Abiding and Abounding

Elections and Peace

I voted 2018SUMite Nation:

Tomorrow in America many will go to the polls to vote. Please pray for our nation because the potential for rage, distrust, destruction, and lawlessness looms high. (These are all demonic principalities, by the way.)

Our local friends who know Mike and I, always joke around election time that we cancel out each other’s votes. I might be a bit more conservative and Mike is far and away, liberal.

Ya, just another area in our lives where we are mismatched.

I know I’m not alone in this kind of a mismatch. So, for those of us who are trying to avoid arguments over candidates, issues, and government in general, I bless you today with peace.

Be the peace maker.

I know that many marriages on Tuesday will feel additional strain because the political climate is volatile and highly charged.

I know for me, I MUST press into the power of the Holy Spirit in some matters of faith and politics and bite my tongue. I believe because I’ve been spiritually mismatched for a number of years, I’ve learned to do this with discernment, wisdom, and with revelation. I simply choose not to discuss matters that will blow up.

The truth is, my husband is set in his beliefs. And, I’m firmly set in mine as well. I view everything that I do, think, and believe, through the lens of the Bible and that carries over to my voting stance as well. What is interesting, however, it that I am at peace. I don’t feel the need to try to convince my husband in faith matters and that goes for voting as well.

Jesus is the one who changes hearts, souls, votes, and nations!!  Hallelujah!! 

We, the SUMites, have learned to walk this journey in peace and acceptance. We love people. We can live peaceably with our pre-believer, with those we differ in faith and politics. We MUST be the model to show this world that the divisiveness doesn’t win hearts or souls.

It’s our love!

Please vote.

On Friday, I will have an announcement. Stay tuned. I LOVE YOU, Lynn

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