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Memorial Day

Today in the US we are commemorating the brave men and women who serve in our American Armed Forces. Mike and I are close friends with a General of the US Airforce Reserves and his wife. I remember a few years ago that Mike and I, along with his family and his mom, sat in the kitchen of his home as he arrived home after a tour over seas. He stepped into the door, still wearing his fatigues, and after traveling a brutal 22 hours to get home, with a smile beaming across his face.

He was exhausted but filled with such joy to finally be home with his family. The stories he began to share with us were accounts of lives and situations I can not fully comprehend. Children who begged for a cookie on the roadside and when given one, acted as though it was a gift of great price. The General felt bigger than Santa Clause at that moment.

I am forever changed to consider what this man has given up that I may live a life of prosperity. I'm also fully aware of what his wife, one of my closest friends, has sacrificed along with their children as this man was away serving our nation. I'm undone.

Thank you is inadequate. But I am so very thankful for every man and woman who serves our country. I honor you today.

My friends, the US and many nations of the western world are divided and we face some of the most ugly of the human condition. However, God remains soverign and there are many more good people than that of the enemy. 

How do I know.

Yesterday at a high school championship baseball game, the announcer said that the National Anthem would not be sung. Well, the people in the stands all stood up and sang it anyway.

Take a listen. (I hope this video is still here in the morning when the email blast goes out.) There is GREAT hope for mankind because we can choose to be kind. To love and to live in sacrifice. 

Thank you and may God bless America!


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