The Waiting Room
Last Day of Fasting

How is the fast going for everyone?  We're just over halfway through.  I personally haven't had nearly the amount of time I would have liked to spend in quiet prayer.  Time and quiet are nowhere to be found in my life right now.  But I think fasting in itself is a form of prayer (I hope so.)  And I've managed to pray consistently throughout the days. I've had to remind myself that God meets us right where we are.

This story has stuck with me all of these years, but I hadn't really thought about it until I was praying about what posts to do for this fast.  One day a few years back, Lily and I were sitting at Starbucks right up against the wall.  Next to me I noticed a really cool mural, but I kept on chatting and drinking my mocha.  But I couldn't stop looking at this little piece of the mural and I couldn't figure out what it was supposed to be. It was so distracting that it finally bugged me to the point of getting up and walking to where I could see the whole thing.  It was a series of pictures that made up the whole mural.  And then it all made sense.  And at that exact time, I heard that still small voice say, "This is my perspective compared to yours.  I see the big picture."    Today I ran over there to get photos for this post and it was great to see the mural again.  God has reminded me of this very thing so often throughout the years and I'm always thankful for this illustration from Him.

I hope it serves as a reminder to you too that He does see the big picture.  He's painting it and it's going to be beautiful.  Every stroke has been painted with you in mind and not a single thing will be forgotten in His masterpiece.

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