It's Your Turn - Launch Date January 28, 2020
20 Years - Launch January 28th

Answers To Questions About the Book - Launch January 28

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I received a number of questions about Marching Around Jericho. Here is some more information.

Marching Around Jericho will be available in paperback, eBook, and audio. You will be able to buy a copy from most booksellers, including Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other smaller retailers. The ebook is available to preorder today but paperback will likely be available later next week.

The audio book is outstanding and I love the narrator. It will be available in about 10 days from Audible, Amazon and on iTunes.

I recommend purchasing the paperback as there is a journaling process to this journey. And you will need to go back and read some of your journal entries and the prayers included.

You can order through There are several options available today and every option will be available on January 28th. This website is a treasure of other tools and modules of learning that will assist you on the journey. The learning modules are not fully complete because I’ve been really ill for two weeks. But I’ll add them as I finish them up. They are excellent. And if you want to personalize your journey and have me to coach you and to pray with you through it, you can sign up for spiritual development. This is superfast-track your journey around Jericho.

This book is vastly different from my previous books. It will challenge you. And it’s meant to challenge you. If you have been praying for more than five years and there isn’t progress, something needs to change. This book will point you toward that change. And it will require you to push yourself past religiosity and powerless Christianity.

But the reward!!!!!!!! It’s all glory. It’s our Pearl of Great Price.

I’ll share more in the next few weeks. March on Warrior!! WE WIN! Hugs, Lynn

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