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SUMite Nation,

Today was amazing. I woke to a cool and overcast sky. It’s quite rare for southern California in August. I started on my walk at 7:45 am. My praise hour 8-9 am PST.

The Lord was so excited to meet me that He prepared the perfect weather for our walk. As I finished my walk at 9:15 the clouds pushed off to the east. The sun peaked through and the rest of the day was sunny and hot…

My praise walk was PERFECT!


I worshiped, signing the Lord’s Hebrew name over and over for most of the walk. (Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey) I was surrounded by perfect peace. I sensed so strongly the presence of angels. They were worshiping too.

I was about 40 minutes in and I heard the Lord whisper to my heart. The praise and worship by the community has touched My heart. You are known, all of you, known in heaven. This dedicated and united praise has brought favor upon the ministry.

SUMites, well done. Thank you for being a watchman on the wall. Now let’s anticipate the Lord’s response and look for His blessings in the season ahead. I pray you see the hand of the Lord THIS week in response to your praises and our intentional purpose to exalt our Lord during our 24-hour praise chain.

WHAT was your praise hour like????

AND…. Stay tuned. FRIDAY is the launch of our summer Bible study.

Hugs, Lynn

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