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"I want you here, watch me work."

I heard this from the Lord some months ago as I contemplated whether or not I should be looking into a career change. The last 12+ months have been very rough at work. It has been one hard blow after another. I've written about this trial here before so I won't go back through it all. However, I do want to share something that the Lord revealed to my heart this past week.

My husband is always looking at the job market. He has been trying to find another job for over a year. I honestly believe that God wants him in his job and that is why the door stays closed. (That is another story... ::grin:: ) When he is looking, he has found jobs that he thought I should apply for. Knowing what the Lord has said, I have tried to simply stay focused on His plan for this season.

Jason found a job that would have me working for the county that he works for. We would most likely be in the same building (different department), the pay is much better and I more than meet the qualifications. I told my husband I would apply. The more he talked about the pros of me getting this job, the more I thought I could see it working. I began to pray, Lord - I would love to get out of here. I can see the perks that Jason is talking about. I can see myself  doing well there. I applied and I waited.

After applying for the job and praying for favor, I was at work. Things as usual were rocky at work. Sitting at my desk, the Lord spoke to me again.

"You might as well get comfy, you're going to be here for a while."

Instantly I said, "Don't tell me that" as I chuckled in my mind. I played with the thought that it wasn't Him I was hearing. I smiled because I knew it really was. When things got really bad, I took all of my personal items down from my desk and brought them home. All things that my my desk feel more like it was "mine." Photos, coffee mugs, food, etc. I packed them up and symbolically emptied my workplace of me.

The Lord's comment that day was a nod to this gesture. It was reaffirming what He had told me previously.

Shortly after this second word from the Lord I got a notice at work. I won't go into any details here. We will call it another tactic from the enemy (we are in a spiritual battle and it is raging in my life right now) to get me to quit. As I sat and read this notice, the Lord came rushing in.

"Have I not told you, ' I want you here, watch Me work?' I am the one who fights for You. I go before you. I am beside you. I am with you."

It comes as no surprise that I did not get the job that I applied for. I didn't even get a call for an interview.

I am still waiting this whole process out at work. It seems like there are good days and bad days. I would love to think that God is just going to swoop in and obliterate the problem in an instant. However, knowing what a good Daddy He is, I know that I have a lot to learn. I am in the refining process. Just like the pressure it takes to turn sand into diamonds, I am being turned into something spectacular.

Before I go any further, you may be wondering why I am bringing up my job when this blog is focused on our marriages.

This last week I was told to do something at work that I didn't agree with a co-worker on. To put it bluntly I thought it was stupid and a waste of time. I knew there was a better way to do it. At first I thought, "I'm not going to do this. I will do it the way I want to. I've been here longer and I know what I'm doing." At first I didn't do it. Although this person is not my supervisor, she was acting in that capacity at the time. The Lord convicted my heart and opened my eyes.

"This is not something that violates any of your morals. You need to submit to authority."

It was like a flood of revelation came rushing in. I haven't been submitting to authority at my job. In fact, because of my stony stubborn heart, it was my refusal to submit that got me into the mess at work in the first place.

I began to think about other interactions in my life - the biggest one being with my husband.

We walk a hard road sometimes in our SUM. Do we submit, do we not. Do we dig in, do we back down. Do we listen to our spouse or do we listen to God?

I began to think of instances where I refused to do what my husband said. The phrase rang through my head again, "This is not something that violates any of your morals. You need to submit to authority." I found that a majority of the time, I was wrong. I should have submitted.

This was not a moment of condemnation. I did feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit. But, this was a gentle but loving moment of clarity. I just love the Holy Spirit. He convicts us in such a way as not to hurt us but to free us.

I remembered the verse in the Bible that calls us to work as though working for the Lord and not for man (Colossians 3:23). I chose to be obedient to His command. I did the thing that my co-worker told me to do. I may not have agreed with it but I felt the smile and favor of the Lord in my decision. That made it all worth it.

In the same way, you wives must accept the authority of your husbands. Then, even if some refuse to obey the Good News, your godly lives will speak to them without any words. They will be won over by observing your pure and reverent lives. - 1 Peter 3:1

I have found that when I have failed to submit to my husband's authority (evaluate in context to what God said - does your spouse's request violate your morals, in accordance with God's Word) than it tends to be a turn off. I want my husband to be won over by my actions.

What are some examples in your life that you  have excelled in submitting to your spouse's authority? What are some examples in your life that you need to work on submitting to your spouse's authority? What advice do you have to better submit?

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