Last Day of Fasting
Every Victory Begins With THIS!

Thank you Dawn

image from billesbach.typepad.comWasn't this past week amazing.

Fasting and pressing into the Father's love. Powerful, precious and transformative.

And what about Dawn. She was amazing as well. Her heart for our Lord shines so bright. Than you Dawn, for leading us into a wonderful season. We love you!

I pray you were all blessed and filled up because the new assignments are now ready to be handed out in the heavenly realm. So get ready, GREAT things are ahead. 

See you all on Monday. I'm at the Heaven Come Conference in LA. I will be ON FIRE when I next write to you.

Bless you SUMite Nation. You are stronger than you realize. Your prayers are absolutely powerful and effective. And all the lies and torment are defeated by the blood of Jesus. Hallelujah!!!

Be blessed, Lynn

Also, on my personal blog, I'm sharing some fascinating insights about Rosh Hashanah. It's really good stuff! Join me for: Rosh Hashanah -Faith Practices and Realities of the Kingdom.


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