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Marching Around Jericho - Available

SUMite Nation,

Small 3D MAJIt's time to set off on our own March Around Jericho. You can purchase your copy from book sellers all over. It's ready as a paperback and eBook at Amazon and also for sale and Barnes & Nobel. 

The audio book should be available at Audible, Amazon and iTunes. I checked with them yesterday and it's supposed to be live. If it isn't, it will be made available later in the week. 

This book is a general guide into lessons that will absolutely change your faith. This is a general guide but for details and additional support visit, MarchingAroundJericho.com. Take a look at the Equipping Warriors Tab. There are support papers and videos that will truly flesh out the concepts. Not all the video work is completed yet but will be coming online in the next month.

I receive an email from a new SUMite who is currently reading the book. This is what she said:

Just keeping you in the loop. Your book is so powerful. The prayers are so good. Every time satan comes in with a lie I take my thoughts captive to Christ. I stand more now on 1 Corinthians 7:14. --V.

Order your copy NOW! SUMite Sisters will be working through the book in the FB Group. I will have additional teaching and videos that I will add.

Dineen and I will be live next week to talk about our own journey and how God redirected both of us -at the same time- into our divine destinies and purposes. That will be next Wednesday.

This small purchase will absolutely astonish you. I share stories of miracles, healings, changing the atmosphere in Wal-Mart, and how I prayed differently for my husband's salvation.

It's now your turn and I can't wait to March along with you into the Promised Land.

Visit MarchingAroundJericho.com to order your book now. I love you. March on Warrior! We WIN! Lynn

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