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Sumite Prayer Partners - Happy Anniversary!


Hello Sumite brothers and sisters, Christy Edney here! Today I'm celebrating the one year anniversary of our Sumite Prayer Partnerships. I cannot believe it's been an entire year since we launched this community building opportunity. During this year, the Lord has formed bonds between one hundred and seventy four members of our community! That number far exceeded even my wildest dream. Through this I have learned that God uses our smallest amount of obedience to accomplish the most amazing things. Would you join me in praising our Father for all that he is and all that he does for his beloved children?

Gracious and loving father, words cannot capture the depth of our gratitude. You have planned each detail and ordained every moment. Thank you for being so far beyond my comprehension. Please continue to cover our community with your protection and develop these bonds of friendship. We worship you and live for the glory of your name, Jesus Christ, amen!

It is never too late to receive a prayer partner, new partnerships are still forming! More information can be found by clicking this link Sumite Prayer Partners. If you are ready to receive a partner then follow this link to send me an email request Email Christy Edney 

Prayers and love!

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