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Celebration Time!

IMG_5418Hello, my precious SUM family! I have a couple of things I want to share with you. First, some exciting news. Many of you have read my novel, The Soul Saver, which I wrote and dedicated to our SUM community. Lexie Baltimore is a SUMite battling on the front lines to save her marriage. Her story is all of our stories, SUMites, and one I've watched God use to minister to women and marriages alike. One reader even wrote me once to tell me her husband read it was profoundly affected by it. God has stunned me over and over again at how He meets people on the pages of a book, whether it's fiction or nonfiction. Or the internet!

The Soul Saver is a story God put on my heart to write in 2008, was finally published after many rejections in 2012, won a Carol Award in 2013 and shortly after that was taken out of print. Needless to say, I was saddened greatly when my publisher made this decision and requested my rights back, which they did without hesitation, praise God!

The good news is now it's released again in Kindle and print! I've had a blast getting this book ready for a second release and put some extra goodies into it as well. The print version not only has an epilogue but also the prologue and first chapter of Jennie-O, book two in the Prophetic Arts Series.

Plus, many have asked me to write a direct sequel, continue Lexie and Hugh's story. That is part of what I'm working on now, my friends. I sought God for this to see if this was the right direction to go and He answered me with impressions and scenes of what this books is supposed to be about. And I believe this book will be a beautiful picture of what God is doing in our SUM family right now. I can't wait to write it!

IMG_5425Now, the second piece of news I want to share is that my sweet hubby Mike and I celebrated 29 years of marriage yesterday! Twenty-nine years! My friends, that just blows me away. I am the first in my family to be married that long, and I give God all the glory for blessing our marriage with so much love and strength. This is the marriage I have asked and prayed for for years. My family had a long history of broken marriages, so you can imagine how terrified I was to step into a marriage as a young woman of 21 (yeas I was that young, my friends). God has broken this off my familial line, and I see that freedom now in my own marriage and my daughter's. God is amazing!

So that is my news, my friends! Thank you for celebrating with me. And I think we should keep the celebration going! Share in the comments something you want to share and celebrate. Nothing is too small! My victories are your victories and your victories are mine, as we are the body of Christ, SUMites, and we are stronger together!

Love you so much!

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