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Come Away With Me

The Key To Lasting Breakthrough

Hey SUM Family, Tiffany here!

I want to get really vulnerable with you today. Sunday was one of my proudest accomplishments. However, it was also one of my hardest days as well.

The night before graduation my Jason asked me not to bring my flags to church the next day. I was crushed! I felt a sting of
rejection rise up in me. Doesn't he love me the way that I am? Doesn't he know how much I love it? Is he embarrassed of me? Thought after thought came swirling in - all trying to pull me down into the pit of despair.

I turned on some worship music in the kitchen as I washed dishes. I wanted to listen to God's voice but I also wanted to Psalm 2756drown out the sounds of crying. I texted a dear friend from church and asked for her advice. She encouraged me that Daddy God is pleased with my enthusiasm but if it were her she would honor his request. I took some time in the kitchen, letting it soak in. I sought the Lord and heard His love for me. He allowed me to see things from my husband's perspective.

My church can be classified as charismatic. We jump, shout, dance, flag, clap, cheer and sing during worship time. It is one of my favorite things about this place. My husband, not so much. He grew up in a more traditional church with organs, choir robes, standing still and quiet singing. I know he doesn't like my church. It makes him really uncomfortable. I (other than his parents who also attended) am the only thing of comfort to him in this unfamiliar place (the kids go to children's program in another room).

Sunday came around and things were a bit awkward for him. I had to be a door greeter so that meant I would be occupied with welcoming people fifteen minutes before and after service started. He went in with his parents into the sanctuary and I could hear the music begin to play. After the first verse or two I could hear shouts of joy, "Yes! Thank you Jesus! Come on!" I began to get nervous. I wasn't there with my family to see how they were handling all of this "noise."

I was completely alone in that little hallway as tears began to roll down my cheek. I was filled with mixed emotions. I was excited to graduate. I was nervous for my husband. I was grateful to God for this amazing accomplishment. I could handle those things. But all of a sudden, I was filled with deep sorrow at my spiritually unequal circumstances.

Oh, how the enemy filled my head with thoughts of regret. I thought about how different life would be "if." Holy Spirit, I love my husband and I love my life. Why am I struggling so badly today?

It was in that hallway that I heard through the chaos of my mind, "PERSPECTIVE."

Family, I have broken through to a new season in my life. I have experienced the endurance of the Lord as I fought to finish papers and assignments. I have seen the strength of God in me as I had to force myself out of comfort zones. My eyes have been opened to purpose and destiny in my life. I have learned what it means to meet Holy Spirit in the secret place. He ushers me in to sweet time with Jesus. I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good.

All the forces of hell are bent toward your failure. When you breakthrough and press on past the boundaries that the devil tries to set for you - it sets him into turmoil! Every effort will be made to prevent your breakthrough from lasting. If he can trick us into believing that it didn't really happen, than maybe we will begin to settle once again.

Let's take a look at these beautiful treasures found in Scripture:

Then the Spirit lifted me up, and I heard behind me a loud rumbling sound as the glory of the Lord rose from the place where I was standing. -- Ezekiel 3:12

He rescues me from my enemies; He lifts me up high and keeps me out of reach, far from the grasp of my violent foes. -- Psalm 18:48

"Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit." Says the Lord Almighty -- Zechariah 4:6 (paraphrased)

I challenge you today to ask Holy Spirit to reveal to you the breakthrough in your life. Ask Him to show you the triumphs you've seen. I promise you that even in the low seasons, you have truly grown. Don't believe otherwise; not even for a second. You are transforming into the likeness of Christ. You are pressing past the boundaries set by your enemy. You are sending the devil into turmoil. You are strong. You are bold. You are favored. You are blessed.

Let's talk in the comments. What is something you've learned in times of breakthrough? What is some advice you can give to those who are one decision or step away from victory? How can we spur you on and encourage you today?

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