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Chronicles of the Donovan Clan Summer 2018

Elise July 2018
Elise (Love her shirt)


As I type this post, it’s Tuesday morning and I’m sitting in my backyard garden with little, Avery, age two. She is chattering up a storm as the rest of the family sleeps. We have been all over southern California with my son and granddaughters.

Yesterday as Elise, age five, crawled into bed with Nana after a very busy beach day, her dad came in to tuck her in. “Daddy, we have blessings. In Jesus name.”

He grins, looks over at me, “I can tell we have been at Nana’s house.”

My dear SUMite family, THIS is what a legacy looks like.

Are we perfect Christians.


But this Nana, Mom, and wife prays. I bring these babies, their daddy and my husband before the Lord with petitions of love and protection, salvation and the good gifts of God.

And I’m fully convinced that my humble voice has lasting impact.

So does yours.

The battle is blazing hot and every vile thing is poised to take our hearts and souls and those whom we love.


Our faithfulness matters.

But God’s faithfulness is everything.

Don’t give up or give in. Because I am bearing witness to a lifetime of spending my life for the unbelievers in my family. Last night in the nighttime hours I could hear the whisper of my Lord as He granted me a snapshot of the future and I saw three generations of believers that came out of my granddaughter, Elise.

The Lord showed me this to affirm that my prayers of intercessions for the generations that follow are absolutely creating a legacy of faith and a family that loves the Lord Jesus Christ.

Tarry in prayer even if you do it alone all of your life. For I am fully convinced more is happening in your family line than you are aware.

I love you so much. Have a blessed week. Hugs, Lynn

Brad and girls July 2018
Family at Safari Animal Park
Mike and Lynn July 2018
Mike and Lynn, 26 Years and Counting!
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