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I’m deeply moved by the mass shootings over the weekend in America.

I’m grieved.

I’m convinced that humanity doesn’t have a gun problem. We have a heart problem. We have lost the highest and best life and turned to distortions of truth that have beaten us into depression, shamed us into silence and have robbed the soul of every person living.

GOD IS NOT DEAD. Nor does He sleep. His people MUST ARISE and take back ground the enemy has stolen. It’s time that the children of God decide to go ALL IN! A sold-out, Jesus Freak, life is our only hope. WE are the representatives of the Kingdom and we can bring the hope of Jesus to all humanity.

Let’s start NOW!!! We are going to praise God for His goodness in our lives. We are going to praise God for what He is doing in our nations. We are going to praise the Lord for His Presence in our lives, the love He gives, the provision and His grace.

Tuesday, August 6th at midnight, we as the SUMITE Nation, a Church without walls, will have a watchman (or woman) on the walls offering praise from our community. Every hour a SUMite somewhere in the world will offer praise and worship to the King on behalf of our church.

I’m convinced each one of us that participates will be in line to receive a blessing from heaven. If we praise, full out for one hour, God will shift something. He will shake something, and we will see His goodness in our lives.

It’s not too late. If you haven’t, sign up for a time slot in the comments. There can be overlap.

On Monday night I’ll offer some prayer prompts. ALL DAY TUESDAY, stop in and post in the comments what you heard from the Lord, your encounter, anything that came to you while you praised on Tuesday. Thursday will be a GIANT celebration.

Love you,  Lynn

24 Hour Praise & Worship Chain




Eva CST, Ian P 12-1 AM Aussie,

12:00 AM

LuAnn EST, Jackie PST,

1:00 AM

Barb EST, Martha CST, Julie EST, Florence CEST,

2:00 AM

Cathleen EST NJ,

3:00 AM

Sarah EST, Cabiria EST, Judy CST,

4:00 AM

Teri PST, Karla EST, driftergal CST,

5:00 AM

Lori EST, Amanda CST,

6:00 AM

Carmen PST, Suzanne EST, Beth CST,

7:00 AM

Lynn PST

8:00 AM

Lynn L. EST,

9:00 AM

Vicki CST

10:00 AM

Mirta PST,

11:00 AM

Cindy EST,

12:00 PM

Leslie EST, Nickole PST, Diana ?,

1:00 PM

Angela CST,

2:00 PM

Ann PST not sure in New Zealand,

3:00 PM

Marvie PST, Kathie EST,

4:00 PM

Charu EST, Rhonda MST,

5:00 PM

Karen PST, Becky PST, Melissa EST

6:00 PM

Gladys EST, Stefanie EST

7:00 PM

Natalie MT, Rebecca CST, Ellie EST

8:00 PM

Tiffany CST,

9:00 PM


10:00 PM

Lucy Australia,

11:00 PM

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