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The Demonic and Secrets


Today I feel the Lord is leading me to write about Secrets.

Yes, secrecy is something so many of us tangle with in our lives. But the longer I live, the more I've come to realize that secrets are actually weapons of the devil.

Let me share something that occurred in our family a few years ago.

In 2008 my husband was told by his boss that he would be let go in January of 2009. Like millions of Americans we became unemployed in that horrific economic downturn. My husband, at the time in the late months of 2008, was convinced he would find work quickly and thus he asked me to keep our financial situation from our daughter, Caitie.

I agreed to his request because it was his life, his employment situation and Mike didn’t want our daughter to worry unnecessarily.

Keeping a secret, or let’s be real here, lying doesn’t sit well in my spirit. I’m not good at deception and lies and I have great difficulty keeping a secret about my life. I do however, guard quite closely, confidences. When I’m asked to pray for someone or someone comes to me for Godly counsel, their confidences will be taken to the grave.

I don’t like to lie about my life but out of submission and respect for Mike, I didn’t tell our daughter about our situation.

That was until months passed and Mike remained unemployed. So in the summer, I finally sat Cait down and let her know about our situation because we had to make some tough choices about money and some expenses that concerned her.

She was mad. No, more like hurt.

And I understand how she would feel. She felt as though she wasn’t trusted nor mature enough to walk this out with her mom and dad. She was. In fact, a few months later, she spent her own money to buy new school clothes.

What is really difficult is that she is still disappointed in us both today and will remind us of this fact that keeping secrets was a “bad idea.”

ACH! I hate lies. I hate secrecy and deception.

Almost every secret in a family turns into a disaster. People hide their secrets and their shame from others and this turns out to be a GIANT open door to the demonic to come in and occupy the slimy, black, darkness of secret, hidden ground in our heart.

Now hear me, I’m not saying that you should blab every detail of your difficulties to every one on the plant. But, secrets lose their power when they are shared. So, find your safe person and share. Ask them to pray with you because when you expose a secret to the light of God, the power it holds against you MUST die. Ask the Lord about this and let Him confirm this truth.

Take an inventory of the secrets you are keeping. So many of them need lancing and the puss of deceit drained out to heal your soul. Are they secrets from your childhood? Are they secrets passed to you from your parents? Secrets in your marriage? Secrets in your finances? Secrets in your habits?

I’m not bringing this issue forward to bring condemnation upon you (or me). We must choose to rid ourselves of the deceptions that a secret keeps you safe. It’s usually quite the opposite. A secret actually binds you up in more deception, distrust, loneliness and defeat.

Ask me for healing prayer to expose them to the love of Jesus. Tell yourself, I will remove one of these secrets from my life beginning today because I choose not to be a victim any longer. I choose to be an overcomer.

Choose to live openly, freely and to love yourself like Jesus loves you. That will free you from every kind of deception of the devil. Plus honest living is A LOT LESS STRESSFUL!

To read more about healing prayer, visit, Three Keys Ministries. Hugs, Lynn

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