SUM and a Donovan Clan Update

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday

Giving_tuesday-2019-550Hello SUM Nation,

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday!  Plan to give tomorrow to support the ongoing SUM ministries. Today, let's just celebrate the goodness of Jesus.

So, let me ask you a few questions and let's meet up in the comments.

  1. How many years ago did you find SUM?
  2. What has been the most impactful truth you learned here at SUM?
  3. How has your faith grown since you joined arms with others here?
  4. What are you praying for right now?
  5. How are you dreaming with God for your future?

My answers:

  1. Sum began in May 2006 when I attended the Mount Herman Christian writer's conference as a somewhat hopeful but completely overwhelmed new writer. I sat with a group of women at a table who were talking about blogging. WHAAAAAT? I didn't even know what blogging was, but I could hear the Lord say- You're going to do this... And here we are nearly 14 years later. Dineen was friends with one of those ladies from the conference. She made our introduction. Thanks Camy Tang! Interestingly, in April of 2020 I will be the non-fiction instructor for the Mount Hermon Conference. A full-circle moment 14 years later. Jesus is so good!
  2. Impactful truths? There are SO MANY.. And I learned so much from all of you. Most impactful two truths: God is always good. I am His child.
  3. I see my faith journey growing from a somewhat "Country Club" type of faith. To a SOLD-OUT, JESUS FREAK, ON FIRE, DEMON BEATING, WARRIOR..... Something like that..... grin..
  4. What am I praying for right now? I had a weird health scare a week ago. So, divine health, healing and restoration. And blessing and increase over our finances. I'm praying to defeat the poverty spirit in my family line.... Once and for all!  Hallelujah!
  5. Dreaming with God... Oh gang.... Don't get me started. I LOVE to dream with God. And lately, I'm dreaming of a world where goodness defeats evil. Men are Men. Women are women. Where honor and dignity are our highest standards. Where we love, give, cry, hold, celebrate and embrace ourselves, one another, the animals, and the world in which we live. I dream that we behold something beautiful every day around us and in us and I dream that Jesus is the pursuit of human.

Is that reaching too far? Hmmmmmm, I don't think so because I know the one who spoke it all into being.... 

I love you. Pray about what you can give tomorrow. And I'll join you in the comments today. I can't wait to read your answers. I adore you. March on Warriors!!  WE WIN! Lynn

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