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Faith Like a Child Hits Home

Hey SUM family, Tiffany here!

MCSMI want to continue on with my Carter Crew Testimony.

Let's begin with Easter 2021. I took my children to Good Friday service at church. I felt the Spirit prompting me to take them to "big church," as my kids call it. I was happily surprised when my son (who is much less expressive with faith and spiritual things) told me he wanted to go into service with me instead of children's program. We were waiting in line outside of the building when my son found $5. I told him that he should turn it into on of the parking lot attendants. The attendant told him that he could keep it. We get into the sanctuary and on the seats was an envelope. When my son found out that it was an offering envelope he exclaimed, "Mommy! I have $5 I can give!" With no filters of the "value of money," debt or financial obligations; he gave without hesitation. Faith like a child hit home.

We get through the worship portion of the service and our pastor begins his sermon. I had no idea that he would be showing still images from the Passion of the Christ. I was wondering the week before - Is it too soon to begin to expose them to this movie? I was attentive to how my children were reacting. I looked down and I could see the heartbreak on my daughter's face. She looked up at me with such a sorrowful face.

I bent down and whispered to here, "It's okay. I know this looks really bad. But, look at how much Jesus loves you. He went through all of that pain for you. He suffered, died and rose again not just so we could go to Heaven with Him someday but for our healing and freedom as well." Faith like a child hit home.

That next week the kids and I went to Kanas City for a week during their spring break. We went to the movie The Girl Who Believes in Miracles. I saw the trailer and was excited to see how they would portray modern day miracles. Parts of the movie were scary for my daughter. I bent down to her and whispered, "It's okay. I know this looks scary but God is using this little girl to heal others. It is the Holy Spirit in her that is working inside to heal these people. He could use anybody to do these miraculous things. He could even use you." Her countenance changed. She watched the rest of the movie with a completely different perspective.

The week after the movie, during prayer, she would constantly talk about how she wanted to be helpful. "I just want to heal people like the little girl in the movie. I know it is Jesus and not me. But I just, I just want to be helpful!" Faith like a child hit home.

I picked up the kids, from their public school, after the first day back from spring break. Elie was so excited to tell me about her day. "Mommy! I prayed for my friends and they got healed!" A friend hit her head and had a headache. After prayer the headache was gone. A friend had a stomach ache and after prayer it didn't hurt anymore.

"Aww, isn't that cute. She thinks it worked." Instantly the lies came rushing in my mind. Now wait a minute! Did I REALLY believe what I told her at the movie theater? Did I REALLY trust that the same Holy Spirit residing in Jesus when He walked the Earth, resides in me? Lord help me in my unbelief! Faith like a child hit home.

The next day, as I picked the kids up from school, Elie couldn't wait to tell me about her day. "Mommy! Today I saw Jesus on the playground! I turned to tell my friends about it and Elie and Jesus Drawing when I turned back he was gone. We went to the top of the jungle gym to take a closer look and He wasn't there. I guess I didn't see Him after all." Her voice began to sadden.

"No baby girl. You saw Jesus. Just because you didn't see Him as you took a closer look doesn't mean He wasn't there. I smiled as I imagined my daughter leading her friends on a hunt for Jesus. She drew a couple of pictures of her and Jesus. They are standing next to the empty tomb in one of them. She said that they were both very happy together.

And calling to him a child, he put him in the midst of them and said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. - Matthew 18:2-4

I highly recommend getting Lynn's new book My Child Sees Monsters. Like I mentioned in the last post - only a small part of the book talks about the demonic. This book is filled with easy steps to help recognize the spiritual gifts that our kids have. After reading the book, it is like a lightbulb went on for me. My eyes, ears, mind and heart are more open to see an experience their child like faith. I am intentional to encourage them in their senses and gifts. It sparked in me the boldness to speak to them about the spiritual realm.

I talk to them about the demonic forces of darkness. I talk to them about the "monsters" and "dark and creepy things." I cater to their understanding as first graders and I do so in love. The emphasis in our conversations is NOT on the demonic but on Jesus - because of His sacrifice we can be bold and brave and confident that nothing can stand against His name and His blood.

I have a better understanding of my authority as big and bad mama prayer warrior bear. When I am intentional to pray in my authority, I can now sense the tangible presence of Holy Spirit and angels on assignment stirring in the atmosphere. I can feel the atmosphere shift around me. I experience the fire of God rising up in me as I war in the spirit.

The more I understand my authority, the more I want my children to understand theirs. I want them to be confident, bold, fierce and dangerous for the Kingdom of God. I want them to bring the light of Jesus to their school and to their pre-believing Daddy at home. I want them to never have to be afraid. I want them to be wise and discerning. I want them to be Kingdom Warriors.

My Child Sees Monsters can be purchased here. I promise you that this is a great tool to have in your belt. If not for your children directly, for the next generation as a whole. They are our future. We can turn this around by equipping them for battle.

Let's talk in the comments!

Love and blessings. 

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