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God Is Bigger Than Politics

SUM Nation,

I want to provide an update on California's controversial AB 2943. The bill has been withdrawn by its author, Assembly member Evan Low.

Assembly Bill 2943 would have made it illegal to sell any service intended to change an individual's sexuality or gender identity.

"I knew this was an emotionally charged issue, so I spent the past few months traveling up and down the state meeting with a wide variety of faith leaders," Low said in a statement released on his website. "I was heartened by the conversations."

Luis Javier Ruiz, a survivor of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando in June 2016 and a former member of the LGBT community, has served as a staunch opponent of AB2943 in recent months. Read the entire article here.

SUMites, although this is an outright, miracle-answer to prayer, we must continue to pray for the TRUTH that the love of God can heal every heart and unit even those who appear to be impossible to understand. When I heard the news on Friday, I couldn’t stop praying over and over, “Thank you Lord. Thank you, Jesus. O, Lord, let your love heal every heart. Thank you, Papa.”

Please MAKE time to praise our Father.

I would also like to share another social issue that I can no longer remain silent. I’m deeply grieved to read reports where a mom takes her five-year-old daughter to the doctor and during the visit the physician asks the little girl, “Do you ‘feel’ like a boy or a girl?”


She’s five!

She doesn’t even have a full grasp of reality yet.

I grew up climbing trees, playing in fields, fishing, swimming in ditches and wearing boyish clothes. I could care less about my appearance and never wanted to wear makeup or play Princess. I was all about having outdoor fun. I was what you would call a “Tomboy.” However, I grew up and grew into my God given feminine and womanly identity. We must give our children a chance, the time, to discover their true identity.

Lately my thoughts are consumed with these questions, “Why is it NOT considered child abuse to give puberty blockers to children who are 10, 11, 12 years old? How did this utterly crazy, misguided social experiment become unleashed on our children?”

Please pray for our kids. PLEASE pray for our Nation. Pray for peace and truth and then give praise when the hand of God moves to protect and retain His truth.

Thank you for hearing my heart. I’m sharing from a place of genuine love and hope for the future of humanity.

Happy Labor Day. I love you, Lynn

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