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God Replies To The Cry Of My Heart

image from www.spirituallyunequalmarriage.comSitting in church last Sunday, I read Acts 2 and felt the Holy Spirit cover me with revelation. God spoke to my spirit and said, “Lynn, I’m pouring out my spirit on all flesh. I’m giving people, visions, dreams and I’m empowering my servants, both men and women, with my Spirit that they would prophesy.”

It freaks me out to even type this because so many people are wary and perhaps even freighted to consider that people today can prophesy. So, I believe it is time to share some of my recent experiences with the Lord. I do this to break fear from our community about what God’s Word says here. I also, pray with all of my heart, that what God is doing in me, He is doing and will do more in your life and faith.


Because it’s awesome!

It’s astonishing, filling and miraculous to be used by God in this way.

God’s response to my cry for a revelation of love was to tell me that He is pouring out His love by giving Believers these astonishing gifts from heaven. God said to me, “Lynn, My love is being demonstrated in a new way that My people haven’t see in prior generations. I AM GIVING THEM MYSELF! I am giving them powerful gifts. I am instructing them in love. I am doing this because the time is coming that my people MUST be ready!”

Holy Astonishment, Batman!!!!!!

It is my prayer that for the past few weeks you have also been crying out for a revelation of love. Because I know God will answer you and your journey into the “more” of God is worth everything. HE IS the Pearl of Great Price!

Several years ago, I would sit in church, my Bible open on my lap. I would read passages about miracles in the Bible and I would pray, “God, I believe Your Word so why aren’t we seeing miracles. Why don’t they happen today? I don’t understand? But I truly BELIEVE. I really do. So, help me to understand.”

Gang, get ready because when you pray something like this….. Well, God will answer you and blow up your life.

God responded to my heart’s cry by sending me on a crazy journey. A faith journey and an actual trip all over the Western part of America. I hope it’s okay with you but, I feel as though I need to share this story again for the many new readers here at SUM.

In response to my prayer, asking God about the miracles in the Bible, He sent me from California to Grand Junction, Colorado. I was visiting my mother, who lives there, along with my entire family. Well on a Sunday morning the family had planned to get up early and leave town for a hot springs resort in the mountains. Well, everyone slept in except myself and my mother.

“Mom, since everyone is still sleeping, why don’t we get dressed and go to your church this morning.”

Little did I know that morning was the beginning of a journey that radically changed my life, Dineen’s life and since then…. Many others. God is brilliant!!

I attended church and a guest speaker shared that morning about witnessing miracles in a church in America. REAL physical healings, just like the Bible, the passages I’ve asked God about. Well I was undone upon hearing this. There is so much to this part of the story but I must press on.

I returned home from that encounter. I checked out the church and called some friends I trusted in the industry. They said that if I ever have a chance to go visit, Bethel, I should do it.

So, I call Dineen, my partner in crazy antics, “Dineen, I think we should go.”

Dineen is just wacky enough to go along with my adventures. So I Googled the next conference, “Open Heavens.” Little did I know that at that conference on October 12, 2012, God would show up, personally, and have a love encounter with little ole me…. And Dineen too!


We were changed forever. Many of you read our stories here on the blog. And we have never been the same. On that day Dineen and I were launched into this Acts Two fulfillment. And it’s been the best five years of my life. You can read that encounter here Living In The Presence

And that is how I have arrived in the season that I am walking in now.

I’m hearing the Lord regularly, for myself and for others. I’ve prayed for people and the demons flee. I’ve received a prophetic gifting that I can hear the Lord speak to me about others. I don't even know how to explain this but...... It's the LORD!

And God is doing this in you too. Today in the comments, share with me what God is doing in your faith life. I don't care if you think it's a small thing. If God has healed your heart in any way. If you have witnessed Him respond to any of your prayers. If you are receiving insight into the Word, or are you possibly walking in a new spiritual gift, I WANT YOU TO SHARE. Your words bring glory to our King!

Share and let's glorify the King.... Remember God said, "I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh." Let's not doubt but believe and let Him do it!

See you in the comments. I LOVE YOU JESUS. I CAN'T SEE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU! I love you SUMites. Hugs, Lynn

FAST with me the week beginning April 2 to Easter. Break the fast with Easter lunch. I'm convinced God has much to reveal to His people in this week. We aren't the only church that will be fasting this week. Jump in and ask God for BIG Dreams!!! 

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