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Last Day of Fasting

As we wrap up our fast this year, I want to share a story of fasting that happened to me this year.  It was only a few months ago in fact.  I have not fasted nearly enough in the past year.  I used to be so diligent about it and there was a time when it came easier, but sadly as things improve - I find myself fasting less and even praying less.  I'm not proud of this at all and fully realize that this is how Satan regains a stronghold.

That said, something started really pestering my spirit about needing to spend a day fasting.  And it had to be on the upcoming Wednesday of that week.  By the time Wednesday came around, I had kind of forgotten about it - but no, the minute I woke up - there it was.  I mean there was no getting around it.  My first thought was "Wait - you mean no coffee?"  "No coffee."  So I sighed and my feet were a little heavier than usual hitting the floor.  I  really didn't want to fast and somehow felt , I like I was being given no choice.

So I went to work and at some point that day I received the coolest email from my now dear friend Ann.  I barely knew her at that time and she found me on the SUM website to tell me that she had woken up with me on her heart and she had quite the message from me regarding my marriage and my husband (ex.)  It was a beautiful prophetic message.  It blew me away and I knew then why God had insisted I fast.  It was so I would receive that message with all of my heart knowing it was from Him. Receiving her email on that day left me with no doubt.  So I was giddy that I wasn't crazy in believing I had to fast that day and my sacrifice of morning coffee had no gone to waste.

Then, a little later in the afternoon, I got a phone call from a company wanting to interview me.  My industry kind of works that way where companies "poach" people from other companies.  I would have been in such a quandary about accepting the interview and then later accepting the position if I had not been fasting that day.  I did end up going for an interview and I did end up accepting the offer.  I walked away from my previous job of 4 1/2 years and many friends along with it.  I don't know why I was meant to change jobs, but I know without a doubt it was God's plan.  And I do really like my new company.  But I know I would not have left the other without the knowledge that this is absolutely where God wants me.  And I would not have known that and had such peace about it without having been fasting that day.

So if at any point you really feel nudged to fast, there's probably a reason.  We don't always see all that goes on in the heavenlies when we fast, but know that much is going on.  And sometimes we are blessed enough to see it down here.

It's been a lovely, beautiful week spent with you all.  I would love to hear about any breakthroughs or revelations.

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