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Something's Breaking in the Spirit

Hello SUM family! Tiffany here:


We live in a fallen world where there more often than not (thank you media and social media) we see turmoil or chaos swirling about the atmosphere. It is so easy to get caught up in a mindset of "I can't take it anymore, come back NOW Jesus!" that we forget who we are and the goodness and PROMISES of God. Can I get an amen from anybody?

On Sunday I heard this song for the first time. It is called Fall by The Belonging Co. I have listed a couple of lines below:

My eyes above what it looks like
My eyes above what it looks like
I will only see All You promised me...

My faith beyond what it feels like
My faith beyond what it feels like
All the way to You, All the way to breakthrough breakthrough...

Something's changing in the spirit
Something's breaking I can feel it
Heaven come down
Heaven come down...

 I have constantly struggled with my identity in Christ and because of that, my authority in Him. I have struggled with a negative image of myself for years. Praise God that chains are falling and I am better than I once was! I have been seeing the word "cedar" from Holy Spirit for the past few weeks now. There is too much to share in this post but basically Holy Spirit has been feeding into me things about myself that I do not currently SEE. In fact, I told Him, "no, that isn't who I am. I am not a cedar." I just couldn't accept these good words over my life because I couldn't SEE them.

Perhaps like me, there are some things that God has continually spoken over you. He could be speaking through a loved one, a sermon, a common word or theme in your life, a song, nature, license plates OR BALOONS (love seeing your posts Lynn!)...over and over being reminded of the promises from God.

Remember that God doesn't lie. He would never speak things over us that are not true. When He as spoken directly to your heart you can rest assured that it will come to pass. You only need to accept and believe it! We have to stop focusing on what we can SEE and FEEL. I heard once that God doesn't bless the favored, He blesses the hungry. In Christ, we are ALL favored...but are we hungry?

Let's meet in the comments today and DECLARE the promises that God has spoken over our lives. We can raise a hallelujah together in one accord!

Enjoy the full song of Fall and let it soak deep into your soul:

Love and blessing my beloved family!

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