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He Can Handle Your Dissapointment

Your Yes, A Powerful Tool In The Kingdom

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comSo SUM Nation,

What do you think about developing quiet trust in God. Do you perceive how it’s an ongoing, interactive, and beautiful process of surrender and belief? I believe God. God believes me.

I wonder if there are some of us who struggle with fully trusting God. I wonder if we might think that trust is a mechanical and unquestioning stance. I wonder if we think that we can’t ask God about our life circumstances. I ponder to realize that many believers think they must bear down, endure and pound out their faith with little response from the Lord?

My friends, today, let me speak freedom into your heart. It’s okay to ask the Lord about your life. It’s a beautiful thing to bring your confusion and your pain before the Throne of Grace and receive mercy in your time of need.

God does not require perfection. He requires children that will come to Him.

Oh, that we would just come to Him.

I’m convinced that we are in a distinct and extraordinary season on planet earth. God is releasing gifts, anointing, callings and fulfilments of destinies in His people who have said, “YES!”

Those who have pulled out of their soul in response to the Father, a GIANT YES. Yes, to time spent with Him. Yes, time and time again where television time and other distractions were set aside to read His Word. The tool of yes, carving out time by rising early before the dawn to meet in the secret place where He abides. Yes, to intimacy. Yes, to obedience.

SUMites, He is biding us to spend time with Him and TO KNOW THAT HE IS GOD!

It’s in the unseen moments of dedication, surrender, and affection that we are building the impenetrable fortress of faith that no devil can dismantle. The onslaught of hell is nothing compared to the trust we carry, the gifts in which we live.

So, right now. Imagine yourself with a tool in your hand. It’s the “yes” tool. What is God asking you to carve out of your life in order to say yes to His perfect love and peace?

We are standing upon the moments of some of the greatest breakthrough the world has ever seen. The Lord is poised and ready to pour out His love and favor upon words He has spoken to you. The promises He has given are available and READY for us to believe and receive but the demonic continues to distract, delay and deceive.

SAY “NO” RIGHT NOW to the devices of the devil.

Step into this divine moment of time and use your tools to bring His will to earth as it is in heaven.

Please don’t receive condemnation from my words. Perhaps I wrote them only for me. But I believe the faith and the miraculous which I currently operate in today are the result of day after day, year upon year, with a great big yes from my heart to His.

SUMite sisters and brothers. One question to answer today in the comments:

Do you want to receive ALL that God is pouring out right now? Answer with a YES and let it be a statement of faith that all of heaven takes note and the favor of God can fall fresh upon. Hallelujah!!

On Monday: Disappointment

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