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Annual SUMite Community Fast

Prayer and Fasting 2019


I hope your Christmas was peaceful, filled with wonder and much love and laughter. I'm spending time with family this week, so I won't post again until after New Year's Day. 

But, I'm asking you to start to ask the Lord to help you fast the first full week of January. Our annual fasts are powerful. I receive so many reports of tremendous breakthrough. There are many ways to fast but a complete food fast is what we are aiming to achieve. Fasting from food breaks so many strongholds, it is also tremendously healthy to give your digestive system a break. 

Below are links about fasting. Determine to fast something. Then share your week with your brothers and sisters around the world who are fasting in the pursuit of God for 2019. 

I love you. Lynn

Campus Crusade For Christ: Personal Guide to fasting by CRU


Share your voice, heart and love in the comments. 

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Lynn has wonderfully mapped out the steps we all need to walk through to develop and grow this vital relationship with Him. This was the Lord’s intent for her transformation journey all along, and His intent for you too. Here she has spelled out the spiritual truths behind the principles and talked us through how she applied them. These truths are universally applicable to us all, though as the details of our lives, situations and hearts will be different, we will apply them differently. - Reader Review from Barnes & Noble.

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