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Suicide Is Defeated - Read This!


Last week, news feeds displayed faces of two celebrities who committed suicide. When there is a celebrity suicide, such as Robin Williams, the national suicide rates jump 10 %. Well not this time! Upon reading the headlines and then a Facebook friend sharing about his experience, see below, I was compelled by Jesus to share a story with you.

Several years ago, the Lord had me in an advanced classroom where I learned many of the secret weapons the demonic realm employs against us. And one of the things I learned is how the voice of suicide is perpetuated into a person’s life, so much so, that they take their own life.

I am compelled to share this because when someone reads it, they will be immediately set free. It may be challenging to process but ask the Lord to reveal the truth in what I share.

During this season of study, I read a ton of books about our authority, identity, and the workings of demons. I came to a place where I realized that the demon of death and the demon of suicide gains influence and a voice into our conscious in certain circumstances and misaligned beliefs.

In my study, a question was proposed: Have you ever felt, while you were driving, like you just want to run your car into a wall?

Let me be clear. This question spews forth directly from a voice of a demon. It is unholy, filled with hatred and motivated to destroy. Our heavenly Father would NEVER speak such a thing into your mind. At the time my daughter was in high school and really battling on many of fronts in her life. One day while we were driving somewhere, I asked her this question.

She paused before answering but quietly, “Ya, I have.”

“Caitie, this is a voice of a demon.”

Let me explain why she or others who think a thought like this become vulnerable to the devil’s whispers. I asked her another question, “Have you ever in some point of fear or frustration said to yourself, ‘It would just be easier if I died.’”

When a person gives consideration to the voice of the enemy, even once, they are vulnerable to oppression because they have come into agreement with the devil’s primary mission:

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy (John 10:10a)

A person opens a door, through legal rights, for a demon to speak to them. When someone rejects the truth of God; life, love, hope, etc. and embraces a lie of the demonic, they unknowingly subject themselves to oppression and/or torment. In this particular case, torment of ongoing thoughts of death, suicide, and escape through dark means.

When I shared this with Caitie, immediately the voice stopped. In fact, years have passed but recently I asked her again the same question, “No mom. I’ve never heard it again.”

AWARENESS ….. I’m convinced awareness is 75% of our spiritual warfare. The remainder; repentance. And finally, embracing the truth of who we are and Whose we are.

If you have thoughts along these lines. Pray: Father, in the name of Jesus, I repent for coming into agreement with the enemy that death is an answer to my life’s problems. I ask for forgiveness and I receive your forgiveness, covered in the blood of Jesus. Lord, from this day forward I belive what you say about me. That you have life abundant and a hope and future for me. I renounce any influence and silent any voice that is counter to Your truths. In the powerful name of Jesus. AMEN

If you want all of heaven to join you in this battle, you can say AMEN in the comments. There is NO judgement in this House of SUM. There is no condemnation in this House of SUM. There is only love, acceptance and FREEDOM. HALLELUJAH!! We stand with you for you full freedom! I love you, brave SUMites. Our victory is hard fought, but our awareness is at hand and we will be free indeed. Hugs, Lynn

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