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Get Moving! March Into Your God-Given Authority!

By Martha Bush Get Moving

Today, I would like for us to talk about an excerpt from Lynn’s book, Marching Around Jericho. I will be referring to Chapter 9---My Authority in Christ, page 91.

To refresh your memory of that chapter, Lynn expands on three common held beliefs and deceptions we fall into about the demonic realm that keeps us from exercising our authority that Christ has given us to destroy the works of the enemy.

1. Demons aren’t real.

2. It’s impossible for a believer to experience demonic oppression or harassment.

3. Our lack of knowledge (Luke 10:19)

She pointed out that “God can and often will intervene supernaturally in our lives. But, his greatest desire is to have his children established in our kingdom identity, exercise our Christ given authority to influence our world.”

As I read this chapter, my memory took me back to a time God showed me a picture of my true self. What He showed me was preventing me from exercising the authority He had given me to destroy the works of the devil. I refer to it as The Weakness of My Flesh.

Let me explain.

Let me begin my saying that my character and faith are settled on God's word that I know there is a demonic realm that tries to destroy us—it is for real. I also know that He gives me the authority for pulling down strongholds, and destroying the works of the enemy. But, the weaknesses of my flesh often times work against me, or at least I allow them to. I struggle with such things as: procrastinator, hard to stay focused, slow to get moving, and downright slothfulness. 

Actually, slothfulness was also a problem of the Israelites. As you know, they went into Jericho all fired up to possess allllll the land that God had given them in Canaan, less it become pricks in their eyes, thorns in their sides, and would vex them in the land where they dwelled. (Numbers 33:55) But, as time went on, things sort of slowed down, and God spoke to Joshua and had him admonish the Israelites about their slothfulness.

Take a look at these scriptures and see what God is saying to them:

Joshua 13:1-6; 13: He first names the lands they have yet to conquer.

Joshua 17:17-18: Joshua reminds the Israelites that there is more than one lot to be possessed; even the mountain shall be yours.

Joshua 18:3: In this passage of scripture, it sort of sounded like Joshua was getting a little frustrated with the Israelites and says, “How long are you going to wait to possess it"?

I confess that sounds a like me at times. I tend to go around wondering why my prayers aren’t being answered, why signs and wonders that I desire and things God has promised me are passing me by. I even go so far to remind God that “I haven’t worshipped idols or bowed down to sin, so why is it taking You so long, Lord, to possess the territory that You have given me?”

The truth is I have procrastinated, got off focus, and have become downright slothful and refused to take the land away from the enemy that is sticking and pricking my sides.  In short--the weakness  of my flesh kept me from using my God-given authority.

My Sumite Friends, let’s do a little self-judgment today to see where we stand about destroying the works of the enemy in our lives.

1. Do you now believe that demons are real after reading Chapter 9?

2. Do you now believe that we can experience demonic oppression or harassment from the demonic forces?

3. Do you need more knowledge on the subject?

4. Are there weaknesses in your flesh that needs to be demolished so you can proceed?

5. Other reasons?

God wants us to conquer things in our life before it conquers us!

Let’s get Moving! March Into Your Christ-Given Authority!




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