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Happy Thanksgiving - Welcome To The Table of the Divine

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Welcome to the Table
by Lynn Donovan

Cease your struggle and worry. Put away the frantic demands upon your time and energy. Bow low, shrug off the burdens, laden with discord, competition, and foolish striving. In this season of Thanksgiving, I welcome you to My Table.

Washed and prepared, anointed with the oil of heaven, I beckon you to receive the plates of bounty I’ve placed before you. This holy encounter, an invitation from the King of Glory.

Be seated, as the meal is about to ensue, a sacred experience. As you receive to becoming full, you will be emptied.

The invitation is given. Will you accept to participate in the meal of the holy and divine?

The silver stems of the placements gleaming, reflecting a myriad of color. The golden placeware, shimmers, as alive. The table of Honor is set before you, awaiting the service of bounty of the Kingdom.

The courses prepared, angelic service at hand. The anticipation of your delight, twinkles in their lavender angelic eyes as they behold your countenance. They pause with understanding as the power of this partaking is unlike any other.

Child, raise your chalice, a tribute to your courage in the face of fear. An honor of a lifetime of treading through the battles and landmines of life. The applause of heaven breaks forth.

My child, I approve your smile as the delicacies arrive prepared specifically for you.

This is the Dinner of the Divine. Surrender on this day, a lifetime of starvation and devastation, and choose the better.

Fill your plate with peace and cast-off worry.

A slice of pure joy served before you, releases is the constraint of religion.

A portion of gladness and your broken heart is mended.

One helping of faithfulness conveys in a lifetime of confidence.

Add to your plate, My provision, as lack then must depart.

A dash of protection and fear is surrendered.

Taste the power of My Presence. Fear is banished into the darkness.

The angels dance about the table as your meal proceeds, their joy unrestrained. The transformation occurring at the Table of Grace brings all of heaven to assembly in praise.

My Beloved Child, welcome to the real Thanksgiving dinner.

You are My welcomed family. On this day receive the bounty I have waiting for you. Use the keys I’ve provided through My Word. Unlock the treasuries, the storehouses, the healing rooms of the Kingdom. Turn the Key of Love, release the latch through thankful living, raise the handle of faith to walk into the fullness of My Kingdom.

Welcome to the Table of The Divine. Happy Thanksgiving.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. —Psalm 118:1


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