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ScaredBy Martha Bush

The young mother tucked her little boy in bed, turned off the lights, and walked out of his room.  It was then she heard him cry out:  “Mom, turn the lights back on; I’m scared of the dark.”  The mother walked back into his room to reassure him.  “Now, son, don’t be afraid, Jesus is here with you.”  To which he replied:  “I know Jesus is in here with me, but I want somebody with some skin on!”

Can we admit that we all have felt that way?  “Yes, I know you are near Jesus, but, I really want someone to pray and study your word with me, someone to sit beside me in church, and most of all, Jesus, I want to talk to someone about how much I love YOU.   That someone is my husband.  Won’t you please tell him to come into the room with me?  I am scared of being in this dark room alone.”

Years have passed since the day I accepted Jesus as my Savior, and my husband still hasn’t shown up in that dark room with me. But, my goodness; how God has blessed me by sending so many Jesus with “Skin On People!"  They brought light into my dark and lonely room!

Allow me to introduce a few of them to you.

1. Jackie:  Always saved a seat for me in church so I wouldn’t have to sit alone.

2.Gerry, Beth, Gloria:  Spent hours cleaning their homes and preparing food for the weekly bible study.  

3. Sylvia, Irene, Susan:  Prophets that God used to give me a prophetic word at times when I thought I couldn’t take another step.

4. Pastor David:  Preached sermons that I know he prepared just for me!

5. Melba, my pastor’s wife:  Gave me opportunities in ministry.  Quite frankly, I had always thought that I couldn’t go into ministry with an unsaved husband. What do I have to offer if the head of my household is not serving the Lord?

And then one day in March, 2011, God showed up with a whole army of people.  It happened like this:

I stumbled upon the book, Winning Him Without Words, by Lynn and Dineen.  In all my many years of being unequally yoke, I had never read a book about the unequally yoked, nor had I been associated with anyone “like me.”  But, God in his perfect timing, introduced me to these two ladies, along with their community of women on their website, Spiritually Unequal Marriage, and later a few more dropped in with the opening up of SUMite Sisters.  And, oh yes, the “man of the hour" on this site - -Ian. What a delight it has been sharing the Lord with him!

I’m not alone in the dark room anymore. – -I’m hanging out with – – Jesus with “Skin On People” from all over the U.S. and world who are “just like me!” I just know that all these people will receive a special reward in heaven one day for being obedient to God, and being there for me all these years.

As for my husband? I don’t know; that is between the Holy Spirit and him. I just know that “God will make everything beautiful in its time.” [Ecc. 3:11]

My dear SUMite friends, I believe that sometimes we grow weary on this journey we are on as a Spiritual Mismatch, and might forget to pay tribute to those who have been there for us to help carry the load.

So, today, I thought it would be nice to take a day off from a lesson from a deep theological standpoint (of which I couldn’t give you anyway) and celebrate and recognize those people. I have already done so within the blog, so what about you?

Who are your Jesus with “Skin On People?”  Take time today, not only to thank God for them, but call or send them a note expressing your appreciation for being with you on your journey.  

For starters, list them in the comment section, and let’s all celebrate together!   


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