A Wrong Turn Gone Right

The Waiting Room


I think it's safe to say that all of us have been placed in a waiting room.  We are all waiting for something - our spouse's salvation, our prodigal children to return, our health to be restored, our marriage to be restored, our financial burdens to cease  - I could probably fill many pages with things we are collectively waiting for.

I often think about my own personal "waiting room."  I look around and I think God has set me up pretty well in my time of waiting.  He's blessed me with so much while I wait and wait and wait.  He's used this time to strengthen my spiritual muscles - particularly patience and humility and perseverance.  He's gifted me with relationships that I would have never found outside the waiting room.  He's filed down and rounded many of my rough edges making me a soft place for those in this room with me.  And best of all He's given me a deep, intimate relationship with Him.
"Some beautiful things can only be found in the hardest times." Bo Stern
This is so true.  I look around and I see so many beautiful things - things that could have only been found in the hard times of the last several years.  Things I wouldn't ever give back to spare my tears and heartache.
What does your waiting room look like?  What spiritual muscles are being strengthened while you wait?  What beautiful things have you found that you would not have found outside of your waiting room?
I think my time in the waiting room (at least this one) may be coming an end, as marriage restoration appears to be on the horizon and as excited as I am, I have to say - I wouldn't trade a single second of the time I spent waiting for God's perfect timing.
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