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How Well Do You Know Your Counterfeits?

Hey SUM Family, Tiffany here!

A few months ago I had a powerful encounter with the Lord. It began January when I attended a prayer summit at my church. I was interested in getting into their prayer team. The pastor who was set to speak was truly amazing. After the teaching, she prophesied and prayed over every one of us. Listening to the words that she was speaking over the other people had me all the more excited to hear what she had for me. The time came and I opened my hands toward heaven in order to receive. As she opened her mouth to speak, I heard these words:

You have been asking how the Lord could use you. This time right now is for healing. You have some healing to do first. Get healed up. God will most definitely use you. Your healing has to do with unforgiveness.

My heart sunk. Really God? I have done so much healing. I have done so much work in the forgiveness classroom. Now I find out, that I am rid of this junk?

A month or so went by and I sat in the living room. I hadn't been very faithful in setting aside quiet time. Those words kept ringing in my mind. Your healing has to do with unforgiveness - what did that really mean?

I asked the questions that were on my mind. God who do I need to forgive? What were the situations involved? I've already done so many healing sessions with you. I have cut ties and soul ties. What is going on here? I didn't really sense any response so I figured...well...I would ask for forgiveness for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I went through anything that came to my heart and mind and then I waited.

After a short time I could see some of the same memories - trauma from my childhood replaying through my mind. I forgave those people again and in that moment, the Lord met me. I believe what He told me is not just a helpful word for me but for you as well.

Holy Spirit spoke very gently to my heart. "You are right that you have done much work in the area of forgiving. You have forgiven and you have asked for forgiveness. Even today as you pour out your heart to Me, more freedom was given. You have been forgiven and you have forgiven others and released them to Me. These things are gone now. Any time you are reminded of these memories, know that they are counterfeit. These are not the original memories."

I am a visual person so the Lord showed me a heavy duty office copy machine. You know those really big ones that have can spit out copies faster than you can blink? As I see this copy machine, I instantly know that the papers spitting out of the machine are memories. These papers are replicas of the original memory.

I don't know that I have words to describe the rest of this revelation but I will try my best to explain. Before time began, Lucifer was an angel. He was in Heaven.

You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed. - Psalm 139:16 (NLT)

Could it be that as God sat down and recorded our days in our very own books, that Lucifer was there? Could it be that he had access to these things? Could it be that as God speaks our destinies over us that Satan has been making replicas of our memories. Our traumas. Our mistakes. Our down right failings. Our insecurities.

When we lay these things down at the feet of Jesus and go about our days, sometimes we can get distracted or forget the healing that we received. In Javier-quiroga-7KGqH9uXiD8-unsplashmy minds eye, Satan puts down one of those copies, the counterfeits, at our feet. When we choose to pick it up, we begin to think - I guess I HAVEN'T dealt with this. I guess I am NOT really changed. I guess it didn't really WORK after all...we believe that we are dealing with the original. BUT God. He says...what original? Where did this come from?

I could go on and on about this but I've already gone a little long. Let me just encourage you with this.

That healing, that break through, that ground you made, that pressing forward in your walk. Those are the things you need to hold on to. God is not one to keep you stuck in the past. He propels you forward. His desire for you is that you keep moving into victory, freedom and abundant life.

Anything other than your healing is a counterfeit. The next time you have a memory come up, weigh it with what the Lord has done in your heart and mind. If it does not fall into line with God's word over you - rip it up and throw it in the trash.

Let's talk in the comments. As you reflect on your healing and progress with the Lord, what are some reminders or encouragement that He has given you to keep moving you forward? Someone will greatly benefit from your experience. Be blessed today.

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