pacific (1am UK, 2pm New Zealand, both now Friday) – Karen

6pm Pacific (2am UK, 3pm New Zealand) – Amanda, Karyn

7pm Pacific (3am UK, 4pm New Zealand) - Stefanie

8pm Pacific (4am UK, 5pm New Zealand) - Chrissy

9pm Pacific (5am UK, 6pm New Zealand) -- Ian

10pm Pacific (6am UK, 7pm New Zealand) -- Ann

11pm Pacific (7am UK, 8pm New Zealand) - Tiffany

12am Pacific, just turned Friday (8am UK, 9pm New Zealand) – LuAnn, Gillian


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