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Celebrating 15 Years of Ministry: It Just Keeps Getting Bigger and Better

By Martha Bush Smiley-face-ballons

“Mama, you are the Christian in your marriage, but you are not showing respect to Daddy,” my two grown daughters said to me. And with that, they shoved a book in my hands, called Love and Respect, and said, “You need to read this, and get your act together!” In that moment, I silently whispered, “Girls, I brought you into this world, and I am a-fixing to take you out!”

After they completed their discipline, I picked up my halo, and walked out of the room and pouted with them for two months. During my two months of pouting, I walked my neighborhood crying, pouring out years and years of complaints about raising two girls in church alone. When I had coughed up all my complaints about my husband, I then poured out how angry I now was with “Daddy’s precious little girls” for confronting me about not respecting him, of all things.

“God, my husband doesn’t deserve respect for putting me though all of this, don’t you agree?”

Instead of agreeing with me, (does He ever?) He gently nudged me to look on the internet to see what I could find out about living with an unbeliever. Say what? Never in all my years of reading books on marriage had I ever read anything on that subject. But, I found a book called Winning Him Without Words by Lyyn Donovan and Dineen Miller, so I decided to order it.

My heart began to slowly melt as I read it. It was as if these two authors were seeing into my heart. They understood what it was like being married to a nonbeliever, (even an athesist) but were also providing ten keys to thrive in the midst of this type of situation.

And so it was-----it was there on the pages of that book in 2011 where the love relationship with Lynn, Dineen, and this whole community began for me.

Join me today in giving a big Fifteen Praise the Lord salute to Lynn and this ministry. Are you ready? Let’s sound off!

1. She marched around a man’s heart for six years and then----her man, Mike, is the man who this 5 ft. 2 blonde, and the Holy Spirit put under the water and baptized him!     PTL

2. The Vineyards in Temecula are where she calls out mine and your name on her daily morning walk-and-pray.     PTL

3. She writes books galore in the early morning hours while sipping coffee.      PTL

4. This multi-gifted lady began painting late in life.     PTL

5. When the old devil snoops around her prayer and coaching ministry, this feisty blond points her finger at him, and simply says, “In the Name of  Jesus,"  and he withers to nothing.     PTL

6. For her tireless efforts in ministry, God sends her mylar balloons straight from heaven.     PTL

And, the ministry keeps on Getting Bigger and Better!

7. Let’s hear it for Ann—the girl from New Zealand, Executive Director of the SUM Marriage Ministries.     PTL

8. Let’s hear it for the SUMITE Sisters Group! You would think these gals are psychologists and doctors as they guide each other through life’s problems, not to mention their prayer life for one another.  Whoop, whoop for Amanda and all the Sisters.     PTL

9. Let’s hear it for the leader of online Prayer – Gladys.     PTL

10. Hats off to LuAnn and Nickole for consistently leading a fasting group each week.     PTL

11. Let’s hear it for all of us bloggers - - Ann, Tiffany, Ian, and myself. We are just so PROUD to be here.  Thank you, thank you, thank you SUMITE Community for reading and commenting our our posts.     PTL

12. On a personal note: Everything that I have learned from this ministry has so impacted my life that I have decided to keep my husband around a few  more years, and “Oh Yeah, Respect Him, too."  Besides, he made the mylar baloon image especially for Lynn on this post.     PTL

And a final drum roll and PTL for our leader, Lynn-----

13. She walks the walk while she is doing Kingdom work all over this world.     PTL

14.  She talks the talk.     PTL

15. She loves the Lord wholeheartedly, and loves this community ferociously.     PTL


All together now------

"Happy 15th Anniversary!”


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