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Celebrating 15 Years! - God works in mysterious ways!

FREE STUFF! Let's Celebrate! 15 YEARS!!

Celebrate 15 Years SUMCan you believe this humble little "Church Without Walls" was born 15 years ago? Born out of a desire to love God and love people. My first post was May 1, 2006. You can read it here: Welcome to my new blog.

I wonder. Did we attain what I'd prayed for 15 years ago when I scribbled out three paragraphs on a blog post? I barely even knew what a blog was back then......

There were no comments. No one read my humble hopes for this tiny place on the big ole' web.


FIFTEEN years later, thousands upon thousands have passed through our virtual doors. And so MANY of you visited and then decided to stay. And you have become help to the generation walking the unequally yoked road behind us. 

So today, would you do me a favor? Would you share with me in the comments your story of how Jesus helped you. Share how something you read made a difference. Or please share how you have grown in faith in our Jesus.

Book Cover 2 12 2021And over the next two weeks we will celebrate our victories. Dineen will be writing. Ian and Martha will share. And also Tiff and our fearless leader, Ann. We are all writing and celebrating!

Also, I will be giving away books. Leave something in the comments and I'll be drawing several names at random and you can choose from the books that Dineen and I have written or any book I have written. 

Winning Him Without Words
Raising Godly Kids in a Spiritually Mismatched Home
Winning Them With Prayer
Marching Around Jericho
Kingdom Conversations
My Child Sees Monsters - Release date: June 1, 2021

Or you can choose from the vast video teaching: Equipping Warriors. Take a look. These videos WILL grow your faith and challenge you into greater faith in Jesus.

I'm so very honored and humbled to have walked with all of you for 15 years. Through the changes. The challenges. The tears. Emails of victories and those of tremendous sadness. I've loved you. Truly love you.

Thank you for being my brothers and sisters. We are joined together for all eternity and that brings great joy to me heart.

Okay, see you in the comments. Let's Celebrate SUM! Hugs, Lynn Donovan

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